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UPDATE: Altschuler Concedes Race To Bishop

Anger, do you believe these hypocrites don't let them bait you in Joe.Just go back over the posts for the last year and tell us who has every other post removed PHIL thats who. Come on PBR tell us who else.Not B.F not Joe not me or Double Standard or Dan or Captain or Leon or Dnice or Chief of Razza nope JUST PHIL! and Local 84
"Phills comment has been removed once again because contains inappropriate content"
Oh but we are supposed to not notice that because poor Phil is a progressive just trying to survive in a big mean world.Save it!" Nov 21, 12 9:38 AM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

Happy Thanksgiving: Unions Shut Down Traffic to LAX

Ready to fly out of Los Angeles today to get to your family before Thanksgiving? Not so fast. Los Angeles’ labor unions have decided to protest on Thanksgiving Eve – one of the busiest travel days of the year – to snarl traffic around Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). President Obama’s favorite union, the Service Employees International Union, is spearheading the obnoxious effort" Nov 21, 12 9:49 AM

Police were forced to arrest a dozen union members today after an Service Employees International Union protest around Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which shut down traffic completely and added 90 minutes to travellers’ commute time, went awry. SEIU workers handed out fliers to passengers at LAX, marched near the LAX entrance, and ignored police orders to disperse at 1:15 p.m.
" Nov 22, 12 1:53 AM

happy turkey day all" Nov 22, 12 2:21 PM

Dnice, I am next door at the Grand Floridian for 4 nights starting Friday stop up for a cocktail ;)" Nov 23, 12 12:56 AM

Trump is totally on track its you and Philly who are in denial, We have a President who is not able to cough up his college records or a birth certificate. Whats that about ??? He has not produced doc's that can be verified by any independent third party.

If Obama really were honest he'd have produced those records and gladly raked in $5 million for his favorite causes.

Trump called Obama's bluff and Barry looks like a lying arrogant fool from parts unknown!

" Nov 27, 12 7:00 PM

Does not change the facts TCM posted now does it. Like a broken recored KOCH BROs, KOCH BROs or a Chris Matthews wind up doll. Learn a new song. You could take all the money the Kochs and that Socialist Buffet have together throw it at the deficit and the needle will not move. We need real entitlement reform and less regulation, Fool!" Nov 27, 12 7:06 PM

The same mantra, Really. A scandal does not just go away because you ignore it out of convenience, or in this case calculated benefit.

What is he hiding? and please don't give my the talking points about how he is not going to cave in to the pressure and be told what to do.

I think it is obvious there is something he is hiding at all costs, and as president that is to say the least disturbing" Nov 28, 12 10:55 AM

You picked quite a bunch of hero's your right don't like a one of them but not because there black because their DIRT BAGS!

Obama - documentation lacking never properly vetted by the media has a "deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture,

Holder - raciest criminal (see fast and furious) lives in a bitter haze fuled by slavery Jim Crow and discrimination

Jones - Member of the communist
party member of STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement) and his support for Mumia Abu-Jamal, Color of Change, an corrupt organization that Jones founded in 2005 and left in 2007 linked to George Soros Media Matters and the tides foundation, Jones came under additional criticism for 2004 petition from 911Truth.org that suggested the Bush Administration "may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen"

Rice Busted Lying for Barak Hussein Obama on at least 8 media outlets in the cover up dealing with Benghazi gate" Nov 28, 12 6:37 PM

It would be great if we could opt out and secede then watch them kill each other when there was no one left to take from. They truly believe they have the right to more entitlements funded by the people that did not build there own businesses.They are delusional socialist parasites and a disgrace to the men who have died protecting them from something they want anyway. Freedom is dying and Patrick henry would be executed in the current climate of contempt of liberty" Nov 29, 12 11:55 AM

Why do you like sounding so stupid? Why do you care about CEO pay to "average worker" ratios??? You are so freaking envious! If you taxed all the CEOs in the county 95 % it would not do a freaking thing to change the 16 Trillion Debt. It would be like throwing a nickle in the ocean.You just like your bitter class warfare crap!

try finding some real solutions." Dec 7, 12 10:01 PM

Let us take just a second to honor the memory of the brave and gallant men who gave there lives 71 years ago today. God bless you, Some of us still care about the country you flighted and died for... and we thank you for your sacrifice!" Dec 7, 12 10:16 PM

What does that mean people of my caliber. I live in a three bedroom 2 bath ranch. The difference is I still aspire to do better someday and I am grateful for the freedom this country gave me to try. I have not forgotten the lessons of the past and given up on life like you and your progressive pal." Dec 8, 12 12:10 PM

Maybe if you had grown up in a country that did not afford you with such freedoms you would not be so quick to give them up to big brother.you should move to Finland or Sweden where the nanny state is fair and everyone gets a participation award. Oh and don't forget to take Tokyo Phyllys with you!" Dec 8, 12 12:11 PM

Barrister's Restaurant To Close After 34 Years In Southampton Village

Guess it took Obama Care to finally kill it" Dec 9, 12 9:09 PM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

How cute did Phil go and tell the teacher that Dan was picking on him again" Dec 10, 12 6:23 PM

Michigan Legislature gives final approval to right-to-work limiting unions, The forced union dues were once a half billion dollar ATM machine for the Democratic Party's political campaigns. Looks like the free ride is over.If you want to see something really funny, tune in to MSNBC tonight and watch Ed Schultz's head explode! Got my pop corn ready,wanna come over Phil" Dec 11, 12 4:33 PM

We need to get rid of Unions and Apple so we can be free again" Dec 11, 12 7:28 PM

What I find repugnant yet totally expected is not only did CBS, ABC, NBC,and the NY Slimes all Ignore the outrageously raciest remarks of Jamie Foxx but the Union Violence as as well.
Last night, all the major television networks chose not to show footage of violent union members in Michigan rioting tearing down a tent with women and children in it, or footage of a union member punching reporter Steven Crowder in the face repeatedly for asking a question they did not want asked. This is no surprise; the mainstream media is unconcerned with reports of union violence, which they apparently feel is justified enough not to warrant coverage.
" Dec 12, 12 10:15 PM

Thats cute except union greed put twinkees out of business. So there are none for anyone" Dec 13, 12 10:03 PM

That Sir is B.S I watched the uncut video suggest you do the same and you will see what animals these people are" Dec 13, 12 10:05 PM

No sir, Just don't understand your selective concern. Your a creep, You spout off about abortion rights like those lives are irrelevant and then come on here to give your condolences ? I don't get people like you, Sorry." Dec 14, 12 4:22 PM

I did not use a tragedy for any purpose what so ever. Just a little hard for us to let you paint yourself as the spokes person for the children.Your at best a hypocrite, but those of use that listen to you on a regular basis know that would not be a strong enough description. " Dec 14, 12 5:18 PM

No guns, free government healthcare, welfare, food stamps, free education, biased media......etc. Sounds like a perfect communist society.

No thank you sounds like the government I grew up in. Give up your guns and next thing you know you will be showing papers at the corner on your drive to the gas station to fill up on $9 a gallon gas

" Dec 17, 12 8:59 AM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

I have been along for the ride at "Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term" and It seems too me the only one who had a political agenda was you. You wanted to bait everyone into a gun debate instead they called you a hypocrite for trying to act so pious about Sandy Hook while being the biggest pro abortion creep on this blog." Dec 17, 12 4:54 PM

Phil wants you to belive Americans want gun control. Guess in a way he is right we want to control our own guns not have the government do it!

" Dec 25, 12 3:55 PM

I have not laughed so hard in years, that rebuttal picture is truly priceless.It was the best Cristmas gift yet. LOL

Nice job TCM and truly hilarious." Dec 26, 12 1:01 PM

There were roughly 1.2 million abortions performed last year and the abortion rate was 20 per 1,000 women aged 15–44. Put differently, about 2% of American women aged 15–44 had an abortion that year.

By my calculations that means about 47,726 babys have been murdered since December 14th Start a thread about that on facebook." Dec 26, 12 2:13 PM

Uhh No, thats not what I read, Seems to me they call me was talking about an ugly ugly practice of convenience. Murder disguised as a LOL Health choice. Then wrapped up neatly so everyone can go back about there business.
The kids who make this bad "choice" I feel sorry for becuse it is always mommy telling them its the right thing to do. but if you are over 21 you should be ASHAMED to suport such a barbaric thing as abortion!And if you are under 21 it is still YOUR choice not your mothers" Dec 27, 12 11:03 AM

Phil = Schadenfreude

Truest thing ever posted to 27 East!" Dec 28, 12 6:32 PM

The NRA has been a bulwark for freedom on the gun issue. The Second Amendment is the true teeth behind all of our rights, and Phil knows it.

If the leftist progressive elites manage to confiscate guns, freedom of speech and freedom of religion will be gone within a decade (or sooner), because there will be no way for the citizenry to defend itself against the onslaught of governmental abuses of regulatory power.

" Dec 28, 12 8:59 PM

I agree yet Phil says 227 people have been murdered since Sandy hook I would venture to say two thirds of them were criminals and dirt bags NOW PBR in stark contrast
There were roughly 1.2 million abortions performed last year and the abortion rate was 20 per 1,000 women aged 15–44. Put differently, about 2% of American women aged 15–44 had an abortion that year.
By my calculations that means about 47,726 baby's have been murdered since Sandy Hook. My God everyone can see the obvious they just choose to ignore it. Would you trade all the gun murders for all the abortions of children.Phil already said he would not trade." Dec 29, 12 10:59 AM

I love my country. At least the parts that still resemble the America I have worked hard to preserve the rights many of my friends have died protecting. Upstanding men still have the right to protect what is rightfully theirs! Should the day come to stand up again for our liberties, weather from foreign invasion or our own political class.
You better believe I will be there. I hope with all of my brothers. to Protect our family's, our property rights and our constitution

" Dec 30, 12 5:37 PM

And god forbid that day ever comes,
but with a $ 16,410,707,914,833 national debt and no sign of entitlement cuts on the near horizon. it's not hard to imagine such a day in the near future
and on that day!
Without semi autos we will be at a sever disadvantage! to protect or family's and our rights!" Dec 30, 12 5:44 PM

Mr. Z, I think you missed the point. No one is saying more Nukes are a good thing. Its just that If people like Phil have there way America will not be respected as a super power anymore. If it were up to the MSNBC crowd we would turn over the silo keys to the United Nations. China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood "in that order" would love nothing more." Dec 31, 12 4:19 PM

This president was elected to his second term by the skin of his teeth and in a disproportionate and purely ideological reasons by Unions, Blacks and Students. HE DOES NOT HAVE A MANDATE! and is not a king with absolute rule . There is a proper Process for actions such as this. A process that this narcissist and chief and his Czars love to circumvent. " Dec 31, 12 4:20 PM

Dnice, I have checked and it seems TCM is correct in his answering natures challenge that Biden was delegated those responsibilities.Biden seems to be the front man taking all the hits, while BHO stays out of the line of fire on issues from war to budgets to economic recovery. he has even become a liberal standard-bearer on same-sex marriage,it seems to me biden is the de facto president and face of the administration. BHO only seems to show up with his TelePrompTer at all friendly an pre screened venues such as Union rallies,Black church fundraisers and collage campuses, as some kind of well rehearsed ideologue symbol for the "cause"." Jan 1, 13 3:56 PM

Well at least the payroll tax will rise for everyone


Bye Bye Boehner , Ryan, Cantor and McCarthy must seize comtrol now! The drunk must go!
Don't blame us for the smaller pay checks
I'd like to take every Obama voter and have them explain exactly why they voted for him when they were told this was gonna happen. And then do it again after our medical insurance costs go up !" Jan 2, 13 9:37 AM

Whatever ultimately emerges from the fiscal-cliff negotiations over the past 48 hours, the country will survive. But the damage can't be undone. Taxes are going up for all working Americans. And so is the size of government.

Businesses have been waiting to see whether a second BHO administration will encourage the economy. During the fiscal-cliff negotiations, however, the president made clear that his goal isn't to get business going again but instead to expand government and redistribute income. He offered no real spending cuts and instead used the year-end deadline to divide America into classes—to the point of campaigning on New Year's Eve against higher earners. Though the president talks about fairness, his policies penalize profit and investment. but Phil the irony of this is this hurts aspiring Americans more than it hurts those who have already made it.Pretty funny huh

" Jan 2, 13 9:46 PM

I would imagine that is true since I was with someone who gave Joe Biden the finger in Southampton and nothing happened to him. We could not get the smile off his face for the rest of the night" Jan 3, 13 9:00 PM

I was just reading article about how BHO said he is going for the guns. And let me tell you if he does its going to get real real ugly. These vets on this blog are ready to die if he tries, here is a small sample.

Brave Americans gave their lives for us to exercise our 2nd Amendment Rights... No Kenyan is going to take this right away from us...........

Princess Peapod

And once the blue helmet pups do it, they will come in smarty pants and take yours away as well. You guys think they are not going to do anything to law enforcement. That's why they are deploying all of our military overseas. You guys in blue are real smart. LOL

I WILL NOT have my picture taken for owning a gun !!


I WILL NOT be fingerprinted for owning a gun !!


I WILL NOT register ANY guns !!


This Vietnam vet says Diane Feinstein and OBOZO can go DIDDLE themselves !!
I WILL NOT COMPLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just try

Dave in 82 A.B. NC

We will be here when you try!!!!

Patriot LKF

And it goes on like this for for 378 posts" Jan 5, 13 10:51 PM

Most of them feel this is exactly why we were given the right to bear arms for when this day of government run wild arrives, and let me tell you these guys are willing to die and take anyone who tries to strip them of there rights with them! this is going to make Ruby Ridge look like a cub scout meeting.

So you have to ask yourself. Is this what you really want to do.

This could be the defining moment!" Jan 5, 13 10:58 PM

Thanks, for the support, Joe, dnice,captain" Jan 7, 13 7:19 PM

US Public Debt AS of this Minute 16,454,845,227,777 and rising quickly!

" Jan 7, 13 7:20 PM

I agree dnice" Jan 10, 13 3:18 PM

Captain I will be following your lead tomorrow, Thank you for the inspiration" Jan 10, 13 9:46 PM

Dan, did you see Ben Shapiro's Performance on CNN last night
It marked a turning point in the gun debate, Shapiro’s confident, fact-packed demolition of CNN’s Piers Morgan last night marks the turning point in the gun control debate. He showed that when they cannot exploit the deaths of children, gun control advocates are forced to defend their views, which are based on faulty premises. the interview gave new energy and enthusiasm to defenders of the Second Amendment, who are preparing for the mother of all battles.
" Jan 11, 13 6:37 PM

U UM, I believe it says "We The People" not we the government.

keep trying but you are not going to win this one.

You WILL NOT! get the guns that the constitution give us the right to posses

Semi Auto as well." Jan 11, 13 8:33 PM

A lesson on the 10Th Amendment Phil and BHO need to learn

Kentucky Sheriff to Feds: 'You Are Never Going to Pull Guns Out of Jackson County'
As I wrote on Jan. 11, Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman has made it clear that gun laws which violate the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution will not be enforced in his county.
On Jan. 12, he followed this up with a press conference in which he explained that a Sheriff's powers are predominant over the powers of federal and state agents. When he says these things he drives gun-grabbers batty because he says them with the conviction that rests on knowledge, and he has no intention of backing down.

During the press conference, he took time to explain his powers as sheriff:

I am responsible for the people inside this county. I am the highest elected official in this county, and this is the only opportunity the people have to speak for themselves and say 'this is what we want.'

I can ask federal people to leave, they have to leave. I can ask state people to leave, they have to leave. ...[And] it doesn't matter what [new laws] Obama passes, the sheriff has more power than the federal people.

He said that if federal gun-grabbers don't understand this, then "they need to go back and study it," because Kentucky "is a commonwealth."

Peyman says he has been approached by liberals within the gun-grabbing world since he made his original promise of no gun control in his county, and he told them plainly:

"You are never going to pull guns out of Jackson County."

Well done sir! You are a patriot and we wish you and your family stay safe

" Jan 14, 13 11:23 AM

Mr, Z will like this,
From Plato

"Won't he smile in welcome at anyone he meets, saying that he's no tyrant,
making all sorts of promises both in public and in private, freeing the people
from debt, redistributing land to them, his followers, and pretending to be
gracious and gentle to all?"
However after a series of unpopular actions, including stirring up a war, the
leader begins to alienate some of his most ardent advisers who begin to voice
their misgivings in private. Following a purge of these advisors the tyrant attracts
some of the worst elements of the state to help him rule. As the citizens grow
weary of his tenure the tyrant chooses to attract foreigners to resupply his
dwindling bodyguards. The citizens finally decide they've had enough and begin
to discuss rebellion.
At this point in the story the student asks his teacher incredulously:
"What do you mean? Will the tyrant dare to use violence against [the
people] imprison or to hit [them] if [they] don't obey? The teacher answers,
"Yes - once he's taken away [the people's] weapons."
" Jan 14, 13 9:16 PM

God bless Texas!
And I just read that Wyoming was the first state to take this stance.
Texas makes #2.
Idaho and Tennessee are talking about it.
I think they pushed two far now.
Don't Tread On Me !
Hell Ill move as well if it comes down to it.let them kill each other up hear we can start new make our schools safe and lock our guns safely in a cabinet. Then sleep at night while the north east turns to the united nations for guidance on how to deal with Sharia law. " Jan 15, 13 6:08 PM

Looks like we got a mass exodus on our hands Capitan, Big Fresh, dnice you coming along. lol" Jan 15, 13 6:12 PM

"Gun control isn't about guns, it's about control."

" Jan 20, 13 12:13 AM

It is clear where you mind got twisted,
Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is set to be a keynote speaker at the annual meeting for the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) next month in Atlanta, GA.
ATE's website for the meeting describes Ayers' work on the topic of education. It fails to mention any of his prior radical activities, including his domestic terrorism activities, political actions from his days in the Weather Underground, or that he is a self-proclaimed "Communist--with a lower case c."

By whitewashing the most prominent aspects of Ayers's resume and passing off a domestic terrorist as an appropriate and benign speaker at their meeting, ATE is taking a radical political position.

As for Ayers, there is no better way for him to continue his documented attempts to influence youth than by facilitating his access to educational institutions.

As recently as last December EAGnews.org obtained footage of Ayers speaking to students and educators at New York University (NYU). There he explained the importance of using the "classroom" as the place to cultivate change:

" Jan 20, 13 11:45 PM

GALLUP: Obama's 1st-Term Approval Rating Among Lowest of Post-WWII Presidents...
Only Carter, Ford Fared Worse...

and by the way, Nate Silver’s projection of a Seattle vs. New England Superbowl was not even close." Jan 21, 13 9:20 AM

Amid the progressive onslaught aimed at undercutting the 2nd Amendment by focusing on hunting and shooting, Rasmussen has released a poll showing that 65% of respondents understand gun ownership was meant to ensure freedom from government tyranny.

When appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight, Breitbart's Ben Shapiro argued that Americans' "need" for weapons like the AR-15 was based in the "prospective possibility of resistance to tyranny," an argument host Piers Morgan tried to discredit as "absurd." However, 65% of Americans apparently understand what Morgan does not--the 2nd Amendment is not about shooting ducks, it's not about shooting cans or paper targets; it's about protection from government abuse.

When our Founding Fathers wrote and signed the 2nd Amendment, they did not create a right to keep and bear arms. Rather, they protected a right that already existed--a God-given right that comes to us through nature--the right to be free.

Progressives like Morgan continue to try to cloud this issue; that's why Rasmussen's poll is so important--two out of three Americans intuitively knows that the main reason for being armed is to defend our lives and our freedom.

The details of the poll are very telling. Of those who have a gun in their home, a full 72% believe the purpose of being armed is to repel tyranny; even in homes without a gun, 57% of respondents believe the purpose of gun ownership is to defend against tyranny." Jan 21, 13 9:24 AM

In light of recent events I feel I need to make a public statement of my views on this subject. As the Sheriff of Collin County, Texas, I have for the past 28 years served to protect and keep safe all citizens of our county, recognizing the trust placed in me with this profoundly important responsibility.

Unfortunately, the recent surge in the numbers of innocent victims who have died at the hands of unstable criminals has prompted politicians in Washington to seek to pass laws that would seriously erode the constitutional rights of innocent and law abiding citizens.

Neither I, nor any of my deputies, will participate in the enforcement of laws that violate our precious constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

As long as I remain Sheriff of Collin County, I will not participate in the actions of misguided politicians who seek to impede our citizen’s right to all of the privileges afforded by our Constitution.


Terry G. Box
Sheriff, Collin County Texas
" Jan 22, 13 12:27 PM

Obama’s Gun Control Laws
January 21, 2013 3:59 PM
Election ReturnsJOHNSON COUNTY, Mo (KMOX) – As President Barack Obama continues to push gun control proposals in Washington D.C., Sheriff Charles M. Heiss, R-Johnson County is asking fellow law enforcers to sign and send this letter to the president.

The letter expresses concern with the Obama administration and the president’s gun control laws he laid out before Congress last week.

“It appears to me and many Americans that there is a genuine desire on the part of your administration to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens in the interest of curbing gun violence in our nation,” Heiss wrote. “Any attempt to restrict these Second Amendment rights through executive order is unconstitutional and tantamount to an all-out assault on the United States Constitution.”

In the letter Heiss tells the president that he has a duty to protect his constituents from incidents of crime, and has the responsibility to protect and preserve their rights and liberties.

" Jan 22, 13 1:33 PM

Its time you started considering the frustration of a few more people before you reap what you sow,

Ted Nugent: Obama 'Attempting To Re-Implement Tyranny Of King George'
Ted Nugent speaking to fans during an NBC-sponsored gun show, (Obama) “is attempting to re-implement the tyranny of King George that we escaped from in 1776... If you want another Concord bridge, I’ve got some buddies.”

1430 Comments like this in 7 hours
I would be one of his buddies anytime. "The tree of Liberty needs refreshed from timr to time....." I say now is the time.

" Jan 23, 13 9:40 AM

Town Board Rejects First Draft Of Canoe Place Inn Report

At 1685.75 I'll Covert my gold a while longer... Go spread your ideology on a different thread we are talking about real stuff on this one mr z" Jan 24, 13 4:26 PM

It would be fine for Spanish speaking people to open businesses if there customer base were here legally, But most of them are not!

"Millionaire's who are willing to drop crazy money on a condo because it's on the EAST side of the canal?

" You sound so envious all the time.

They wanted to build it on the West side of the canal you supported blocking that luxury complex and refurbishing the CPI, and now you say you say this your nuts." Jan 24, 13 4:32 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

We can not depend on the government to protect us. Criminals are everywhere looking for their next victim. Even though the 2nd Admendment guarantees us the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government we must also be vigilant in our efforts to protect our families and property." Jan 28, 13 6:54 PM

Casino Development Company Cuts Off Payments To Shinnecock Tribe

Its all about what you allow to go in around it if you keep in isolated with a police presence around it it will stay like Mohegan or Foxwoods if you allow the surrounding area to be zoned retail like AC you would be asking for trouble.sounds like it can't be worse than the Hidden Cove section 8 shelter raw deal that was snuck in in the middle of the night." Feb 4, 13 3:30 PM

Town Board Rejects First Draft Of Canoe Place Inn Report

Pretty sleazy point of view for someone who comes across so holier than now. Sound like we should keep our eye on you as well. wow" Feb 4, 13 3:35 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

Wow, Dan that was quite a list. I had no idea how many groups were out there who want to destroy us and our way of life. That list alone is the only reason anyone needs to justify semi automatic weapons.

With all the open borders one could easily imagine a scenario where your life could depend on it." Feb 5, 13 3:31 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Legislature Unanimously Approves New Homeless Sex Offender Housing Plan

Under the new law, dubbed the Community Protection Act, the homeless sex offenders will instead be placed at one of the county’s existing shelters.

Oh boy sounds like Hidden Cove is getting some new tenants,

Maybe HHS can defend them as well now that they are closer to home." Feb 5, 13 8:44 PM

I think the plum Island Idea is excellent, I would go one better, Take any repeat offender and put a bracelet on their ankle, Then give them a small hut with a few solar panels on the island. deliver seeds water and basic provisions from time to time and let them fend for themselves.They could raise chickens and livestock start there own little world, who cares. They would have proven they were not fit to live in our society so let them govern themselves for better or worse. But I guess the corrections officers union would not like that since we could do away with the high cost of housing prisoners as well as over stuffed pensions " Feb 6, 13 5:09 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

I think Captain does a good job of it as well" Feb 6, 13 7:09 PM

East Hampton Village Considers More Strictly Curbing Dogs On Beaches

Because we don't have enough rules in the Village already" Feb 7, 13 6:22 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

Joe I love the way you beat his azz before the game even starts lol
" Feb 11, 13 10:53 PM

Captain you earn your licks but make him look equally stupid" Feb 11, 13 10:55 PM

President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday to a nation that disapproves of the way he is handling nearly every issue, including gun control and the federal deficit.
According to a Gallup poll, 42% of Americans approve of Obama's gun policies while 54% disapprove.

On taxes, 41% approve and 57% disapprove. On the economy, 39% approve and 60% disapprove. On "the situation in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians," 36% approve and 55% disapprove.

And on the federal budget deficit, 31% approve and 65% disapprove.

The only area in which Obama gains the support of a majority is on "national defense" issues, but the poll was conducted before North Korea reportedly tested a nuclear weapon on Monday as Obama seeks to diminish America's nuclear arsenal.

Gallup conducted its poll from Feb. 7-10.
" Feb 12, 13 6:36 PM

(CNSNews.com) – Since taking office in 2009, food stamp rolls under President Barack Obama have risen to more than 47 million people in America, exceeding the population of Spain.

“Now is the time to act boldly and wisely – to not only revive this economy, but to build a new foundation for lasting prosperity,” said Obama during his first joint session address to Congress on Feb. 24, 2009.

Since then, the number of participants enrolled in food stamps, known as the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP), has risen substantially.

When Obama entered office in January 2009 there were 31,939,110 Americans receiving food stamps. As of November 2012—the most recent data available—there were 47,692,896 Americans enrolled, an increase of 49.3 percent.

" Feb 12, 13 6:45 PM

Rubio: America One Of Few Places Where 'Dreams...Have A Chance'

Well said Mr Rubio, I not being born here can testify to that.

"Tonight, all across this land, parents will hold their newborn children in their arms for the first time. For many of these parents, life has not gone the way they had planned. Maybe they were born into circumstances they’ve found difficult to escape. Maybe they’ve made some mistakes along the way. Maybe they’re young mothers, all alone, the father of their child long gone.

But tonight, when they look into the eyes of their child for the first time, their lives will change forever. Because in those eyes, they will see what my parents saw in me, and what your parents saw in you. They will see all the hopes and dreams they once had for themselves. This dream – of a better life for their children – it’s the hope of parents everywhere. Politicians here and throughout the world have long promised that more government can make those dreams come true.

But we Americans have always known better. From our earliest days, we embraced economic liberty instead. And because we did, America remains one of the few places on earth where dreams like these even have a chance."

He is right, once a country of determination and elbow-grease it is now becoming one where individual prosperity relies on the government to look favorably upon your existence,

And that is why I left a country that ours is staring to resemble in the first place.

" Feb 13, 13 10:36 AM

Each time someone in America is killed using a gun owned by a non-career criminal, the press calls for new gun control measures. But when citizens are killed by gun-wielding criminals, the media is nowhere to be found. Another case like that just occurred in Miami, where 36-year-old Maurice Harris was murdered while trying to protect his 11-year-old daughter. “He was my husband of 16 years,” said his wife. “He meant everything to me.”

According to police, two armed men broke into Harris’ home and told Harris they wanted cash. Then they tried to go for Harris’ daughter’s room – and Harris fought back. Harris’ cousin explained, “that’s when they wrestled and he shot him.”

" Feb 13, 13 9:09 PM

New York City Mayor Bloomberg to announce he wants to ban Styrofoam
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has fought against smoking, big sugary drinks, and salty food during his tenure, is setting his sights on a new foe: Styrofoam.
Bloomberg plans to use part of his Thursday State of the City address to push for a ban on Styrofoam food packaging. He also will call for increase the number of parking spaces only for electric cars. If you cant get the people to go along with a coffee ban than get rid of the cups you put it in. This guy is out of control!

" Feb 14, 13 12:19 PM

At least we finally agree on something" Feb 14, 13 9:22 PM

Federal non-military agencies have bought two billion rounds of ammunition in the last "10 MONTHS" or did you miss that.

The US government is no longer about the people, it's the largest most corrupt organization in the world.

How disturbing is this,

In a mistake that probably wasn’t a mistake, a Washington state bill sponsored by liberal Democrats contained covert provision that would have called for the police to have the right to search private citizens’ home once per year if they are known to own guns. According to Senate Bill 5737:

In order to continue to possess weapons that were legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall ... safely and securely store the weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection.

In other words, kiss the Fourth Amendment goodbye. Liberal lawmakers behind the bill claim they have no knowledge of the provision – which, of course, begs the question as to how the provision got into the bill in the first place. “I have to admit it shouldn’t be in there,” said Sen. Ed Murray (D-Seattle). “I made a mistake,” said Sen. Adam Kline (D-Seattle). “I frankly should have vetted this more closely.”

Go ahead PBR spin this one as well

" Feb 18, 13 5:48 PM

I like the new and improved Libertarian Mr Z" Feb 19, 13 9:00 AM

NYT: Soledad O'Brien Officially Out at CNN

Thank the Lord!!! Maybe Al Jazeera has a opening!

Bu Bye." Feb 21, 13 7:52 PM

Chuckle, Exclusive: Obama Fails to Register 'OrganizingForAction.net'; Site Points to NRA Home Page

As Obama's Organizing for Action made its debut, no one in his purportedly Internet-savvy campaign had obtained the corresponding .com, .net, .org or .us sites. In the case of the .net address, a fellow named Derek Bovard had already registered the .net address by the time Obama's team took notice. Bovard has routed his new site to the homepage of the National Rifle Association.
LMFAO" Feb 25, 13 6:34 PM

lol" Feb 25, 13 6:35 PM

Thank you Dnice, I do not think Sandy Hook was the least bit funny, just the overreaction "never waste a good crisis" response" Feb 26, 13 11:16 PM

Lack Of Federal Funds Could Force Gabreski Air Tower Closure

Journalist Bob Woodward blasts Obama "madness" in handling cuts

(Reuters) - Bob Woodward on Wednesday criticized Barack Obama's handling of the automatic U.S. budget cuts set to take effect this week, calling he's decision to hold back on military deployments "madness."

Or is it just plan old Barackathome narcissism…

Much like Hitler, Obama feels his supporters have failed him, by not affording him unilateral, imperial control in his second term…

They must be punished… The nation must be punished, for it’s failure to recognize him as king, and their audacity to question his spending.

Just as the German nation had to be punished for ‘failing’ Hitler, now America must be punished for ‘failing’ Obama.

Silly little minions simply don;t know their place.

The truth is the 2% not being spent, even spending 19% more than last year is negligible, and could be easily dealt with my simply not giving money away to a single foreign state for a year…

But it won’t be… The cuts will be targeted for maximum punitive value against the American public.

All hail the emperor!

" Feb 27, 13 9:00 PM

wow now this >
BOB WOODWARD: A 'Very Senior' White House Person Warned Me I'd 'Regret' What I'm Doing
Bob Woodward said this evening on CNN that a "very senior person" at the White House warned him that he would "regret doing this," the same day he has continued to slam President Barack Obama over the looming forced cuts known as the sequester.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer said that the network invited a White House official to debate Woodward on-air, but the White House declined.

"It makes me very uncomfortable to have the White House threatening reporters, 'You're going to regret doing something that you believe in,'" Woodward said.

"I think they're very confused,"

" Feb 27, 13 10:29 PM

Media Turns Against Obama's Sequester Narrative

Over the past weeks, President Obama has been running around the country like Chicken Little spreading falsehoods about sequester, all in the hopes of blaming a 2% budget cut (which he proposed and signed into law) for an anemic economy that might be headed into a double-dip recession. Simply put, the White House and its media are pushing this fabricated Narrative in the hopes of shifting blame away from Obama's failed economic policies and onto the GOP and a lack of government largess.
If our economy crashes, Obama wants to blame sequester; he wants to argue that our economic woes are caused by a government that isn't big enough, and that he needs a Democrat-controlled House to correct that. It's an audaciously dishonest plot, and it almost worked. The monkeys in the wrench, though, have been little things called facts, a Republican Party refusing to blink, and one brave and honest reporter. Thank you Mr Woodward!
" Feb 28, 13 4:11 PM

Mr HHS I do not have the vocabulary you and Joe do, but I would say

You stuck you foot in your mouth and nothing is going to change that.We see you clearly now, and sunlight is the best disinfectant.

You should ask your therapists about your feelings on the Jay S. case." Feb 28, 13 4:17 PM

A quick review of the fox news com Lanny Davis Archive will shoot that theory to hell. The guy is a first class POS and that is what makes his statement even more damaging to p@homes cause.

nuff said.

As you would say, Thanks for playing" Mar 1, 13 10:01 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

Only the ones that are threatening out life liberty and pursuit of happiness, If thats not you than you have nothing to worry about" Mar 2, 13 9:30 AM

Lack Of Federal Funds Could Force Gabreski Air Tower Closure

BHO and Phil want you to think the Sequester is crippling? What
is really crippling us is the 17 TRILLION dollar debt and a president that doesn't
know how to cut spending and grow jobs. We are up to our necks and not just us
but our children and grandchildren. Spending has to stop somewhere and I can't
see that the 85 billion in cuts is going to hurt us. But Obama will try his hardest to make sure that the cuts hurt and then try to blame everyone else.

Sequester was Obama's idea......he
owns it. Now he needs to stop whining and get to work.

FINALLY, this "president" has done something that only he can bare the shame for. He can not circumvent Congress on this and make them irrelevant. This "sequester" as his and HIS alone.

" Mar 2, 13 9:46 AM

Well dont you think we should find out
" Mar 4, 13 11:36 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

Tim Dickson does not write GREAT articles" Mar 4, 13 11:37 PM

Lack Of Federal Funds Could Force Gabreski Air Tower Closure

B F said "The whole sequester scenario shows that the Democrats, led by the Almighty Barak are incapable of cutting anything from the bloated federal system"

Joe said "That because we are not interested in closing any more loopholes. It's about spending cuts this time around clown... no obstruction... no new taxes. Just CUTS CUTS CUTS"

I say, Now we are getting somewhere!

The senate must pass a budget now!
" Mar 5, 13 6:42 PM

Reuters: Obama Job Approval Plummets to 43%

Being caught lying again and again and again is never a good thing for a U.S. president. A number of recent polls have proven that point, and the point that Obama was not able to get away with dishonestly blaming sequester on the GOP. A poll from Reuters released today brings even worse news. President Chicken Little's approval rating has collapsed to 43%; a drop of seven points since February 19.
The Reuters poll also shows that Obama and his media failed dramatically when it came to blaming sequester on Republicans. Thirty-eight percent blame "all the political actors involved." A mere 27% blame only the GOP. Six-percent blame only Obama and Democrats.

" Mar 6, 13 2:20 PM

In his assertion that Roger Ailes calling Obama "lazy" is racist, apparently, Al Shapton is unaware Roger Ailes was quoting from the president directly. During a Barbara Walters interview, Obama said he feels a laziness in himself that he attributes to his laid back upbringing in Hawaii.

Seems you and Al sharpie are the only ones that don't get it !

I dont quite understand what your trying to get at ?" Mar 7, 13 8:41 PM

Its called a free-market economy why does that scare you guys so much." Mar 11, 13 2:03 PM

A state judge today put a cork in City Hall's plans to ban Big Apple restaurants and other venues from selling large sugary drinks -- a bubble-bursting defeat for Mayor Bloomberg,

Score one for freedom of choice, Loser!" Mar 11, 13 8:14 PM

You guys are a couple of freaking geniuses, Since you started showing Philly what it is like to live in a collective he has not been such a pest, what a pleasure. Its like some sort of bug spray! LOL" Mar 12, 13 9:15 PM

TCM, I think even Mr.Z would agree it has been an interesting little experiment and you have shown a result. I would bet after reading this P@H will be back with a vengeance to prove otherwise. LOL

" Mar 13, 13 9:01 AM

Just saw that azz Grayson from Florida on TV he's crying again this time about Paul Ryan Wants Americans 'To Work Until They Die'

And I say so what, work is good for you, even if I have money I will never stop working 100%
" Mar 13, 13 4:44 PM

Excellent point Captain" Mar 14, 13 9:53 PM

he told you from the beginning what he was concerned about, Fundamentally changing the county! " Mar 14, 13 9:55 PM

HHS Cant you find the courage to critazie somthing worth while for example
CAIRO – Egypt’s biggest Islamist movement has strongly criticized a UN document aimed at combating violence against women for contradicting basic Islamic principles and undermining family values.

“This declaration, if ratified, would lead to complete disintegration of society,” the Muslim Brotherhood warned in a statement obtained by OnIslam.net.

" Mar 15, 13 7:46 AM

Dr. Thomas Sowell Discusses "Intellectuals And Race" On "Hannity"

TUCKER CARLSON: This book is packed with all kinds of interesting information that I have never heard before. This jumped out at me, you talked about the grotesque, really disparity, between black and white unemployment rates. The black unemployment rate is much higher than white unemployment rate, but you say that wasn't always the case. You say that black labor participations were higher than that of whites up until about 1930. What changed?

DR. THOMAS SOWELL: What Changed was the government intervention into the labor market. 1930 was the last year in which there was no federal minimum wage. They brought in the Davis-Bacon Act. In fact, people, some of the sponsors of the Davis-Bacon Act said that they were producing that Act precisely because blacks from the South, construction workers were coming up North and the construction companies were able to underbid the Northern companies and get government contracts. And so, this was meant to put a stop to that.

CARLSON: Amazing, so just to be totally clear, up until 1930 under the Roosevelt administration, of course that would have been the Hoover administration, but up until that point, there were lower unemployment rates in black neighborhoods than white neighborhoods and that has been the result, you think, of lack of government intervention?

SOWELL: Not always, but in 1930 that was certainly the case, and that was not the first time that it was the case. The huge gap that you see today, that all has occurred under minimum wage laws. (Hannity, March 15, 2013)

" Mar 17, 13 1:00 AM

You asked for it
FINAL REPORT: Obama's Birth Announcements Fail To Indicate "Natural Born" Status
A new investigation of Obama’s birth announcements appearing in Hawaii’s two primary newspapers in August, 1961 shows, conclusively, they were the result of a registration record taken by the municipal health authority, not a medically verified “Live" birth documented as occurring at a Hawaiian hospital, per an officially defined "vital event" designated by the U.S. Department of Health, National Vital Statistics Division protocols.

By Penbrook Johannson
Editor of the Daily Pen

In August, 1961, two announcements allegedly showing a “native” birth for Barack Obama were published in Hawaii’s two primary newspapers, the Sunday Advertiser and the Honolulu Star. For more than three years since Obama engaged his unvetted candidacy for the presidency, many of his supporters have mistakenly lauded these blurbish announcements as the "holy grail" of proof that he was born in the state of Hawaii.

However, a detailed investigation of the history and procedures used by Hawaii’s municipal health department, and its relationship with the newspapers, shows that not only was it a matter of official policy that Obama’s birth would have been announced in the paper regardless of where he was born, the information used to publish the announcements is not even confirmed through any eye-witness, medical authority or hospital representative in the state.

In 1961, the two newspapers shared the same address and facility for their publishing operations which means they received only one copy of the same vital records information from the Department of Health. Therefore, the format and content of information used in "vital event" public announcements, including births, deaths, divorces and marriage applications, were published identically by both papers, including any mistakes, omissions, order or context. No investigation was carried out by the papers' editors to determine if the information provided by the DOH was actually accurate or, in the case of birth announcements, if the address published and provided by the registrant had any association with the geographic location of the actual birth. More than 1200 birth announcements between 1960 and 1965 were shown to contain Hawaiian addresses for registrants of births outside of the state of Hawaii, including more than three hundred in which the child was born outside of the United States.

The two newspapers have long since collaborated into one organization.

Now, however, data from the archive of the U.S. Department of Health’s 1961 Report on Vital Statistics of the U.S – Volume 1: Natality, and Hawaii’s Administrative rules governing the creation of vital records finally reveals the truth about how these announcements were published and why they are mistakenly used by uneducated pundits to promote a misguided message about Obama's natal history.

The Daily Pen’s, Dan Crosby, engaged a two month long research project on location in Hawaii, to, once and for all, close the door on questions about the facts and bring the long-due invalidation of the authority of these fallow Hawaiian birth announcements, in quaint, remote newspapers, to confirm Obama's eligibility to be president.

Recall, for more than two years, major media personalities, such as Bill O’reilly, Chris Matthews and recently fired, Keith Olbermann have enjoyed a willful ignorance in support of Obama's legitimacy while poking fun with these announcements essentially saying to their viewers that the very presence of these announcements means only one of two exclusive options: 1. They are a legitimate and accurate indication of Obama’s geographic birth in Hawaii, or 2. They are the result of some crazy 50-year-long conspiracy concocted by members of Obama’s family and newspaper editors at the time in order to enable Obama to use the announcements some time later as primary evidence that he was born in Hawaii in the event he might run for president some day.

In his investigation, Crosby found confirmed and easily accessible evidence that neither of these choices apply to Obama’s records. In fact, the explanation is far less sensational and simple that it reveals that Mr. Obama (Barry Soetoro) simply benefitted from a commonly used administrative practice in the state of Hawaii which was applied for literally thousands of births which were registered there, but which did not occur there. In doing so, Obama appears to have benefitted from a coincidental set of passive circumstances in which the choice to register his birth in Hawaii also allowed him to engage native U.S. citizenship status, not Natural Born status.

The announcements were a fringe benefit to his eligibility facade which merely occur as a consequence of the non-native birth registration process. However, the primary reason for his family registering his birth in Hawaii was to make sure he was eligible for something far less significant than the presidency. His grandparents wanted to make sure Obama could receive state financial assistance and medical care as an infant of an unemployed, wayward teenage mother and a foreign dead-beat, alcoholic, bigamist.

“The birth announcements were printed from unconfirmed information provided to the Newspapers by the Department of Health who received the information from Obama's grandparents, not a hospital," says Crosby in a phone call from Oahu.

“This information was publish without the DOH or newspaper editors confirming the actual location of the birth in any hospital or location in Hawaii. I found thousands of birth registration records of children born outside of Hawaii who have their announcements published in these two newspapers."

Crosby says this information can be determined by cross-referencing public records with birth announcements and associating the addresses with a residential directory and the natality data provided by Hawaii to the U.S. Department of Health's U.S. Vital Records Report.

Recall that Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8 allows the state Health Department to register the foreign birth of any child as a native Hawaiian birth if the parents of that child can be proven to the satisfaction and criteria of the Director of the Department of Health only, they were residence of Hawaii within one year of the birth, regardless of the location of the birth. This law then mandates that the vital records registrar must register the birth with the vital records office in coordination with an official, original Hawaiian birth record. This law originated during Hawaii's territorial era beginning with births in 1911 and was most recently revised in 1982 to allow the Health Department's director to assume autonomous authority over the evaluation of applicants.

“The Health Department director has complete autonomy in determining whether a foreign applicant qualifies for an original birth record under Hawaii's administrative rules," added Crosby

"Essentially, this means that former Health Department director, Chiyome Fukino single-handedly determined the eligibility of Obama to be President of the U.S."

"Regardless," he continued, "They (newspaper editors) don’t even confirm 'native' birth status. The newspaper doesn’t care if the birth occurred in the local hospital. They don’t even print the address of the birth. They publish the address of the registrant, not the birth place. They merely published information provided to them directly and exclusively from the Department of Health in 1961, which means that any birth meeting the criteria of this law can be registered in Hawaii, and therefore is published in a newspaper announcement. Obama could have been born on Mars and it wouldn't matter to the DOH or the newspapers.”

“The birth location is mistakenly implied to be Hawaii by people because the address of the registrant is Hawaiian as it appears in this newspaper. I also found several birth records in Japan for birth's registered in Hawaii.”

A review of all the birth announcements in Hawaii in 1961 reveals other evidence suggesting a disconnect between the Department of Health and Hawaii’s hospitals.

First of all, as shown by Crosby, all the announcements show the parents as married and living at the same address.

“This is not merely a majority of the announcements, this is actually all of them. Every single one! Approximately 16,000 in all!” Crosby said.

He continued, “This is a significant indication that the newspapers actually do not investigate the information provided by the DOH (Department of Health). If they did, they would have seen that there are more than 1040 births recorded in Hawaii in 1961 in which the parents were not married and/or only the mother is recorded as the parent, yet the papers still publish Mr. and Mrs. ‘Whoever’ in the announcement because that is the information registered, not medically verified.”

If the DOH doesn’t include accurate information about the parents marital status for birth announcements, in all cases, what makes people conclude a native birth even though the DOH also omits accurate information about the location of the birth, as well? Crosby also discovered that the announcements are in a tale-tell order which exposes a shocking fact about Obama’s birth announcements.

"Also," says Crosby, "just an interesting little side-note, we have all been told that Obama's parents were married sometime in early 1961. There are thousands of marriage application announcements published in these newspapers between 1960 and 1962, which were also published from registration information provided by the same DOH vital records office as Hawaii's birth registration announcements. There is no marriage application announcement for Dunham and Obama Sr. anywhere in the volumes I've researched."

Crosby admittedly found that a marriage application registration was provided under different administrative rules in 1961 than those applied to information in birth announcements. A marriage is not a medical procedure like a live birth. However, he says that it fits the Obama "black out" theme that critical information about his parent's vague, fleeting relationship would also stem from the same suspicious vital records reporting municipality.

“Did anyone notice the birth announcements are not in any alphabetic order, or in order of birthdate?" asked Crosby, "This is because, in 1961, birth registration numbers were issued based on the location of the local Vital Records office in which the registration was recorded. The hospital does not assign these numbers, the DOH does. It appears that Obama’s birth was registered in an office not used by any of the hospitals' registration locations who only received medically verified "Live Birth" certificates from either Kapi'olani Medical Center, or Queen's Medical Center. These had access to a local registrar near those facilities,” said Crosby.

He continued, “It appears Obama’s birth was registered with the satellite office near his grandparent’s home some distance from the offices nearest to and most used by the hospitals, a location not commonly used by any medical facility. This particular office was commonly used by indigenous people of Hawaii wanting to record births of children outside of the city. This is why the U.S. Department of Health created the Certificate of Live Birth template in 1959 with a check box indicating whether or not the child was born in the city limits and if the residence of the mother was a farm or not. It appears Obama’s birth at least did not occur in the city of Honolulu and, at most, did not even occur in the state of Hawaii.”

In 1956, the National Vital Statistics Division of the U.S. Department of Health issued a revised template version of the “Certificate of Live Birth” form to be used by state municipalities to record and medically verify births. Since Hawaii had not yet become a state, these revisions to the template would not be used in Hawaii until 1959. Therefore, birth records created after 1959 were subject to demographic clarifications and metrics prescribed by the federal authority of the U.S. Department of Health, not the state of Hawaii.

“This also explains why Obama’s birth announcements appear in the succession of announcements where and when they do. His alleged “Certification of Live Birth” is not approved by any federal authority as an official source of demographic data or medical verification of his birth. It is merely a record of birth registration. Therefore, the order of printing of announcements in the local papers comes directly from the list which is ordered based on the birth registration office location, not the chronological or alphabetical order of the medically verified birth.”

Crosby says the difference between a "medically verified” live birth and a “birth registration” are significant. A live birth is witnessed by a doctor, a birth registration is simply recorded by administrative authority without witnessing the birth.

"Obama's birth registration announcement appears deeper in the column of the paper because his birth was not a medical certificate provided by a hospital like the births shown above his. Walk-in birth registrations are treated differently in the reporting process. They seem to get 'second billing' based on registration indexing," said Crosby

Crosby interviewed former U.S. Dept. of Health Vital Records administrator, Martin Hesch in order to gain understanding of the different procedures and authorities used to create vital records and public announcements in a medical verification process as opposed to merely registering a vital event with a municipal office.

“I think people want to believe a simple equation to this issue,” said Hesch, when asked why he thought so many people ignorantly believe what they are told about Obama’s records.

“Notice that none of the birth announcements published in Hawaii then show the address of the birth place. Why do you think that is?" Hesch asked rhetorically.

"Because the papers had no way of knowing in most cases...too many were born outside of Hawaii. That is why too many people wrongly think that a birth announcement in a local paper is somehow an automatic indication of a local birth. Unfortunately, they wrongly accept a locally appearing birth announcement as an indication of medically confirmed ‘local birth’ and that just simply is not the way it is in most cases in Hawaii in early part of its history. The media also wants Barack Obama’s natal circumstances and documentation to fit the traditional record model because it is too disturbing to them to think that they were so easily deceived… but we also now know they do not fit this model.”

Hesch went on to explain that there two primary authorities to consider when understanding vital records administration. First, you have the medical verification of a vital event, like a birth or death, which is established by a licensed medical professional. Then you have the administrative process implemented by the municipal authority which documents, records and files vital records for the purpose of reporting data to various federal agencies like the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Health, the CDC, FEMA, etc.

“Birth events and deaths are unique because they require medical verification in the form of official original documentation attested by a medical authority, and, most importantly, the possession of that original documentation is maintained by the local authority,” says Hesch.

“However, a birth registration does not require the original presiding medical professional because, ironically, a state's Department of Health will be headed by a medical doctor who professional title affords surrogate authority in declaring a 'live' birth."

Aside from obvious complications that may occur during birth, medical verification for births are necessary because in some intances, when a baby is born alive for a only a brief period, or if the child is still-born, the attendant must be legally qualified to determine if the baby was alive or deceased at the moment of birth. If the baby was born alive, the DOH must file a "Certificate of Live Birth" and a "Death Certificate", signed by the same doctor. If the baby is still-born, a "Certificate of Live Birth" is not filed, only a "Death Certificate" is. This is significant for manner in which the birth is treated for natality data reporting by the DOH.

"A registration can occur anywhere in the U.S. because an administrative process such as that used in birth registrations (not medical verifications), marriages, divorces or amendments to vital records are presided over by legislative rule, not medical diagnostics," says Hesch.

"This means that they are not exclusive to some originating medical authority where the event occurred. That is not to say that a judge in a divorce case, for example, would not require a medical record in making legal decisions, it just means that the standards used to document administrative processes are far different than those used to document a medically verifiable vital event in the U.S.”

Hesch explained this is why it is possible to publish a birth announcement for a non-native birth. The announcements in the newspapers are the result of the registration records held by the administrative authority, not the records created by the medical authority bound by local geography. A "Certificate of Live Birth" is used by the child's doctor to originate a medical history file, a birth registration is merely used to initiate and reference report data with the federal U.S. Department of Health, National Vital Statistics Division.

“The birth announcement is automatically triggered by the creation of the registration through administrative process, when the municipal record is provided to the newspaper, not the creation of a medical verification record by a medical doctor or hospital,” he said.

“The birth can actually occur anywhere and if the announcement does not disclose the location, there is no way to know from just the public announcement whether the vital event is a local occurrence or not.”

Hesch’s explanation brings clarity to Obama’s birth announcements. Conclusively, Obama’s birth was registered in the state of Hawaii, but the announcements were not an indication that it was medically verified as occurring there.

“So, let me get this straight. People who think that Obama's birth announcements indicate a Hawaiian birth actually believe that the newspaper editors of the 1960’s received thousands of different notices from thousands of different doctors from multiple hospitals and villages throughout Hawaii, and then they organized them in some highly coordinated manner for publication in non-computerized publishing system?” asked Hesch, laughing incredulously.

"That is utterly ridiculous," he continued, “that is why the DOH pools this information and provided it for public announcements and why the newspapers accepted the information from the DOH without verifying the facts. The verification process would have been staggering and way too time intensive to meet deadlines.”

“If people would turn off the T.V. and just investigate this stuff for five minutes, they would feel stupid when they realize how simple and unimpressive the reality of it is,” he said.

In fact, the evidence shows that the original medical verification, in the form of what would be an original, 1961 federal U.S. Department of Health "Certificate of Live Birth" signed by an attending physician and attested by a hospital administrator, simply does not exist in a form or content which would promote Obama’s “natural born status”.

Hesch agreed that there is probably information in the original medical birth record, regardless of its origins, which undermines Obama’s identity as a politician and that is the reason why Obama is refusing to disclose it.

“Oh, sure, he is hiding something,” he said, “...that is a fact, and that is the only reason NOT to disclose it. Because, if the original medical record supported his current identity, he would be stupid to keep it hidden. It would only support him in that case.”

When asked his opinion about Obama’s case, Hesch said that is a certainty in his mind that Obama’s birth documentation was subjected to administrative processes or amendments which probably undermine his ability to be a natural born citizen, and that his medically verified natal records show information that the local vital records authority is able to conceal under the guise of identity protection.

“Of course, it’s ridiculous,” said Hesch, “the Secret Service is not required here. This is natal information about a birth which occurred 50 years ago, not a public appearance where the president is under some threat. The only reason to hide the original record is to protect something Obama doesn’t want people to know about him and how that information adversely impacts his ability to be president. It’s plain and simple to me.”

In the medical verification process, a registered professional of a federal board must document the circumstances and metrics of a birth. However, the administrative process used to the document the event for municipal purposes is not bound by medical requirements to accurately express those same circumstances because the vital records data is applied under different authoritative functions. Census reports, vital records reports and demographic data serve a different purpose than health report data. Hesch explained that the reasons for this level of administrative complexity comes from Hawaii’s historically plural culture where you have indigenous, native Oceanic, Asian and, of course, American peoples mixing in the population. Since Hawaii is unique in this and that it was a remote, detached territory prior to becoming a part of the U.S., it was necessary to “customize” much of their vital records processes in order to include all those who would be eligible for U.S. citizenry after the island nation became a state. This meant that including non-native births was necessary because the islands of Hawaii were so permeable to migration.

Therefore, it has now been confirmed by authorities in Hawaii and abroad that Obama’s birth announcements appeared in two local Hawaiian newspapers without the birth having been medically verified as occurring in Hawaii. The announcements are automatically triggered from information provided by the Department of Health, not the hospital. Therefore, since we already know that Hawaii's Health Department registered foreign births, the announcements would include births for these registrations as well, along with local birth registrations.

As a final statement to Bill O’reilly, Chris Matthews and the remaining ignorant slew of media hacks, we would like to say this:

Your failure to investigate these facts has undermined your profession and made you look pathetically wanton as journalists. If you would have taken just two more steps in your shallow observations, just one more level down into the actual truth, you have come to the same facts about Obama’s natal history as the internet community has. Instead, you chose to glance at the drive-by message and believe what some deceitful political animal told you about the matter.

Now, Obama has made you look like a fool.

Now please Explain why you belive everthing you hear on MSNBC" Mar 17, 13 9:01 PM

National Democrats Place Bishop On Fundraising Priority List For 2014

Elizabeth Warren Makes Case For $22/hr Minimum Wage LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

$22 an hour?...COOL! Then I can quit my job of responsibility requiring yearly certifications, and training, and become a greeter at Walmart!

" Mar 19, 13 2:44 PM

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