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Connecticut casino employees file 11th-hour challenge to Shinnecock recognition

As a Shinnecock woman, making a living in the white man's world I would like to say that you all have it wrong as most of American's do. Fed Rec is not about a Casino is about granting us our rightful place in a world that took so much from our people, put us on small reservations with nothing and told us GOOD LUCK! We can't get million dollar mortages to build homes, we can't get US Mail delivered to homes, We only just got Suffolk County Water installed less than 10years ago. This is only a few of the roadblocks that have faced this Nation. Not to forget about Health Care, & Education. You can say that you owe us nothing from generations passed but believe me had it not been for the generations passed YOU would not be here and would be applying for a Visa just like the other immigrants have. TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!!
" Jul 20, 10 9:22 AM

Roy Antonio Jones of the Shinnecock Indian Nation dies at 16 months

" The Great Spirit spoke to me of this place of Peace, A place as peaceful as his gentle spiritual streams, he spoke of this place where no human hand or storm would ever harm, This peaceful place has gardens of his beautiul creations, And now I sit with him and listen to his gentle voice that whispers to me and says, 'Peace be with you in my home of a place called peace..." Ronald Quinn (RIP)
Rest in Peace sweet angel your spirit is safe with the creator, You will forever live on in our hearts! " Aug 4, 10 10:01 AM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

I have in the past refused to comment on such negativity this topic has always seem to concur. But to be honest with you I really hope 3 casinos are built and run more than half of you white trash people out of our area anyway. Maybe than you can go back to your homeland of England, Germany, Ireland, Australia, WHENEVER the hell you came from. The truth is the Shinnecock People welcomed YOUR ancestor's when they washed up on OUR shore only to be backstabbed, raped, killed, and have our land taken away. You can sit in your nice million dollar home and talk all the trash you want about what happend in the past has nothing to do with the present, Well hate to break it to you but the U S of A has broken too many treaties with Natives and its time for us to fight back and get whats truly deserved for our people. If you don't like it GET THE STEPPING!!!!!!! WE WILL TAKE BACK OUR LANDS OR TAKE ALL THE $$$$$ OUT OF YOUR POCKET!!!!!! I will gladly walk you to the bank on that! " Oct 2, 10 11:20 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Leaders Upset Over Recent Arrests

Clearly the Tribal leaders were not defending the criminal who disrespected not only the SH village but also their own Nation. That is not what this article is saying. Tribal leaders are in fact defending the Sovereignity of the Nation. Could SHVP or SHTP pursue a criminal out of their own jurdisication? NO!!! Yes your right highhat that when the tribe does have its own police force instances like this will be handled with the Tribal police. Until than the outside police force needs to respect the boundaries in which the government of Southampton placed upon the Tribe. People need to understand that as a Federal Tribe and before that even came about the Shinnecock Nation has been and will always its own Nation, Respect that 1st!!!!! Again, the Tribal leaders nor myself or any other member of the Tribe is not defending the criminal behind this, we are clearly just defending our rights as a sovereign Nation!! " Mar 25, 11 3:37 PM

@ PBR The State police along with Tribal Security would "police" the event.
@ Squeaky - A Tribal police force is set up thru the BIA and requires training and education in federal & Tribal laws just like any other police force.

People PLEASE stop being so disrespectful because you chose not to educate yourself on issues you don't understand!!! " Mar 25, 11 3:46 PM

Public Criticizes Southampton School District Over Student Bullying

As a parent of a child who was constantly bullied thru grade school and part of middle school, I say to the parents out there, its our job to protect our kids at all costs. I had repeated talks with staff and the assistant principal at SIS regarding my child and this bully. I even went to the parents of the bully. We all came up with a plan that helped my child. My child now feels safe and secure going to school when he once was too afraid to attend, it affected his grades and self esteem but slowly we are building that back up. If a parent feels they are not getting the response they need from any staff or administration, take it a step further like Mr. Claude did here. Don't ever settle for anything that is not in the best interest of your own!!!! Even if you have to step outside of the school and get the local police force involved, so be it. ITs our job as parents to protect the intergity and well being of our children at all times!!!! " Oct 5, 11 8:23 PM

J. Lo Reported To Be Buying In The Hamptons

Thats really funny that she even considered moving out here, she said a few years ago that she hates the hamptons! Wonder what changed her mind, actually I could care less!" Oct 5, 11 8:29 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

bsanders- How could you possibly know that this student has a record if his name was not revealed???? " Oct 26, 11 3:33 PM

since when does a "friend" mean it was a parent??? His/her friend could very well be just a friend! " Oct 26, 11 3:35 PM

Casino Development Company Cuts Off Payments To Shinnecock Tribe

The Shinnecock people would not be in the state of affairs they are in now if they had more trust and faith in each other as they do for their developer. No need for the "white Man' to bring them down when they can do it on their own.
I'm sure the ancestors are real proud! Sad Sad Sad.......... " Jan 31, 13 2:42 PM

I guess my post went well over your head! Of all the things I said which was a valid point, all you could see was the term "white Man" it was not used as a degoratory statement. Yes you do need to look into your history cause your statement of "FREE" anything is so off based. I could go on and on with you about how wrong and sterotypical your response to my post is but aguring with ignorance is a waste of intelligence. ;-)" Feb 1, 13 10:42 AM

This whole sad situation was started by the developer from the moment he paid someone to hack into a personal email account which was used as evidence against the 5 men, however there was and still no evidence of wrong doing or that any of the 5 actually received any money up front BECAUSE there was NO REAL deal made! It was an IDEA! Had the tribal members who have such hatred and vengettas against one of the 5 accused (Lance) not started a lynch mob on them and promoted lies, false accusations, and mislead the majority of the tribe down this path. It is those members that would be held accountable for their destructive actions. It will all come out of the darkness and the truth will be revealed about the REAL relationship between the developer and certain tribal members who continue to receive personal perks from him, remember how proud your ancestors are for you being good stewards. Those who started this will be bought to justice for their misconduct and I'm sure it won't be the majority of the tribe but a few, with real evidence against them. " Feb 1, 13 1:57 PM

Southampton School Board Postpones Decision On Changing Name Of Columbus Day Holiday

It seems people celebrate this day to honor their Italian heritage, and not so much the person it is named after, which is great, but then it should be called "Italian Heritage Day" it should not be called the name of a man who oppressed and killed a group of people, my people. This national holiday only came about in the 40's during that time this nation still had segregation laws, so the US government was not thinking or cared about how this holiday impacted the Natives. This was not a holiday that has been celebrated for thousands of years. lastly, I'm proud to stand with our children to change this holiday in our school district, I'm proud the BOE is even considering it, its time for this. We are not seeking at this time to change the national holiday, as our BOE is not the US Government, but if done we would be the first school on Long Island to do so. Why not be the leader in this fight against reclaiming and rewriting history. Kudos to our Shinnecock children for standing strong and proud, you are the future, you will lead the way! And we stand strong with you Always!" Mar 17, 16 10:22 AM

Southampton School District To Officially Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day This Year

Happy Indigenous People's Day!!! In 1492 Indigenous people discovered Columbus lost! Honor and respect Indigenous people who's land you stand on today!
" Oct 8, 18 2:11 PM

FOIL Documents Show Farina Investigation Targeted Invoices From Girlfriend's Therapy Business

This was great!!! Thank you for keeping us informed! " Oct 26, 18 4:22 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

Because the Shinnecock Nation is a sovereign NATION! Because that is the SHINNECOCK NATION's Land, because the SHINNECOCK NATION governs itself, because the SHINNECOCK Nation does not have to follow State or town laws on their own territory! The Shinnecock Nation's territory is forever marked for all to see as the come into the land of the SHINNECOCK NATION!!! " May 23, 19 1:39 PM

Clearly you need to do some research on Native Americans and the US Government, research treaty rights, research how this land became the United States in the first place. Once you do that you will then have answered all the questions you just posted. " May 23, 19 2:00 PM