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Tuckahoe hires new superintendent

Welcome aboard Mr. Dyer! Please try to ignore those negative comments from Walt and Suppose, they are holding on to the past and just can't help themselves. We look forward to meeting you and are excited about a new beginning." Aug 1, 10 10:54 AM

Westhampton Beach Eruv Proposal Moves Forward

You know hmptnlocal, if you were honest like the colonel above and admit that you don't want to see the population shift that may come with eruv, you may be taken more seriously, or if you want to argue like highhat that the synagogue should make up for their building violations, that I would understand. But your argument that compares the small symbols on utility poles to being forced to follow Sharia law is really ignorant. You wouldn't even know the symbols were there if there wasn't any publicity about them. We don't all choose the christmas trees that go up in the village every year, we don't all choose to listen to church bells, we don't all choose the menorahs in and around town, but regardless of my religion, I think they are all beautiful. and perfectly acceptable symbols. Religion and their accompanying symbols shouldn't have to be forced indoors and hidden, never to be seen or heard for fear of upsetting our neighbors. That is un-American. And on that note, what local schools don't do the pledge?" Oct 28, 10 10:24 PM

I would be suprised if you would be subjected to any worshiping because of the eruv. I highly doubt that anyone is going to stop in the street and start praying or reciting the torah. The services will still be indoors, so don't worry, you shouldn't be exposed to anything that you may be offended by. " Oct 29, 10 9:00 PM

Former President Bill Clinton Will Stump For Congressman Bishop On Wednesday

Not a question, but a comment. We are talking about Bishop and the people in the area he represents. The people of his district will be very heavily affected by this new tax, since most homes on long island in decent neighborhoods do fall into the 250k/500K bracket. I do like Bishop, but on this one I have to say that he did not act in the best interest of his constituents." Oct 31, 10 9:58 PM

Bishop Appears To Win In Photo Finish; LaValle, Thiele Cruise To Victories

You can look at it any way that you like, but the dems were dealt a hard blow today, Yesterday's election, as quoted from the NY Times "places the party back in the driver’s seat in terms of policy"." Nov 3, 10 7:09 AM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

Whatever side you're on, that isn't nice. The above comment should be deleted. A username was created bysomeone almost identical to philathome with the same picture." Nov 6, 10 11:27 PM

I think Bishop is a good guy with good intentions. His vote to place a huge tax on the sale of what in our neighborhood is an average priced home will have a definate negative affect on our local economy. Re his vote on health care reform, this was a very controversial bill that was passed using questionable tactics, back room deal making, etc. Bishop was well aware of that but gave his full support regardless. I'm not saying I'm against it, I don't know enough about it to take a side, but the method used to force it through was the catalyst for the dems losing the house. Such a hugh bill should not be forced through without substantial support of the people and that was NEVER the case. A congressman is elected to represent the majority of the people, and if you don't have the majority of your constituents' support, you have to vote no. If you don't vote the way a majority of your constituents want you to, you are at risk of losing your job, end of story." Nov 6, 10 11:57 PM

Sometimes it's not about what someone stands for. It's not about words but about actions. It's about knowing that the person representing you votes party line and that's not always what the majority of his constituents want. If Bishop does win, it may be ok, he'll think twice about just voting party line going forward. He will have gotten the message there are many who are not happy with his voting record." Nov 7, 10 12:11 AM

That was the tipoff for me! One post, really?
When they delete that one they should delete Ms. Marples also." Nov 7, 10 12:14 AM

OK, you got me there. It will still affect some, but maybe not as many as I thought.
Still, the big issue is that the health care bill was forced upon us without substantial support, with backroom deals and questionable tactics. Many dems didn't like it either and independents obviously weren't happy. There are many good parts of the health care bill, but the dems took advantage of their majority and rubber stamped Pres Obama's agenda (that many feel lean toward socialism) without substantial support. Bishop was a part of that and that's the reason this race is so close, it has nothing to do with Altschulers positions, it's about trying to get a congressman out of office who didn't respect the wishes of a majority of his constituents, it's about not letting it happen again." Nov 7, 10 9:15 AM

Thank you. There is a very myopic attitude on both sides here, alot of people who take this all so seriously it hampers what could be good, fun debate. There are two sides to everything, and more often than not, the correct answer is found is somewhere in between." Nov 8, 10 8:04 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

With all due respect Phil, this is not something limited to the right. Keith Olberman has earned an honorary masters degree in bloviating (and there are others on the left, like Maddow). At one time you could say that right wing talk crazies dominated, but the left has done a fine job catching up, leaving those of us in the middle wondering how this all went so wrong." Nov 20, 10 9:59 PM

Bishop winning by 20 after east end votes is not a good sign for him. Brookhaven Town is still not counted. I don't think the mastic-shirley crowd is very liberal." Nov 20, 10 10:01 PM

Tuckahoe School Board Sticks With Referendum Plan

No actually, he's not saying shove it, he's saying lets vote. Do you have any idea how many construction projects of the same magnitude in the past were pushed through without a vote? At least we have a say." Dec 16, 10 11:03 PM