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Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

I am a huge supporter of the Shinnecock's rights to do, well basically whatever they want.
I also look forward to a gaming facility located near Southampton.
I think it will do wonders for the local economy
Not to mention a rise in Crime, prostitution, and drugs!
Yay casino!
" Sep 30, 10 9:39 AM

Closings spur concerns for winter season

I pay 1400 a month plus utilities for a crappy one bedroom apartment.
And i have extra money for what?
Food?" Oct 17, 10 9:47 PM

Dining Out visits Regulars Music Cafe

regular's is closed.
No explaination." Nov 4, 10 8:58 AM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

anyone who drives under the influence is subject to the laws.
it does not matter if you're in the lower class.... like myself. or the upper class.
believe me i feel for Kidd. i know how the cops can be out here." Jul 23, 12 7:11 AM

Spota Calls East End DWI Task Force A Success, Extends Patrols To Waterways

Maybe they wont be paying any actual nickels....
But police officers don't work for nickels" Sep 14, 12 7:33 PM

Striking Verizon Workers Push For Better Terms

Nothing says "Thug Life" quite like playing a triangle in the street.

The purpose of protest is to make noise and attract attention." May 27, 16 2:12 PM

"Thug Life" is defined as playing a triangle in the street.
Tupac Shakur himself was known to appear onstage and play a triangle.
He once appeared in court triangle in tow." May 27, 16 2:15 PM

KKK Business Cards Found At Hampton Bays Train Station

I was traveling by train about 2 years ago and at the hampton bays station I found this literature.
These flyers were not "planted" by me.
I never reported it because I don't like publicity. I feel that these flyers are relevant to the story." Dec 7, 16 12:29 PM

My thoughts exactly. But you have to admit Curtis Silwa and his buddy are really making some menacing faces." Dec 7, 16 9:28 PM

Parents, Children Fearful Of National Immigration Policy Changes, Local Doctor Says

These people need to be deported.
All of them.
Young and old.
" Mar 3, 17 5:52 PM

MS-13 Has Presence On South Fork, Police Officials Say

People are selling crack and heroin in the parking lot of the movie theater in Hampton Bays. This has been going on for years, not days or even months. It seems there is a strong police presence, but I'm not sure why theyou haven't done anything about it. I assume they are afraid of being accused of racial profiling or being labeled racist. However, it is time to take the blinders off and clean up this menace." Jun 21, 17 12:06 PM

Sorry for the typo." Jun 21, 17 12:07 PM