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Challenges may not cause much delay

Can someone tell me how many Shinnecocks are actually on the reservation? I mean pure if not first/second generation indians?????" Aug 6, 10 11:23 AM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

Taking pictures of public places, you will be stopped and questioned. Why not with all the crazies out there. She should be thankful that she got stopped knowing that people want to set off bombs anywhere.
What a country when you can sue for $70,000,000 and your in the wrong." Aug 6, 10 11:31 AM

Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

Its a dump tear it down and the structure next to it and across the street." Aug 6, 10 11:34 AM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

ITS the old people that want to keep the neighborhoods good. Get rid of the fire trap Canoe Place Inn and the dump next door and across the street. Build the condos there. Renew the lease at Tiderunners. Do you realize this is the most beautiful place in Hampton Bays on the north side to see the boats and have a cocktail and dinner ? This is the landmark. Do not destroy it. We have a public park on the west side where all the fishermen are." Aug 29, 10 6:32 PM

A call for PDD moratorium in Southampton Town; Supervisor willing to consider dropping controversial planning tool

The Canoe Place Inn should be torn down. It is nothing but a fire trap. Everyone that invested in the place lost money. We do not need condos on the east side . There is plenty of room on the west side if you tear down the CPI and the dump next door to it and the other house across Montauk Hwy." Oct 1, 10 10:17 AM

Now lets go forward and tear down the CPI and the dump next door. Put up your Marriott Time Shares , that would bring money into the community. If you want more restaurants use the stores in town , this way it would clean up the area." Oct 2, 10 12:16 PM

Demand Increases At Hampton Bays Senior Center As Funding Cuts Loom

I hope they use the budget for the seniors and no one else roaming around town." Nov 6, 10 12:05 AM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Terminate Lease With Nightclub Owners

Tiderunners is open from April until the end of September. Its a great place to just sit relax and watch the boats go by ." Nov 8, 10 11:47 PM

Let's hope not." Nov 8, 10 11:48 PM

CPI is a fire trap and a place for the illegals to sleep. there are plenty of historic sites that are in better condition. Hope they tear down the CPI, the dump next door and the old house on the other side of the road. Lets clean up Hampton Bays before next summer." Nov 8, 10 11:54 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

Baloney, they didnt know how to count the ballots. All you had to do was take numbers of the machine. " Nov 13, 10 12:54 PM

Our president is in India outsourcing the American jobs right now. " Nov 13, 10 12:57 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

Looks like there will be more jobs out sourced when our president gets home from all his trips abroad. I wonder how many companies will
"HE" send to India?" Nov 21, 10 12:49 PM

Southampton phys ed teacher McCready resigns post

He should not be around children if he is using heroin. Yes he has a big problem with drugs and drink. He can not work as a teacher. He choose the path to drugs." Dec 30, 10 12:41 PM

Child Care Center Introduces Inclusion Program

Having a inclusion class in nursery school is fine but unfortunately some of these children can be very disruptive to a normal classroom. I have seen it in the higher grades. It is very hard for other children to learn when you have someone talking all the time and getting out of his seat." Jan 7, 11 10:16 AM

Quogue Village Police Chief Collapses At Town Event

Speedy recovery to the Chief. But, can someone tell me who is Pastor Obama from the video clip??" Jan 14, 11 10:41 PM

Four Hampton Bays Nightclub Staffers Arrested In Undercover Sting

We call every weekend because of the noise coming from there until 5:00am in the morning. . Unfortunately, you need 3 complaintants and some people cant be bothered getting out of bed to make the phone call. The area is filthy the next morning also. We never had a problem like this when it was under other names. They just dont give a damm." May 3, 11 12:45 AM

Neighbors Scared, Angered Over Hampton Bays Club

The PIGS that go to DREAM CLUB are a sad bunch. When you wake up on Memorial Day to see feses, toilet paper, needles and garbage all over Canal Road there is something wrong with this place and the clients. Normal people do not do this, ever 20 somethings. The music started at 11:00pm and continued on until 6:15am this morning. Phone calls do not help. Are we suppose to call our neighbors all hours of the night to see if they can hear the music? If a police car is sitting in the areas of complaint they would hear the noise and understand. Whose pocket is this punk 21 year old owner in? I know he is the son of the Hampton Bays Diner owner. We never had this problem before." May 30, 11 2:27 PM

The racetrack closes early i the evening. You dont hear noise at all hours." May 30, 11 3:11 PM

Police: Mischief, Assault At Hampton Bays Nightclub

With all the complaints and problems witht Club Dream how are they able to stay open? If it was another bar it would be closed down." Jun 3, 11 12:15 AM

Twelve Drug Arrests In Hampton Bays Over Fourth of July Weekend

How come they missed Dream Club that weekend?" Jul 7, 11 11:44 PM

Police: Woman Robbed Outside Hampton Bays Diner Early Sunday Morning

Hampton Bays Diner and Dream Nite Club really know how to destroy a neighborhood. The owners should be put in jail with all the illegal things going on.
Nothing has been done to either of them (father and son) Why doesnt the State Liquor Authority come in.?" Jul 20, 11 10:32 PM

They are both gross the diner and club and Dream." Jul 20, 11 10:34 PM

Kabot, Keith In Dead Heat With Challenges Pending

To MICHAEL WRIGHT the writer of this misspelling article.

Did you ever learn the english rule I before E except after C.

Please check your spelling." Sep 17, 13 11:22 PM

West Hampton Dunes Weighs Benefits Of Forming Police Department

It would make more sense if the Suffolk County Police Dept took over the east end. Arent they called in for most of the crimes already?" Sep 17, 13 11:44 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Latest Hearing On Canoe Place Inn Redevelopment Plans

Wasnt that all due to the "Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays"?" Oct 24, 13 12:20 AM

That's what I thought until her remark about putting Rumba's in Tiderunners place. They kick one out to put Rumba's in, the bar who doesn't give a damm about the neighbors and who has been polluting our canal." Oct 24, 13 12:25 AM

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