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Senator Gillibrand visits Montauk in support of local fishing economy

I wonder, did she ask Wilkinson why he tried to put the fishermen out of business by selling the docks? " Jul 29, 10 10:09 AM

Chairman resigns from East Hampton Town Planning Board

Isn't this old news? " Dec 1, 10 9:42 AM

Springs Residents Sound Off About Illegal Multi-Family Housing

I think if you look back to the reports dating to the McGintee days, there were fairly regular search warrants conducted on overcrowded houses and fines in excess of 10k were reported to have been imposed on the landlords and owners of these houses. Maybe its possible that McCormack just doesn't know why the current board has choosen to do nothing about the situation (and make up bogus claims about potential lawsuits- which never materialized when there was enforcement) when there is a legal path to do so....." Jan 14, 11 10:20 AM

Sportsmen Seek Voice Of Their Own

This is really a tiring discussion. " Jan 14, 11 10:23 AM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

HOOTERS PLEASE!" Feb 7, 11 9:26 AM

Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

Does anyone notice a pattern here? Both Southampton and East Hampton Towns hired Town Attorneys who had been let go from other positions due to incompetence/poor records and both of whom were later "negotiated" out the door of both Towns. Is the east end the dumping ground for incompetent attorneys from all over the island? Surely there are competent local attorneys who would be willing to take these positions, why not tap into what we have and support the local community and ecomony at the same time?
Instead, the taxpayers have to pay, and pay and pay..... " Feb 16, 11 10:26 AM