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New York State Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

"ho mo"?! Captn, it needs to be said plainly and simply: you are an ignorant, hateful, bigoted pig who attempts to overwhelm every conversation with hate and stupidity. If this country is to survive and prosper it will only happen when folks like you and joehampton, et al are even further marginalized then you already are. You are a miserable wretch crying out for attention in a world that has no use for you. May your Gid forgive you." Jun 26, 11 1:31 PM

Grand Funk Railroad Will Chug Into Town

"can I get a witness?"" Jun 29, 11 4:43 PM

New York State Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

Perhaps "they" look at you that way because you are some sort of ____ (I will allow your post to speak for itself on the blank). By the way, how about instead of asking millions of people to adapt to your skewed vision of normalcy, they ask you to adapt to theirs. You see, for many people, gay and straight, what is normal is acceptance and decency and what is abnormal is small-minded, bigotry. " Jul 7, 11 9:53 AM

Twelve Drug Arrests In Hampton Bays Over Fourth of July Weekend

One more in a long line of puerile, nasty, ugly comments from bigfresh. " Jul 8, 11 10:04 AM

Foster, Quigley Spar at East Hampton Town Board Meeting

Exactly correct, highhat. Ms. Foster's point is entirely relevant. A cap is needed on rental prices because these accessory apartments drive up costs for year-round renters.

Ms Quigley's proposal does absolutely NOTHING to address affordable housing but, instead, sounds like nothing more than a gift to landlords.

The distinction between the two parties becomes increasingly clearer with every proposal. The Republicans have absolutely no interest in helping the middle class or (given her snide remark about liking "trees") the environment." Jul 9, 11 2:12 PM

Your right-wing, corporatist ideals make me fear for our country's future." Jul 11, 11 10:01 AM

Furthermore, joe hampton, why don't you try reading an article now and again. Ms. Quigley claims her plan is to increase AFFORDABLE housing, how about you attempt to explain how that works if you allow unfettered building of accessory apartments without a cap? Seriously, isn't it about time you attempt to support some of you laughable ideology?" Jul 11, 11 10:03 AM

Scalera Gets Independence Party Endorsement In Southampton Over Fleming

The independence party has more in common with Republicans than it does with dems or indpendents. I find it extremely disturbing that the democratic party has only ONE actual democrat running on the ticket. The indepenDENCE party has fooled folks into believing that they are indpenDENT and the democratic party has being a wiling participant in this deceit. Fleming did not get the independence nod because she is the only true progressive in the bunch." Jul 21, 11 11:04 AM

Town Board Will Hold Hearing Tuesday On New Energy Efficient Building Standards

Energy efficiency standards save money for everyone." Jul 22, 11 5:34 PM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

Bill Clinton raised taxes, created 20 million jobs and left Bush with a surplus which he summarily squandered. Time to stop rewriting history and have an honest debate about the truth. " Jul 22, 11 5:35 PM

Bill, they have not forgotten the mess left by Bush, they just prefer to blame Obama. The biggest difference between democrats and republicans? Dems challenge their leaders to do better, while republicans encourage theirs to do worse." Jul 23, 11 7:24 PM

Bloomberg In Contract To Purchase Hamptons Home

You, apparently." Jul 23, 11 7:25 PM

Town Board Will Hold Hearing Tuesday On New Energy Efficient Building Standards

Ah, realityfirst, your comment to me is so much more "intelligent" and "productive" then mine to your wife, is it? You crack me up, dude, but you're stalking is a little frightening." Jul 25, 11 1:22 PM

Joe hampton, if you are referring to razza5351 and me, we are two distinct users with similar views who often share a computer. I do not always agree with the way razza5351 expresses himself, but I do mostly agree with his views.

Realityfirst is always complaining that others cannot remain on topic, yet his postings, like the one above, are no different than those of which he complains.

The teapartiers and far right conservatives like yourself seem to find it hard to believe that there are more than just one or two progressives on the East End. You are wrong. There are many of us, however, they are the silent majority.

It is becoming increasing clear that the far right has only one goal - to destroy president Obama and they will do anything it takes to accomplish this, even if it means taking down our economy to do so. The good news is that the same sentiment that swept them in in 2010 will sweep them out in 2012.

Teapartiers make up less than 15% of our population. We should stop listening to them." Jul 26, 11 2:06 PM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

SHNative, you are exactly correct. It is, in actuality, those on the right who want to turn this discussion into a class war. The vast majority of Americans feel that that the best way to approach this is with cuts in spending and increased revenues on the rich. For those that feel it is acceptable for a billionaire hedge fund manager to pay a lower percentage in taxes than his secretary, I suggest you get out more and take a look around at the real world. An ever-increasing income gap benefits no one, and that includes the ultra rich." Jul 26, 11 2:12 PM

Most East End Houses Of Worship Won't Wed Same-Sex Couples

Then don't bring your kids and let people live!!!" Jul 28, 11 3:18 PM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

What is equally disgusting is big fresh having "liked" the comment. Thanks to both of you for demonstrating what Obama has been up against. Your vile, abhorrent and hateful rhetoric says more about you then it does the president. " Aug 2, 11 7:57 PM

Moderators, you are letting this comment stand? Disgusting. You should be as embarrassed as the ignoramus who posted it." Aug 3, 11 11:54 AM

thay call me . . . you are an embarrassment to all who know you" Aug 3, 11 11:55 AM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

The HSA comment that was removed was one of the most vile, childish and idiotic that has ever been posted here. Those of you who "liked" it need to go out and get a life for yourselves. Those of you who are more "reasonable" conservatives should be ashamed for not speaking out against the post. " Aug 5, 11 9:57 AM

The posting called an individual posting on these boards a terrorist. If you feel that is funny and OK, then it says a lot about you." Aug 5, 11 11:05 AM

You are on a high speed train, all right, the only problem for you is that it has no breaks and the bridge ahead is out." Aug 7, 11 12:11 AM

The teaparty has pushed the republican party so far right as to make most of their candidates unpalatable to the average American. "A CBS News/New York Times poll this week shows that only 20 percent of Americans and 41 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of the tea party, down from 26 percent and 59 percent, respectively, in April. Just 18 percent of Americans now view themselves as tea party supporters, compared with 31 percent who did immediately after the November 2010 elections."" Aug 7, 11 2:07 PM

Escape To New York Canceled Sunday Due To Rain

Is there any group outside of the teaparty which you do not hold in contempt? " Aug 8, 11 11:40 AM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

Nature, you are exactly on target, but you are trying to convince a group of people who believe that no one should be able to have more than they do. " Aug 10, 11 11:29 AM

More Than A Year Out From Election, Outside Groups Begin To Weigh In

People are sick and tired of outside, big money groups trying to influence elections. The only thing you need to know about Altschuler is that he made millions of dollars convincing companies to send American jobs to India. Go back to Jersey, Randy. We've already rejected you once." Aug 10, 11 4:39 PM

Glenn Beck Discusses Change During Visit To Hampton Synagogue

I will never understand the Jewish community's alliance with Beck. He only cares about Israel because he believes that it will be the site of the rapture, when, in the End Times, the Christians of the world will be gathered together in the air to meet Jesus Christ - the problem, those who are not followers of Christ, and that would include those of the Jewish faith, will perish.

And, as the article points out, this lunatic compared the kids attending a camp in Norway where a mass murder took place, to Hitler youth. Disgusting.

He also said that reform Judaism is "like radical Islam" Beck is a hateful, despicable lunatic and all should remember the old Jewish proverb, "As he thinks in his heart, so he is." " Aug 13, 11 9:59 PM

County Road 39 Crash In Southampton Lands Two In Hospital, Snarls Commute

Mr. Z, CR39 is an overdeveloped, overcrowded death trap. Yes, the drivers share blame, but the road is a mess. Not a week goes by that there is no report of a major accident. I think we need to have a moratorium on all commercial development on 39 and then figure a way to fix it." Aug 15, 11 3:24 PM

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