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Town Clears Way For Music Festival In Amagansett

It was curious why our supervisor said he knew about this back in September and yet chose to have a shot gun vote to get this through quietly on a Tuesday morning...unannounced... This concert is THREE days in the height of August on Agriculturally ZONED property with trucks of equiptment and living trailers for the acts and crews which will flood the roads days before and after to set up and take down. Do you think our high end tenants who spend lots of money here in August will want to return when they see how the three on our town board are ready to trash this place. And the family that owns the land has such disdain for Amagansett but should be ashamed of what they are doing to their neighbors and their childrens school mates. Guess they don't mind being disliked anymore. This is a disaster and stinks of a back room deal. What has happen to town board members that are suppose to protect the majority of the tax payers. Much of this may be illegal and should be discussed at the January 7th thursday meeeting...go at 6:45 and speak up!!!!" Dec 30, 10 8:33 AM

Objections Continue Regarding Amagansett Music Festival

re: Historic Amagansett Coast Guard Station.
This was going to be a restoration with money raised by the East Hampton Historic Society and NOT the East Hampton Tax Payers. Why the board has chosen to spend money we do not have for a building that was donated to us is beyond comprehension. The marine museum is nicely and quietly run by the EHHS and we have enough money in our library and school to accompadate any meeting places. This waste of time and money is crazy. We should go back to the contract we had with the EHHS and not cost the tax payers any more money. I do not reacall anyone asking them ot get involved ! Have they lost their way...again?" Jan 22, 11 9:50 AM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

It seems that the unlimited amount of beach driving is what lead to this. Long before the availability of four-wheel drives, the tradition of fisherman to make a living was a normal thing but now the beach is barely usable by pedestrians in most of Amagansett due to the ruts from the waters edge and up into the dune grass. There are many over-weight people who plop the 4000 pound steel and oil machine right in the middle of the beach and have their festivities without any concern for others. Somehow if they parked and walked like most people maybe they would be in better shape. Most people who appreciate our natural assests would prefer to walk to a destination rather than spoil it with groups of trucks as if they were in the k-mart parking lot. This is a valuable asset that we all should protect. Since it has been abused for th e last 10 years and both the town and the trustees ignored the cry for permit control...it is sad that this law suit had to happen. Maybe permits could be limited to fisherman or one per local household and not every four-wheel drive owner that applied (from anywhere) May pedestrians should have rights too. Once again, too little , too late. " Apr 15, 11 7:53 AM

Cole Bros. Circus Brings The Big Top To Southampton On July 23 And 24

Please be aware of the way these baby elephants watch their parents slaughtered then these intellignet animals are taken away, chained, beaten, and shocked until they have no will left. You will often see them crying in pain and saddness at the things they are forced to do. They have a long memory and feel love, pain and saddness. As humans we should be above animal torture for entertainment and profit. Please do not teach our children that this is good. Instead, bring a picket sign and a bull horn to protest this horrible display!" Jul 12, 12 12:51 PM

Elected And Appointed Officials Sworn In At East Hampton Town Organizational Meeting Tuesday

That being said... why would a lucrative builder be appointed to one of the most important boards which oversees development. . Kind of like the fox watching the chicken coop... wonder why?" Jan 5, 16 5:49 PM

Plans For Future East Hampton Senior Citizens Center Presented To Town Board

We better be careful that a levittownian behemoth won't be the greeting people see on the way to springs...please use a local architect with taste and sensitivity to our history..where are the redenerings and public input????," Feb 20, 18 6:19 PM