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The Beach Box Might Be 'Coming Soon To A Dune Near You' Says Developer

An interesting concept. Particularly well suited to a hurricane prone region. I think it's safe to say they won't rack under 100mph winds.

This type of construction would have to meet the same codes as any other home, so I don't see how they could be any less efficient. From the photos I see spray insulation, which is better at keeping drafts out than the pink stuff most homes use.

What would worry me is the things that haven't been realized yet. Did one of these containers ship caustic chemicals for 20 years? What is the process they use to assure there is nothing harmful left before telling somebody they can live in it?

All that steel on the water also makes me scratch my head. Housewrap will allow moisture to penetrate." Dec 6, 11 7:13 PM

Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

Really? Walbaums wanted to charge me .05 a bag. That doesn't cost me anything?" Dec 10, 11 6:59 AM

Southampton Town Examines Ways To Address Substandard Private Roads

Did the realtor not inform the home buyer that the road was a private road when they purchased the property? Did the buyer not notice the condition of the road when they purchased the property?

Vince Taldone makes the point perfectly. It does affect property values. You paid less because the property fronts on a poorly maintained road..

This reminds me of people purchasing property next to the racetrack then filing noise complaints.

I just searched the Town code and I did not find anything excluding private roads from snow plowing during a state of emergency.

" Jun 24, 12 8:47 AM

I fully support working together to provide the least expensive solution, provided the roads meet the same standards as every other road in the Town. You can't cherry pick because a group says it's too expensive. The same rules apply to everybody.

That being said, I cannot believe this is being put forth as "a way to raise revenues". First of all, I think the majority of taxpayers want to cut expenses, not raise revenues through increased assessment.

Secondly, the increase in assessment and consequent increase in taxes should be the amount required to cover the additional expenditures the Town incurs maintaining the road. The government is not in business to make a profit. There should be no excess funds generated by the increase in assessment.

Lastly, the government cites people for not cutting their grass, not cutting their hedges at intersections, having outdoor lightbulbs too bright, etc. If it's such a safety hazard why aren't they citing the homeowners for failure to maintain the road?

Let me say I am not in favor of citing the homeowners, but if you want a solution to a "public safety" hazard that is polluting the environment (your inferences, not mine), there you have it.

" Jun 28, 12 7:29 AM

Southampton Town Officials Christen Big Duck Bathrooms

Handicap access is clearly not a priority." Oct 27, 12 6:44 AM

Long Island Officials Implement Odd-Even Gas Rationing

...or a 6 gallon gas can." Nov 9, 12 7:27 AM

Southampton Fire District Seeks Approval For North Sea Firehouse

No disrepect to the Commissioners for the District (if it exists, somebody has to run it), but the Fire District is the epitomy of government waste. It was pitched to the Town Board as a cost-saving measure and of course the Board is always willing to delegate work so they don't have to do it themselves. Referencing an August 29, 2009 27east article, the total protection budget (Village and Town) was 2.2M, of which the Town was responsible for 40%, or $880k. This was a cost saving of $13k negotiated by the Commissioners during "contentious contract negotiations." Sounds great until you references the Town Tax Assessors tax rate sheet. In 2010-2011 the District bilked taxpayers for 1.565M, almost TWICE what the fire protection costs. Their rates have steadily gone UP while the economy has crashed just so they can build their capital reserve for senseless projects like this. It won't cost you anything, BECAUSE YOU ALREADY PAID FOR IT." Dec 9, 12 8:18 AM

Westhampton Beach Teachers Reject Proposed Salary Freeze

Sure, as long as they fund their own retirement and health benefits, don't get paid sick leave or personal time, I'd say that's a deal. Does the taxpayer also pay their medical benefits after they retire? Frankly, I'm not arguing their salaries.. just pointing out the flaws in your analysis." Mar 20, 13 7:10 AM

Interesting, because when they don't do well, it's always the parents' fault." Mar 20, 13 7:12 AM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

Both parties must have known, since they both have their own surveys. Why an attorney would have a brick border constructed around their property without the benefit of a survey is puzzling.

The problem is it appears Mr. Gugliotta is trying to sell that house, and encroachments show up when the title search is done.

It could be that the deeded dimensions of the homes on Elm Street add up to more than the total length of the street, in which case each homeowner has to give up a piece of road frontage to make the deeds sync with real life.

It's kind of unsettling that every criminal that can read now knows what car a judge drives (including license plate), where she lives and presumably what her cel phone number is." Apr 12, 13 7:30 PM

The driveway is wide enough for access (just look at the picture), so it is not denying anybody access to anything. Not to mention she has room to move the driveway entrance over if she so desires.

By your reasoning, according to Summertime the owners of the Gugliatto property shared her driveway, so I guess she is denying him access, requiring him to get an easement from the other neighbor?

I don't buy into that reasoning. The term is adverse possession, not eminent domain. Perhaps she has a valid claim (or maybe he does), but to go forward with adverse possession over such a small piece which does not really impact her in the least.. well let's just say that is only something an attorney would do. Even then, I bet 50% of the attorneys reading this think she has lost it. The rest of us reasonable people would recognize that we were in error and move the driveway.

" Apr 13, 13 9:10 AM

Officials Recommend Traffic Light Cameras, Lower Speed Limits To Reduce South Fork Car Crashes

From this meeting we have a lot of suggestions to problems that are secondary at best. Signage to reduce distracted driving? If the law doesn't deter somebody, I doubt a sign will. How many fatalities have we had from deer strikes (except the deer)?

Sounds like they had a meeting on how to raise revenue and protect insurance companies, not solve problems.

The answer to problem at the forefront of South Fork constituents? "The report did not specify if or how these recommendations would be implemented"

The answer to these problems is enforcement. Staff CR39 with one police officer from Memorial Day to Labor Day whose sole job is to ticket speeders and distracted drivers." Aug 17, 13 7:18 PM

Gas Stations' Credit Card Surcharge Raises Questions

I think the best solution we can hope for is to be informed as to whether or not the price on the billboard is cash or credit BEFORE we turn in.

I don't care if they offer a cash discount (go to the ATM before you fill up).

What does bother me is $3.59 in 8" tall numbers and "CASH" in 2" tall letters next to the price. I don't drive with binoculars, so by the time I realized I've been duped I've already turned in.

By simply requiring that the word "CASH" be present next to the price, in the same size, I think the problem is solved as well as it ever will be.

That, or require both prices to be advertised on the billboard.

Simple. Why waste a decade trying to battle commerce when you can enact a sign law and be done in 3 months.

(ps gas was $3.59 at 25 and Edwards Ave)

" Sep 28, 13 7:39 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Voters Overwhelmingly Defeat Merger Proposal In Straw Vote Tuesday

Except that the process does not work that way. The merger must be approved in both districts per 1705(c), not by a majority of the combined districts." Oct 31, 13 7:16 AM

Page 13 of the merger study indicates there are a total of 149 students from Tuckahoe enrolled in grades 9-12. Page 14 of the merger study indicates 97 students from Tuckahoe are enrolled in SHS." Oct 31, 13 7:21 AM

Silent Killer: An Invisible, Sometime Fatal Threat

CO alarms should be mounted per the manufacturers installation instructions. The specific gravity of CO is so close to that of air that location in the room is not a perfect science. Temperature and humidity of room air would have to be taken into account. Opening/closing doors, infiltration or just walking through the room would cause the CO to disperse." Feb 3, 14 7:54 PM

State Legislation For Southampton-Tuckahoe School Merger Passes

I don't see how this helps. A bill is being "spearheaded" to increase State aid. I have reservations as to whether or not we will actually get anything. The State is CUTTING aid. They're going to give 10k a year to the Hamptons? How long do we get that aid?

This bill simply kicks the can down the road. I am supposed to be happy about a bill that raises my taxes every year, "while assessments are increasing"?

Cutting spending is the only way this will work. Combine the schools and excess unnecessary staff, equipment and buildings." Mar 19, 14 6:37 PM

UPDATE: State Supreme Court Denies PSEG's Application For Temporary Restraining Order Against East Hampton Town

One need only look to 2008 to see how this will end. Southampton tried it, and although I am not an expert on the ordeal, the NYS Supreme Court squashed the Town's TRO.

Don't want the poles? Suck it up and pay for it, just like Southampton. Stop wasting taxpayer money trying to reinvent the wheel. Whining to the Governor is a nice touch, though." Apr 11, 14 6:40 AM

Female Police Sergeant Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Southampton Town

If this were a woman working anyplace else, every single comment would be in support of her.

It seems to me some of you are saying that because she makes a lot of money, she should keep her mouth shut. Only poor people should allege discrimination?

Ever think that the only people able to take on the government are the people that make a lot of money?
" May 1, 14 6:19 AM

Proposed State Law Could Allow For Buried Transmission Line In East Hampton

Basically shifts a portion of your electric bill to your tax bill. What a monumental achievement. When are we going to get lower rates?" May 12, 14 5:34 PM

Southampton Town Seeking Landlords For Rental Housing Program

Run.. run far, far, away. I've been involved with the housing authority and it is nothing but a hassle. I question the training (if any) of their inspectors. It got so bad I downloaded the HUD inspection manual and found they were going well beyond what HUD requires. If you fail to correct a problem (even if due to the tenant refusing your entry) they simply stop paying and you have no recourse. Sure, you can try counrt but the tenant has the free services of the Town to litigate against you. And we know how the Town operates-- right or wrong they will just continue until it becomes too expensive to fight.

I also question the qualifications of Mr. Highsmith. Was he not selling mortgages at HSBC? Does he have any supervisory experience?

The Town made their bed, now they can lay in it. Every person I know who has dealt with them will never do so again.

Remind me again why we are paying for this agency to exist rather than just using the County like everybody else?" Oct 6, 14 5:22 PM

Since I've been directly involved (as in, the landlord), I think you either misunderstand or are deliberately misconstruing the facts.

I have dealt directly with both the Town and the County. My apartments are not "run down". They have new appliances, new carpet, new paint for every tenant.

I had no problem with the County. They came, inspected my apartments and did their job.

With the Town I get a list of corrections. After 3 years of correcting ludicrous items, I went and looked that their regulations. What I found is they were going far beyond what is required.

The issue is not about tenants, it is about the housing authority. I had great success with the County. I will never accept another tenant through the Town.

You say "the Town is inspecting above the standards" like they are doing something terrific. How about the building inspector shows up and wants you to put an smoke alarm in every bathroom because it's "above the standards"? How about you get pulled over for doing 25 in a 30 because the officer wants to go "above the standards"?

The fact that you are so complacent with their behavior is frightening. Better keep your lawn manicured lest Code Enforcement want it 1/2"shorter.

This is not about tenants.
" Oct 7, 14 8:37 PM

I appreciate your reply. I do understand that the housing authority is not the Town of Southampton.

It is autonomous, just like the Southampton Fire District (n.b. this is NOT the Southampton Fire Department, I totally support the Department). The Town of Southampton created them, and we are charged with financially supporting them.

Neither is good at what they do given the costs associated. Dissolve them by a majority vote and let the professionals do their job.

And when the housing authority goes to court, who represents them? " Oct 8, 14 12:10 PM

Westhampton Beach Man Crashes Car, Arrested For DWI

Leandra's law makes it a felony?" Nov 23, 14 9:38 AM

Thiele Blasts PSEG, Says 2014 Power Surges And Outages Hurt Southampton Businesses

Assemblyman Thiele complains about a problem he has failed to fix for *20 years*. It's nice to soapbox over the low hanging fruit. Where is your outrage with our electric rates? Where were you during the hurricane? You need look only to Patch and this paper to see how other elected officials were involved during and after the hurricane. Where was your input? Where were you when the LIPA board of trustees had vacancies and crony appointments? Yes, Assemblyman Thiele, the LIPA reform act did nothing because you have done nothing about it for the past 20 years, only chiming in when you think you can be the white knight.
" Jan 22, 15 5:14 PM

Homeowners Accuse Neighbor Of Pilfering Documents

The moratorium is not well thought out because as usual it was not written by Mr Thiele. Words are stolen from other poorly written documents and passed as legislation. The words contained in Mr. Corish's quotation are taken from a FEMA document. FEMA P-758. You will probably find the rest of the moratorium in some other municipality. Sag Harbor is a unique and wonderful place and deserves well thought out legislation drafted for its unique stature, not plagiarized from someplace else that has no resemblance to Sag Harbor.

" Dec 21, 15 6:12 PM

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