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Sidewalk Proposal Causes Stir In Tuckahoe

Well when we elect incompetence into office you get incompetence. Maybe the sidewalk would look good where he lives, so.... he probably spent the better part of 3 months working on a plan to install 512 linear ft of side walk somewhere in his domain. The sad sorry part of all this is our roads and highways need repair especially after LIPA, Keyspan and Suffolk Water Authority gets a hold of um. One would think the Highway Supt would spend the better part of his day riding around the rest of the TOWN looking for ways to improve our highway and byway infrastructure. Btw, this guys cousin lives on Magee Street. Oh yea! Summertime, the only "flippers" around here these days are the harbor seals. " Dec 19, 11 6:04 PM

Southampton ZBA Public Hearing On Bridgehampton Sand Mine To Continue Thursday

Sure, in this economy we should throw an employer under the bus, because weekenders can't stand the noise. I used to own land behind this land-fill, the "pit" was there for the last forty years, maybe longer. They, the new homeowners, were well aware of the problems when they purchased the land and built their homes. The T.O.S.H. should NOT consider any changes to the zoning. If the neighbors don't like it either make an offer to buy the business or move out. " Jan 18, 12 9:29 AM

Remember the race track! " Jan 19, 12 12:10 AM

Southampton Town Board Enhances CPF Reserves

Just like the political hacks in Washington borrowing from Social Security and leaving I.O.U's. This is an absolute fiscal outrage. As a taxpayer I condemn the incompetent misguided use of the CPF Funds. "WE, THE PEOPLE" should all be outraged at this insider money grab. With all the systemic corruption in our countries system of government, isn't borrowing large amounts of money risky at best? I wonder who's cousin is going to make a huge commissions on this here deal? If this deal goes thru, there needs to be an investigation!!!!!! " Jan 24, 12 1:04 AM

East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

Maybe you can work for the Altschuler Campaign. Since you care so deeply about the facts surrounding Mr. Altschuler. The real facts are he is just like all the other politicians in a systemically corrupt system of government. Don't kid yourself he is of the worst kind of corrupt politician, a transplanted cohort of out-of state special interests. " Feb 7, 12 3:07 PM

They both spend millions of dollars to get a job that pays $250 K. The posters here are all deluded to think that either guy will do anything for the greater good of the Congressional District. The real facts are he is just like all the other politicians in a systemically corrupt system of government. Don't kid yourself he is of the worst kind of corrupt politician, a transplanted cohort of out-of state special interests.
" Feb 7, 12 3:21 PM

East Quogue Resident Thinks Fire District Should Drop T-Mobile

This is what happens when baby game show hosts, our local politicians who have no clue about technology, decide to exercise their egos. Because of the short sided obsolete town codes, cell phone users have to pay for service we are not getting because of the lack of cell phone towers. There is no excuse for denying the construction of cell phone towers. I have personally seen cell phone towers that look like trees, beautiful trees. Even though every business mogul, celebrity has a second home in the Hampton s, they are denied the right to vote in local elections, as a result you get local laws that restrict the quality of life etc... anyone who disagrees can kiss my butt. " Feb 10, 12 6:04 PM

East Hampton Town Board Members Divided On Future of Scavenger Waste Plant

The title of the article says it all... "East Hampton Town Board Divided On Future" not only the future of the Scavenger Waste Plant, but on the future of anything . Obsolete and incompetent; And a systemically corrupt system of government equals wasted $$$$$. " Feb 16, 12 12:16 PM

Sag Harbor Waters Closed To Shellfishing After Samples Turn Up Neurotoxin

How Does Biotoxin get into the water in the first place? What are exceptable levels? who edits the article? Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting, maybe he or she had something to do with this? I think this is a pretty serious problem 27 East! how about some answers! " Apr 27, 12 8:23 AM

How Does Biotoxin get into the water in the first place? What are exceptable levels? who edits the article? Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting, maybe he or she had something to do with this? I think this is a pretty serious problem 27 East! How about some answers! " Apr 27, 12 9:18 AM

East Hampton Village: Leave Patrons A Place To Park

You have got to be kidding me this camera B.S. I already refuse to go to East Hampton, especially this parking lot. East Hampton has become and is a Fascist Police State. It has become impossible to go to the movies and dinner without exceeding the parking time limit of two hours. The mayor is right, those of us will say it's about big brother, however, the Mayor, the donuts eating chief of police and his brethren, will NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR TICKETS! Keep spending money Mr. Mayor... Why don't you grow a social conscious instead? " May 3, 12 7:57 PM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Placed On Forced Leave

You MUST be married to this guy! pucker up Flanders70, BTW you don't make any sense. Our donuts eating Police force is way to overpaid. " May 3, 12 8:07 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Passes Law To Allow Ferries

Now if the powers that be would build a bridge from Calverton to New London Conn, we would all benefit from the economic windfall. " May 9, 12 3:22 PM

D.A.'s Government Corruption Bureau Seizes Southampton Police Records

Can anyone say "gone fishing"? "WE" still need to know what is going ON!!!! " May 9, 12 3:43 PM

Former Library Building's New Owner Says He Will Restore Building

Another behind the closed door deal. One question, at any time did the Parish Art Museum take any public funds of any kind? If yes there will be hell to pay.... promise. " Jun 20, 12 4:01 PM

No Decision Made On Presbyterian Church Cell Tower Application

I have seen cell phone towers that look just like trees! However, the morons that be... " Jun 28, 12 8:00 PM

Uninvited Guest At Combs House In East Hampton Pleads Guilty To Trespassing

The only "uninvited guest" should have been the FBI and State Police. When it comes down to it.. One wonders who killed Topac and Biggie. " Jul 6, 12 12:43 PM

Sag Harbor-Greenport Ferry Service Starts

Please build a bridge to New London, Conn. The ferry's overcharge, are late and are generally undependable. How many times did I miss my reservation because of the Cross Sound Ferry because of either the North Ferry or the South Ferry or both. " Jul 6, 12 12:49 PM

Mother, Son Struck By SUV While Crossing Street In Sag Harbor

We need bigger signs!" Jul 9, 12 9:41 AM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

Just ask Frank Wheeler, and highhatsize they are omnipotent, it seems there opinions are always the most profound and important. I agree with 1 percent. I say let the Indians do whatever they like, personally, I like to see a resort hotel, casino and marina in the Town of Southampton. " Jul 9, 12 9:54 AM

ARB May Be Poised To Reject Presybterian Church Cell Tower Application In Southampton

I am seriously nauseous reading this article, it is unbelievable that the powers that be can't see an obvious solution to this problem that is a win win for both sides. While I was traveling out west I saw cell phone towers that are actually artificial trees! Certainly, that should satisfy the incompetence of the "Member's of the Southampton Board of Architectural Review". In this high tech world we live in and with so many people using cell phones for business, personal use and with everyone complaining about the lousy cell service in the Hampton's, what excuse for NOT using artificial trees as cell towers could this Bored come up with? " Jul 13, 12 9:10 AM

Jay Schneiderman Considers Running For East Hampton Town Supervisor Next Year

Just more of the same... A systemically corrupt system of government. We should abolish the state Assembly and the Senate. "WE" already have enough laws and taxes on the books to get into the next century. " Aug 9, 12 11:11 AM

Bridge Work Will Close North Road In Hampton Bays A Second Time

Thanks Mr. Needy, I mean Neely. Your experience has saved a lot of commuters aggravation and time. It is comforting to know that you and the wonderfully incompetent T o S.H. Highway Department head went to the same school and graduated magnum come loudly in Engineering Incompetence. I sincerely look forward to your overseeing next years timely highway project, scheduled for Memorial Weekend and working straight thru Labor Day. That project the widening of County Road 39 from the merge at the Lobster Inn to Montauk will really be something! " Aug 31, 12 7:19 PM

Gov. Cuomo, and former County Executive Steve Levy have / had a great idea; to merge all the state highway departments. This will provide jobs and most importantly, less redundancy in scheduling etc. The biggest fault and what causes me anxiety is the lack of accountability by local highway departments to insist on having input when state projects are poorly run and interfere with local needs. Try calling our local Town Highway Dept to try to get some answers, you get excuses " its not our project" "it is a state project" oh, or the classic, "there is nothing we can do about it" As a tax payer all I am requesting is a little effort Mr. Highway Dept Head, please tell me why the first attempt at fixing the north road that lasted one year did not include the bridge? why did the north road project drag on, into the summer past Memorial Day? I NEVER received a cogent answer or a call back from Mr. Town Highway Head, even after repeated inquiries. This is just a small example of the abuse governments provides to its constituents by way of a systemically corrupt, incompetent and obsolete system of government. " Sep 7, 12 8:54 AM

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