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East Hampton's tax hike upped to 11.7 percent

is there a zero missing? $25 per $100 at full valuation is $125,000 in taxes for a $500,000 home? Even at $25 per $1000, holy #$*! Is EHT at 100% valuation??" Nov 3, 09 5:28 PM

Thanks BOReilly.

It would be good to know what % valuation they have. As it is, the numbers in the article show a large tax increase but don't portray the total tax burden to the homeowner.

ie if the Town tax burden on a $500k house was $400.00 last year, I don't think a 25% increase is all that bad.

The % valuation or an example of the tax burden on a 500k house would be interesting to me, anyway." Nov 4, 09 6:55 AM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

I've read you saying this over and over. Athough I was dead set against it at the outset, I do agree with you now (I don't know if I've been brainwashed by it being repeated so many times). I know some of the officers on that list and they are good people. In the end, you can replace them with new officers but you cannot replace their experience. However, I do concede that you have a good point when it means others will lose their jobs.

However, have you taken into your calculations that when they retire x officers at y pay, they will have to replace them with x officers at y/2 pay?

Definitely there is a savings, but I don't think it is as large as you say it will be. THe replacement officers that will have to be hired with be in the police academy at over $40k a year for 6 months, at which time you are paying them and they are not providing any service to the community. Then they are doubled up with a training officer for (3?) months, so again you are paying them and they are not actually replacing anybody.

Yes, there is a savings to be had, yes you have a valid point. I question the amount of savings. I don't think it would solve the budget problems." Nov 4, 09 7:03 AM

Southampton Town could vote on dark skies legislation soon

You are going to force homeowners to spend money retrofitting lights that have been there for 20 years with your left hand, while you tax us to death with the right hand. Hey, here's a question.. WHO CARES? I never once thought, "boy my neighbor's lights are protruding onto my property!". Here's an IDEA, go talk to your neighbor if you have a problem.

Explain to me how you keep lighting from your driveway posts from protruding onto the street and in most cases onto your neighbor's property. How are we to measure this "protrusion?" Can we expect a $2000 budget item for a light meter to document these egregious violations? It occurs at night, so I guess we will pay overtime or night diff for an individual to go investigate?

I see this as a good idea for new commercial construction or MAYBE new homes. Applying this to all homes is ridiculous. The Town makes a living trampling on the rights of it's constituents." Dec 2, 09 1:42 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

It is what it is. Frankly, I'm not too impressed with the development in the rest of the Town, so what the heck.

If at all possible, could the Shinnecock Nation erect some large outdoor spotlights on their casino (if there is to be one) and shine them towards the Town board members homes (except Nuzzi)

Frankly, it seems to me that a lot of you think that the Shinnecocks are somehow less intelligent or caring than the rest of us, or that their only concern is making money. The Shinnecocks I know are hard working, well educated and care more about their land and families than a lot of the people I know elsewhere. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the principal of the Elementary school a Shinnecock?

Stop the wild speculation and have a little faith that the Shinnecocks will not only do what's best for them, but what's best for Southampton. They may have their own nation and lands, but they are also contributing members of this community." Dec 16, 09 6:00 PM

Zappone to be appointed deputy supervisor of Southampton Town

On the flip side, there is no reason to get physical with anybody over a budget.

I don't disagree with some of your sentiment. However, your last paragraph is a waste of bytes. I could easily postulate that Mr. Jones is a timebomb waiting to explode. However, I think you have the monopoly on speculation.

I have asked to be shown the numbers before. It is easy to sum up PD salaries and say "we'll save all this money". Nobody seems to want to calculate what the cost to train replacement officers, increase the salary of people that will be promoted to those positions, nor the added cost of now paying health benefits for a retired employee and a new hire will be.

This is hardly a silver bullet. Reduction of staffing is the only way you can sum up salaries and say "we're saving this much"

Same thing goes for a 12 hour shift or whatever it is they want to do. "They will only show up for xx days of work", when in actuality they work a few more hours per year. Does anybody know what the sick time used on a rotating shift is? Versus a 12 hour? Does an employee on a 12 hour use less sick time?

The only thing you have proven time and time again is that you don't like the STPD.
" Dec 19, 09 9:53 AM

East End still digging out after record snow

Anybody blaming the people who work in the Highway Dept. for this debacle has misplaced their anger.

The employees will do whatever they are directed to do. You want them to work 24 hours straight? They'll do that. If you tell them to go home, they'll go home.

In my opinion, the people in charge failed to adequately prepare for the winter (I hear many trucks broke down) and there appears to be no real schedule as to who gets plowed when.

At some point you have to say that you're not going to plow Head of Pond Rd every 10 minutes to try and keep up with drifting, and just move on. Montauk Highway is always available. Other people need to get to work.

It seems as though Masterson doesn't care, he's off to enjoy his retirement. Or maybe be a consultant for an asphalt company, who knows.

Nuzzi needs to go down there and take charge, if it means directing them himself. While Supervisor Kabot is also on her way out, I imagine at such a young age that she aspires to continue her political career.

Does she want to be remembered as the Supervisor who was defeated and left the Town in two feet of snow, or the Supervisor who was defeated and went down to the Highway barn and kicked some butt?" Dec 22, 09 7:46 AM

Blizzard snarls life on the East End

Wasn't there another article about the storm with about 100 comments? Can't find it in 'All Headlines', 'Most Read', or 'Most Commented'. The article where you could upload your snow photos.

Anyway, no need to plow my [public, improved] road. Wednesday AM and still no plow or salt.

Not to worry, the neighbors each had their driveways plowed and we connected our "paths" so we have one lane to travel.

I dumped 100 lbs of salt on the hill to get some poor guy unstuck, so we have that covered as well.

I have reserved my complaint until today, as I know there are more important roads to plow. Three days later this is ridiculous." Dec 23, 09 6:49 AM

Suffolk executive to unveil plan to add solar carports to county lots

Wrong. WE pay for it. Check your LIPA bill. It has it's own line item. I don't have a bill in front of me, but I believe it's something like "solar pioneer charge". It's somewhere between the delivery charge and the visual benefits charge.

Converting to LEDs is a much better investment." Jan 19, 10 8:12 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

I don't understand why a FOIL request for telephone records to a private home that presumably is not the subject of any investigation would be denied.

RememberTheDucks has the concept of FOIL correct.

Anybody who has followed the events that have occurred since Mr. Broich was terminated would surely know something is amiss. You just can't make this stuff up.

Weren't there photos of a certain police officer working at the Hampton Classic while he was supposed to be on duty? What happened with that?

People have called Mr. Broich many things. I do not believe I've heard anybody call him a liar.

" Feb 23, 10 6:42 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Ok, so the STPBA endorsement is what you are looking for in a candidate? I'm sorry, I thought everybody was holding that *against* ATH.

Maybe the PBA hasn't endorsed Hughes because they know they cannot expect any favors from him. He's been on the inside and knows exactly where the overtime expenses are (for both PO's and supervisors.. and the supervisors overtime is a good topic to discuss), as well as the other unecessary expenses.

If you look at his record, the squads Hughes' leads consistently outperform. This guy works for a living and doesn't owe anybody anything." Feb 27, 10 7:17 PM

Southampton Village police chief rescinds internal rule governing secondary employment

I guess he showed us, huh?

I have no objection to blanking out information that could compromise the safety of an individual.

However, why was the _number_of_hours_worked_ omitted from the first release? Is the _number_of_hours_worked_ something omitted to protect the officer, or somebody else?

It's too tempting to work an 8 hour day and then go into the night shift. The fact is that what he officer is doing and how long he is doing it directly effects his safety and the safety of his fellow officers. It should be documented and therefore should be subject to FOIL.

Name, occupation and number of hours would be sufficient in my opinion.

I personally don't think that protecting privacy was the sole reason behind the failure to immediately disclose the information." Mar 12, 10 6:41 AM

Southampton Town department asks for money following capital budget mishap

Here's an idea. Stop spending money.

Budget for it next fiscal year. You can't expect me to believe that you can't get by without this stuff.

Upgraded phone systems? You don't answer the ones you've got. Is this necessary this fiscal year?

"Better material for presentations for various town departments in need" What exactly is this? Did anybody bother to ask? The vagueness makes me suspicious. What material, what departments?

Laptops to work from home. Yeah, okay. How about a laptop "pool". Take all the laptops you've already issued and make them available for checkout.

All these "minimal investments" add up. It wasn't too long ago every purchase order over $500 went across Kabot's desk. I'm no Kabot fan, but has so much changed? Seems like business as usual, again." Mar 12, 10 6:54 AM

Southampton Village mayor and police chief at odds over officers' secondary employment applications

I'm glad the Village Board is going to take this on. I don't believe where the officers are working is pertinent. Just how many hours and what line of work.

Also, I fail to see what the salaries of the officers mentioned has to do with anything." Mar 17, 10 7:49 PM

Bridget Fleming sworn in, helps push through gridlocked resolutions

This is not about Mr. de la Houssaye, who seems to be a well-qualified individual. This is about yet another position that a lot of us believe will be turned into a taxpayer funded position. Look at the track record, specifically Steve Brautigham.

I believe LIPA will perform an energy audit at no cost to the Town. I think an easier solutiuon would be to buy $200k of photovoltaic panels, put them on the roofs of some Town buildings and start generating electricity.

Spend spend spend. What a joke." Mar 27, 10 8:02 AM

After bullets hit house, legal bills start war

NYSBA has an attorney-client fee dispute program (google it), although based soley on what is reported here a referral to the NYSBA ethics review committee seems like a logical first step." Aug 28, 10 7:17 AM

Southampton Town bracing for stingy 2011 budget

pay a cadet 40k for 6 months in the academy, then another 6 months in field training, all the while paying the retirees medical benefits and most likely pay other officers overtime to cover the sector while the cadet is being trained. Wait a few years and that cadet will be making the same salary but you'll be getting 20 years less experience from him." Sep 23, 10 4:32 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

Better get that demo permit in before they place a moratorium on all development in Hampton Bays. Ever seen a moratorium go in place when there was not a specific project in motion that it directly effects?

I'm tired of the Town retroactively removing property rights, and I'm just a little guy struggling to make my mortgage payment. Hold that thought.. I have to go change the lightbulbs in my outdoor fixtures!" Oct 3, 10 8:50 AM

Tuckahoe School Board Sticks With Referendum Plan

NYS Ed has jurisdiction. The Town has no authority on State property.

http://www.p12.nysed.gov/facplan/Projects/PRSTAT58.HTM#580913" Dec 22, 10 8:03 PM

Study: Merge Southampton And North Sea Fire Districts

or.. the Southampton Fire District should be eliminated by a majority vote of the residents. For years the district has charged for fire protection and given only a portion to the Village for actual fire protection services.

Meanwhile it builds it's coffers, purchasing property and poising for moment to strike. "Look at all this money we have [from collecting unnecessary taxes for the past decade] we can build a new firehouse and buy all this fancy [duplicate] equipment and it won't cost you anything!"

Nice touch on that stupid sign on N.Sea Road "Hey! We own this!" Did you get a permit for that?

...and before you go off on a rampage of replies, make sure you know the difference between the DISTRICT and the DEPARTMENT. To clarify, the DEPARTMENT is full of hard working volunteers who are routinely crapped on by the DISTRICT.

How much did this report cost us taxpayers? The District couldn't get their way with the Village, so now they're going to try and take over NSFD. Either way the goal of the [former, hopefully] District Commissioners was the screw the Village and the SFD.

You will not save any money when the disgusted volunteers leave en masse and you have to pay the union to staff it.
" Jan 13, 11 5:32 PM

Southampton Village Officials Short On Reasons For Poor Snow Removal

I am sure the Village workers will work as many hours as asked.. it is overtime.. I think it's unfair to blame the workers if they are given the wrong equipment or their work schedule is not correct." Jan 15, 11 3:55 PM

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