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This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

Forget points, Nate silver, who correctly predict 99% of all races in 2008 gives bishop a 65% chance of winning. http://elections.nytimes.com/2010/house/new-york/1

They also name top donors to each candidate - among the top donors to Altschuler's campaign: Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, Enough said." Oct 22, 10 7:17 PM

hey, joe, Obama is not on the ballot. " Oct 22, 10 7:18 PM

I love how captn anti-america quotes a rabid, right, teabag group as proof of how bad Bishop is. Laughable. " Oct 22, 10 7:19 PM

Capt'n crunch, you most certainly have been drinking the tea, haven't you? Let's look at some facts, shall we, starting here:

"How the average American paid more in federal taxes than GE and Citibank"

http://www.examiner.com/political-buzz-in-national/how-the-average-american-paid-more-federal-taxes-than-ge-and-citibank" Oct 25, 10 1:47 PM

Politicians like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and the rest of their pro-corporate friends" Oct 25, 10 2:06 PM

correct, philathome" Oct 25, 10 3:02 PM

Southampton Village moves forward on filling Parrish gap, building new firehouse

do you really need to hire a consultant just to figure out what to put in a building?" Oct 25, 10 3:41 PM

This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

I wish Reagan were still alive so you could tell him that. " Oct 25, 10 6:24 PM

7 more days until Tim wins, Altschuler is sent packing and dems retain control of the senate. If the dems lose the house, John Boehner will lead his team of ditto heads in an orgy of nothing. 2012, the republicans nominate Palin, Obama wins in the biggest landslide ever, and, after the embarrassing politics of 2 years of republicans, dems sweep both houses and we begin Obama's second term with even larger majorities then we have now. A future I welcome. " Oct 26, 10 8:07 AM

For anyone wondering how the republicans plan to govern over the next two years, the answer is - they don't. Instead, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that the "single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

"The single most important thing we want to achieve" is NOT creating jobs, helping the unemployed, boosting the economy, improving our schools, holding banks accountable, stopping jobs from being outsourced, stopping two wars . . . but "for President Obama to be a one-term president."

Given that they've been pursuing the same lofty goal for the past two years it comes as no surprise that they will continue, but with one out of every three voters still undecided, what more do you need to know. Mitch McConnell has admitted that his party puts destroying president Obama over the well being of the American people." Oct 26, 10 11:51 AM

Food Pantry Strugglies As Season Of Need Approaches

Human beings are human beings and your lack of compassion is sad. You are attempting to stereotype and entire group of people as thieves driving new cars. Disgusting.

This article is meant to engender feelings of compassion and charity, not hate and ignorance." Oct 26, 10 2:52 PM

Wow, 27East has truly become a haven for hate and bigotry. Here you have a story about pantries in need of food and nearly every poster instead chooses to spew hate and bigotry. Sad and disgusting. " Oct 26, 10 2:54 PM

This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

joe hampton never argues the fact, just bullies and demeans, much like most baggers - including those who work for Rand Paul and beat up women from the other side. Cowards" Oct 26, 10 5:03 PM

Hey, joe - your propaganda is nearly a year old "600 likely voters from New York's 1st Congressional District were interviewed by SurveyUSA 01/16/10 through 01/18/10"

At least attempt to feign intelligence" Oct 26, 10 5:24 PM

Dentists Offer Cash To Kids For Halloween Candy As Part Of A Larger Effort

Vote for Time Bishop on Tuesday and support congresspeople who support our troops. In the meantime, enjoy a sweet and happy halloween" Oct 28, 10 8:39 AM

Former President Bill Clinton Will Stump For Congressman Bishop On Wednesday

Such nonsensical teabaggery. Give it a rest for five minutes,will you? How about helping to work to make things better instead of just spewing regurgitated talking points and attacking a man who is looking out for the best interests of ALL Americans not jut wealthy individuals and corporations. " Oct 28, 10 8:42 AM

Town Board Tries To More Clearly Define Benefits Of PDDs

this definition is vague and toothless and is evidence of a complete failure to act on behalf of the voters. " Oct 28, 10 8:45 AM

so right, sunshine. I have never been a one issue voter, but when it comes to something as important as this local issue, I will vote accordingly. Anyone thinking of running for town board, a platform to abolish the PDD would win my vote and that of countless others" Oct 28, 10 12:00 PM

East Hampton Homework Club Has Its Backers

Is there not one single article in which you can control yourself from injecting your teaparty talking points? What do you have against a club that does such good for so many children? Why do you so hate any effort to help others? Some kids have tough home lives and face difficulties you can't imagine and you don't believe they should be given a leg up? Where is your humanity, MackT? " Oct 29, 10 8:39 AM

Westhampton Beach Eruv Proposal Moves Forward

hmptonlocal, what does this article have to do with Sharia law? They are talking about putting a small insignia on a phone poll that you would not have even noticed if not pointed out to you and you automatically equate this with Sharia law and wearing Burkas?! Are you kidding? If you are so concerned about religious freedom, you practice your faith and I practice mine, then start by not worrying about what others do." Oct 29, 10 8:41 AM

The government took the pledge out of schools? When did this happen? Guess what, it didn't. I cannot understand people like you who mislead and lie to make a point. This has nothing to do with separation of church and state and everything to do with religious tolerance. " Oct 29, 10 8:43 AM

Of course the most bigoted, closed-minded buffoon on these boards comes out in support of hmptonlocal's intolerant nonsense. I know this post will be removed, but I don't care. Folks like mackt and hmptnlocal are so full of hate, ignorance and fear that it is often beyond belief. They will take any subject whatsoever and twist and manipulate it until it suits their hateful intolerance. Sharia Law! Muslims! OH NO! You two are closer to stand against everything that America stands for." Oct 29, 10 8:47 AM

Please explain how putting a piece of black tape on a telephone poll takes anything away from you or forces you to participate in someone else's religion, please provide specifics as to why and how. When you drive past a church and see a cross are catholics forcing you to practice their religion? When you are driving down the road and a funeral procession has the right of way is this FORCING you to participate in that religious ceremony? " Oct 29, 10 8:50 AM

EDITORIAL: We Mark Our Ballot

It is not a bad move to have the courage of your convictions." Oct 29, 10 9:48 AM

Westhampton Beach Eruv Proposal Moves Forward

sayitaintso, Please explain how this religion community is being given an advantage over any other religion? Were protestants or catholics denied something granted to them? No. By accusing the religious "group" of "thinking they are entitled to more than any other religious group" you have clearly shown that you are acting in a bigoted and myopic manner and that you are completely oblivious to the facts. This board IS filled with blatantly bigoted nonsense and just as you are entitled to spew hate, so are we entitled to call you out." Oct 31, 10 1:18 PM

The difference is that our community is overwhelmed with bigotry and hatred." Oct 31, 10 1:19 PM

Bishop Appears To Win In Photo Finish; LaValle, Thiele Cruise To Victories

Another election, another wave, but an extremely important win for Long Island! Congratulations, Congressman Bishop, Senators Gillibrand and Schumer and our most excellent new governor Cuomo." Nov 3, 10 8:05 AM

philathome, thanks for the link. It made me sad and angry and desperate and hopeful. Amazing piece.

Rather than trying to convince the immovable and myopic right to attempt to swallow the bitter truth, pass this article on to every reasonable person you know. A must read.

As these boards have become overrun by ignorance, fear and hate, I am visiting less and less. When I do visit, however, I have vowed not to respond to those with whom I violently disagree, but instead to have a productive dialogue with those who share progressive views. I encourage you and Mr. Z to join me in marginalizing the ranters and promoting sanity and reason." Nov 4, 10 10:36 AM

Committee Looks To Revamp PDD Application Process

A good start to these discussions would be to for the Town Board to hold and official review of the Tuckahoe Mall Pdd and then to summarily deny it. Anything less is simply lip service." Nov 4, 10 10:40 AM

Bishop Appears To Win In Photo Finish; LaValle, Thiele Cruise To Victories

From Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post

"Washington - Losing elections is an occupational hazard for politicians, so there's no need to get all weepy about the Democratic officeholders who suddenly find themselves with more time to spend with their families. It would be more appropriate to shed a tear or two for the future of the country, what with the tea party brigade coming to town. Then again, I was pretty gloomy after the 1994 midterms and yet it turned out that the world did not actually end.

President Obama still has the ability to set the nation's agenda -- and also the power of the veto, in case of emergency. Harry Reid is still Senate majority leader -- and after the way he punched and scrapped his way to victory, who wants to mess with him? As for John Boehner, he'll soon learn that his new job requires a more extensive vocabulary than "no.""" Nov 5, 10 12:14 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

A quick scan of these comments and I am reminded why I stopped visiting this site. Conservatives like joe hampton, jabrones, snakeoilsalesman et al are perfect examples of how so many in this country would rather call names and insult then talk about real, positive solutions for ALL Americans.

27 East has become a haven for right wing hate and ignorance. " Nov 10, 10 12:00 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

Thank God! District 1 can breathe a huge sigh of relief! I hope this holds, we love you congressman Bishop!" Nov 23, 10 5:50 PM

Morrow Has New Plans For 'Tuckahoe Main Street'

The only thing we "desperately" need is to put an end to overdevelopment. No PDD!" Dec 6, 10 8:38 AM

People are blinded by the glittery sparkle of anew supermarket. What about traffic, environment, quality of life. We Americans will sacrifice anything for convenience. " Dec 6, 10 8:40 AM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

They're joking, right?" Dec 6, 10 10:47 AM

Why did the board set the date fit the referendum for December 21? Because a lot of people will be out of town. Doesn't the school have to absorb the cost of the vote? Yes. How much did the school already spend on architectural plans? Was this deal made before the super was hired? If teachers making $40,000/year are expected to be able to find their own housing or commute two hours why should we go out of our way to help someone making $150,000/year plus benefits? Did this $95,000 fall from the sky? No, it may be a surplus, but it is tax payer money. Who will replenish the surplus? Tax payers. If the money is not spent directly to educate our kids then it should not be spent. This is a misuse of taxpayer money. Vote no and be sure to encourage your friends to pick up absentee ballots or do it for them" Dec 6, 10 7:13 PM

With Apple's educator discount, for the same money, you could purchase an iPad for nearly every child in the school - a tool that would have a direct impact on education " Dec 11, 10 11:10 AM

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