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Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

I am for enforcing our immigration laws and support the State of Arizona, but this guy not only protests illegals he is protesting any NON UNION job.
I know for a fact this guy picketed a job even after he was told everyone was a legal tax payer.
UNIONS are part of the Socialist movement in this country - most supported Obama and they were given a pass paying taxes on their "Cadillac" Healthcare plans as a payoff.
UNIONS are now ruining the country they helped build." Jul 7, 10 9:37 PM

After bullets hit house, legal bills start war

Legalized extortion thanks to the system set up by....lawyers! And approved by politicians that predominantly come from the....legal profession!
Same politicians/lawyers just passed a 2,000 page healthcare bill with nary a word about TORT REFORM.
Ask a doctor his biggest expense - malpractice insurance is the immediate answer. And in revamping the ENTIRE healthcare system did these politicians/lawyers see fit to control the main cost in the equation? No.
It is a rigged system and is a leading contributer to the decline of this country.
Remember November." Aug 26, 10 1:55 PM