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Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

It was a beautiful weekend. Why can't we all be happy? All this anger is not healthy. Only 5 weeks left to the summer. Let's enjoy." Aug 1, 10 7:51 PM

Fire breaks out at Southampton Elementary School on Saturday

Thanks to the all the VOLUNTEER Fire Departments who responded to this fire.
Thanks also to the Assistant Superintendents, Board Members,Administrators, Faculty and Staff that came together at this time. I assure you that the Southampton School District will do everything in its power to have the Elementary School up and running on Monday.

Instead of all the negative ramble about taxes, etc., why don't we just sit back take a deep breath and thank God (whichever one you choose) that the children were not in school and that no one was hurt." Sep 19, 10 1:14 PM

Congressional race kicks off; candidates trade blows

Mr. Altschuler appears to be campaigning against Tim Bishop by criticizing everything that he(Bishop) has done. Mr. Altschuler doesn't seem to have a platform other than that. Could this be because he does not know anything about the First Congressional District? After all, he moved into this District only three years ago after his attempts to run in three districts in New Jersey failed.
Does Randy know anything about the Education Community in the First Congressional District? Does he know anything about the fishermen, the baymen or the farmers in the First Congressional District? Does Randy know
anything about the Veterans in the First Congressional District? Does Randy know anything about the First Congressional District? It is very easy to criticize when you don't know anything about the subject.

Tim Bishop doesn't just know the First Congressional District. Tim Bishop IS the Congressional District." Sep 28, 10 7:56 PM

This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

I'm not sure I would brag about my support of Cox. Obviously, Papa Cox was trying to live vicariously through sonny boy. That was your first error, now Randy Dandy! Seeing your log-in, I understand.........(south hampton?0 you can't be a local.
Obviously an outsider trying to make it on the East End. I think you need to join with
other Republican "inteligencia"---Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, Rand Paul...you would all be so happy in your own "little world."" Oct 24, 10 11:11 AM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

If (God forbid) Dandy Randy does pull it off you can be assured that we will never see him on the East End again. He will probably move his family to Washington, and keep a requisite address in the 1st Congressional District. He will make the necessary contacts in DC and will become a lobbyist. He does not care about the baymen, the fishermen, the winery owners, the farmers, etc. We are the stepping stones to furthering his career. We saw how well the USA was when Bush defeated Gore. Same script, different characters............." Nov 6, 10 9:02 AM

Please explain "consercatism"? Is it a new term for conservative and sarcasm?
According to the dictionary:"Name calling is a technique to promote propaganda. Propagandists use the name-calling technique to incite fears or arouse positive prejudices with the intent that invoked fear (based on fear-mongering tactics). When this tactic is used instead of an argument, name-calling is thus a substitute for rational, fact-based arguments."
Everyone should stop the name calling, the exaggeration of facts, and the
nasty rhetoric. Bullying is epidemic in schools and on the playground. Adults condoning this behavior is wrong. Name calling is never positive.
(Clarification: I did refer to Randy as "Dandy Randy" that was a title that I read in a Republican ad/editorial endorsing him)." Nov 6, 10 10:09 AM

You referred to the other candidate as a leach(leech).In the "real world" that is name calling. In the "conservative world" a compliment?" Nov 6, 10 12:55 PM

You are a nasty, nasty person. You never have a nice thing to say about anyone or anything. I will keep you in my prayers. So sorry for you. Anger like this is very unhealthy." Nov 6, 10 6:16 PM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

Congratulations Congressman Bishop. There is lots to be said about your opponent, but it is finally over and no reason to beat a dead horse.
I'm sure Randy is making two calls, one to the real estate agents to sell his home, the other to his Tea Party supporters to find another Congressional District to run in. He has no vested interest in the First Congressional District. Maybe he should go to Arizona...or Alaska. I'm sure Sarah Palin and John McCann can find a district for him. Farewell Randy, you will not be missed.

t" Dec 8, 10 5:16 PM