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Southampton Town lawmakers walk out of discussion on MTA lawsuit

Please stop behaving like children and work together!" Jul 24, 10 3:52 PM

Governor Paterson vetoes bill to rename Westhampton preserve after Edwin 'Buzz' Schwenk

Completely inappropriate, bigoted, and small-minded." Jul 24, 10 3:55 PM

More accounting mistakes discovered in Southampton Town; audit to be released

Linda is gone, but her legacy lives on." Jul 24, 10 3:55 PM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

President has a higher favorability rating than both parties, Democrats a higher rating than Republicans and teapartiers below all of them. With candidates like Sharon Angle and party leaders like Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, and Dick Armey, I am surprised anyone would even admit to being a teapartier. Don't tread on truth." Jul 24, 10 3:59 PM

WINDMILLS NOW!" Jul 24, 10 4:00 PM

Southampton Town lawmakers walk out of discussion on MTA lawsuit

reg rep, whatever validity may actually be hidden in your comments is entirely over-shadowed by your irrational hatred of ATH." Jul 26, 10 9:41 AM

I have read a number of your postings and most are filled with far-right vitriol and personal attacks, many directly concerning ATH" Jul 26, 10 8:32 PM

East Hampton Farmers Market faces possible shutdown

It is absolutely astonishing that local politicians all over the East End fight libraries and farmers markets while bending over backwards to accommodate rezoning requests by big developers and donors. This year seems particularly outrageous and I can only hope voters are energized next time." Jul 26, 10 10:42 PM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

I am continually amazed at the number of neo-con wingnuts who post here. Are we living in the northeast or the deep south? " Aug 2, 10 1:08 PM

Senator Gillibrand visits Montauk in support of local fishing economy

Senator Gillibrand has done a FANTASTIC job for New York and she is a shoe in for reelection! Love her." Aug 2, 10 2:06 PM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

I prefer the more appropriate "urban dictionary" definition:

buy neocon mugs, tshirts and magnets
1. Small group of politicians coming from as early as the Ford administration up to the Bush II administration.
2. Have a fake pretense about believing in smaller government. In reality believe in big spending and tax cuts for their wealthy political and business friends, hence deficit spending.
3. They fake being social conservatives, although true social conservatives believe they really care about social issues. Neocons distract the public by acting like they really care about social issues like gay marriage, abortion, and flag burning. Meanwhile they are busy conducting wars and stifling your freedom.
4. Believe in costly wars and creating boogeymen to try and make you think only they can keep you safe while they restrict your freedoms to "protect you". This is their signature issue, to help keep them in power.
5. Actually despise any types of small government advocates, Barry Goldwater, traditional live and let live conservative, and libertarians." Aug 2, 10 3:02 PM

Assembly race opponents exchange accusations

So right, peoplefirst. Bush and Cheney are to blame and, no matter how much time goes by or who is elected president next, histroy will remember that Obama was left with a mess that was almost beyond clean up. " Aug 5, 10 4:32 PM

"Next-generation" housing plan for Bailey Road moves to Southampton Village Planning Board

Agree, but we've got to start somewhere. Besides, don't forget that you have to contend with the NIMBYISM of those that simply do not understand this issue. " Aug 5, 10 5:46 PM

Assembly race opponents exchange accusations

HAH! Hilarious. joe and the teaparty have very selective memories." Aug 6, 10 10:55 AM

Southampton Town supervisor floats cop consolidation plan

uscitizen, You are so filled with hatred and resentment that your message, whatever it may be, is entirely lost in your rantings. Try to contribute something positive to the discussion, just once." Aug 6, 10 10:57 AM

Ponds at Southampton Village gets support at CAC meeting

I hate this false choice that is constantly being shoved down our throats "it is far better than what is there now" or "it is far batter than what COULD be there." These developers act like they are doing us a favor! HAH! Who is going to live in these condos?

I also don't like the ties between these developers and politicians. Why did Epley go to his father-in-law's presentation? Was he extra muscle?" Aug 6, 10 4:27 PM

Right on, PBR. The incestuous relationship between town and village boards and real estate is disgusting and, worse yet, they don't even try to pretend otherwise. They just do what they like." Aug 8, 10 12:34 PM

Judge: Tape of Linda Kabot’s DWI arrest will be admissible during her October trial

And you irrelevant post makes three digs." Aug 8, 10 12:35 PM

Throne-Holst delivers second State of the Town address

The supervisor would like to report that the unholy alliance between the board, the planning commission and developers is as strong as ever." Aug 8, 10 12:37 PM

One woman drowns, several rescued at Amagansett beach on Sunday

These stories are so hard to hear. Condolences to family and friends" Aug 9, 10 2:23 PM

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