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Parrish Art Museum will break ground on new building next week

Just curious... The Parrish Art Museum's Board of Directors could not find an "American Architectural Firm"? Anyone know who won the bid for the construction?
After seeing all the "over construction" in size that the Southampton Village has allowed in the past 10 years, I cannot believe the village could not let the Parrish Art Museum expand in the village! Police stations, Libraries and Post Office's are ok?" Jul 12, 10 6:26 PM

Two boats collide on Peconic Bay near Robins Island

It seems to me we have many "licensed" drivers of motor vehicles, yet there are still many, many accidents on our roads. What makes you think "licensed boaters" are going to curtail accidents on our waterways? Many boats that are manufactured have helm positions, which are far off the bow. These boats should have higher insurance premiums. Tiara is one of them. I AM NOT saying this is an excuse, but can see it being a reason.

I am glad to hear the North Sea Fire Dept. has a new boat. That "lil rubber dinghy" they had was not " enough boat " for Peconic Bay. Thank You to all our Fire Depts, EMS and Police. Most of the general public have no idea how busy you are. Instead of watching reality TV...get a radio scanner! " Jul 28, 10 6:48 PM

Chief dispatcher will retire, won't be disciplined after porn is found on computer

$101,395!!!! For a dispatcher!!!! What are they in such danger of...an RF BURN FROM THE RADIO? Broken fingernails?

Southampton Village is almost like...Bell, CA.

Get a grip people! The time for reform is now!" Jul 29, 10 3:05 PM

Two boats collide on Peconic Bay near Robins Island

CaptainSIG, you are right. How come there was no reporting on that Saturday evening fiasco? Someone should have been demoted on that one.

I do hope North Sea FD did not pay $500,000 for their boat.
But two of the worst areas of the bays...the south race and jessup neck fall in their rescue area. That Sherrif's boat is tied to the dock most often. And Coast Guard Group Shinnecock has a whole lot of water to cover. I am still glad they got a "real" boat. It will be put to good use...and should last them a long time." Jul 29, 10 3:15 PM

Rechlers still have not made decision on whether to demolish Canoe Place Inn

If they are making deals "behind closed doors", one of the concessions the town should get is that whatever project they select...they must hire all contractors within Suffolk County! Then let them build whatever they want!" Oct 10, 10 9:53 AM

Board Members Argue Over Proposed Budget

Nobody seems to be getting raises these days...everyone that is employed feels lucky to have a job,,,yet southampton town is raising our takes AGAIN!
CUT SERVICES!" Oct 27, 10 5:23 PM

Southampton Town Department Heads Raise Issues With Preliminary 2011 Budget

You got to be kidding me! Our police are way over compensated for what they do in our location. Time for all the excess to stop within all our local and federal branches of government." Nov 14, 10 11:44 AM

And... these guys were able to charge $30 per visit...which included candy! What would the cost have been if we left this "job" to our govt workers, or police unions.

I do hope those girls have health insurance and a pension plan! " Nov 14, 10 8:44 PM

Southampton Town Secures Grant, Intends To Restart Waterfront Revitalization Project

I wonder where this $100,000 will get...lost

Cannot remember how many years this all started....maybe ten. I had called Town Trustees and told them the Town Dock at Wooley Pond was falling apart.
There were holes along the bulked that people could fall into. The soil was going under the bulkhead and shoaling along the dock. Scott Strough and Mr. Warner (the older gent.) came and agreed that it needed replacement. But...nothing was ever done. Yet they then dumped a ton of money into Conscience Point. Then the Storm Abatement Project began adjacent to the dock. That project was never seen to completion. They were supposed to pave the parking area. ( Where did that money get lost?) When I asked Storm Abatement why the parking lot did not get paved, I was told that it was because the bulkhead was going to get replaced. I then called Jon Semlear. He told me: " The funds were in place...waiting on the permits." That was about four years ago. (Where did that money get lost?) Still that dock is in sad shape.
Hope someone keeps track of this $100,000. " Nov 17, 10 7:35 PM

Landmarks Board Weighs In On Canoe Place Inn

Next thing you know they will be trying to perserve Spellmans Marina and the gas station across the street. Bunch of fricken idiots!" Nov 19, 10 12:14 AM

Despite Objections, Southampton Town Board Appoints OTB Official To Top Management Post

Whats the deal with Blowes retiring...but taking a part time position within Town Hall? Not my idea of the word RETIRE. Hope he's entering his part time job with zero credits from his old one." Dec 1, 10 5:44 PM

Firefighters Respond To South Main Street Fire

Alarm malfunctions? Now tell us how many alarm systems have SAVED life and property. All alarm systems require maintance. It is not the alarms fault when people do not clean there smoke detectors...or decide to paint or sand floors without covering smoke detectors. How about the roof leaks and attic hvac units that put water onto a smoke detector? Learn to live with the good and the bad. How come very few of the "goods"...never get mentioned." Dec 21, 10 6:28 PM

Residents Offer Support For Poisoning Fish In Mill Pond

With all the cancers that we are seeing in our area. Young friends die way too early. Do we really feel safe when we are purposefully poisoning a whole pond...and possibly a bay? Drain it if you have to! No poison...no dye.
Scoop the poop!" Dec 26, 10 4:48 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Grinds To Halt Following Snowstorm

How come Bill Masterson always got the job done in a timely fashion?
I think Alex must be talking on the phone with Bloomberg too much." Jan 12, 11 5:24 PM

Southampton Village Officials Short On Reasons For Poor Snow Removal

I think the people of the East End have been spoiled.
I for one, do not need to go to the market, post office, gas station...yata yata yata...on a day we get 1 foot of snow! And for Christ Sake... you were warned 48 hours in advance that it was going to be a major storm. There should be no one allowed out in non 4wd vehicles when we get snow. Keep a path clear to the hospital. If doctors and nurses need rides to the hospital, lets setup a system of volunteers that have 4X4 to get them there. Keep a list of our EMS and FD who have non-4x4 and try to give them a path to the barn or firehouse. Too many dummies behind the wheel. Before you all complain...go to Vermont or Maine...see what kind of roads they drive on ALL WINTER LONG!" Jan 13, 11 7:27 PM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

Let's do some math and deductive reasoning...

Two young mexican males home on Martin Luther King Day at 10AM.

Two Pitbulls removed from house

North Magee Street

1+1+1 = DRUGS...got it jose.

" Jan 17, 11 7:17 PM

But...I'm right. Not bad for an idiot." Jan 17, 11 9:46 PM

Look at the pictures of the two dogs dude. Pitbulls.

You people should pay more attention. And if you knew the area at all...you would know I'm right. Be more informed before you "think" your right. Enjoy your day." Jan 18, 11 7:20 AM

Storm Punctuated By Snow, Freezing Rain And Sleet Dumps More Than A Foot Of Snow On Long Island

now that you mention it. give the...whats the words..."undocumented immigrants" a snow shovel. let them go to each house in the town, with a senior citizen, and shovel stoops and driveways. let them shovel the village streets and sidewalks. When they are finished, bring them back to the ICE holding cell...where they are supposed to be anyway.

cheap labor...low fuel consumption...low noise...this is a win/win Razz....your a genius!" Jan 26, 11 6:29 PM

North Sea Fire Commissioner Craig Robinson Dies at 53

This was one of the nicest guys that ever graced our town. He had so much to do with the sucess of the North Sea Fire Dept. He will be greatly missed by those that were lucky enough to know him. My heart-felt sympathy goes out to his family." Jan 28, 11 7:23 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

Just curious...what would have happened if when she took off her shoes...she told the two cops to each take one and stick them up their @$$?
I do not see, personally, where law enforcement gets the right to make you do moves like that at 12:30am. i know there is a good chance I would fail them at 8am! No hoops for me please, stick me with a needle...take a little blood." Feb 2, 11 9:15 PM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

Kind of funny how all these people...except for the cops of course...were all awake and ready to text message and make phone calls at 1 AM.

This sounds like a PBA witch hunt. " Feb 3, 11 6:03 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

I think where Linda...being Town Super...was not at all nasty...and only mentioned her name once...showed patience and class...maybe puts her at .01 to .05

Ask yourself... how would Vince or Skippy would have acted?" Feb 3, 11 6:48 PM

As an avid scanner listener...you give !00 % false information. Most stops first involve the plate number and state, along with his location. ( Road and Crossroad.) After he approaches the car, he returns to the police cruiser. He can then use his computer or many times they switch to the secondary frequency to run a 45 or 45A on the driver.....which he gets from your Drivers ID.

Sometimes...but not often they will run the plate first. " Feb 3, 11 7:09 PM

AFter seeing the financial state of Southampton Town after Linda left...you've got the gonads to ask if she can count? Where were you when we needed you!" Feb 3, 11 7:25 PM

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