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Remsenburg Speonk taxpayers reject $14.9 million project

It is now time for the School Board and our Superintendant to commission a planned committee; representative of the entire community, to make a sensible recommendation concerning our school's expansion." Dec 17, 08 5:51 PM

A stoic technician with an unwavering passion

Mr. Emmons and Paul Bass are both great coaches. It would be great to see the relationship that sports has on academics. I hope in future articles that the coaches share how they are guiding their sport stars toward fine colleges to study in. Sport is a part of developing the leaders of tomorrow. These coaching leaders are again a fine example of the leadership development process." Mar 4, 10 6:14 PM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

I wish Chris Nuzzi well. He will do great in whatever he pursues." Mar 4, 10 6:17 PM

Captain Robert Pearce Named Acting Chief Of Southampton Town Police Department

Bob Pearce is a wonderful community mind leader and always present for duty !" Nov 10, 12 8:59 AM

VFW Is Looking To Sell Longtime Post In Quogue

Hello Neighbors,

The VFW always needs new members. As a thank you to veterans and a way to help veterans the CPF is making a perfect purchase.

Please remember the 1% rarely turns to the community for help.

A new location will offer much needed exposure and will also help veterans bond and help each other in their civilian transition.

As a wounded and decorated veteran who votes I support this plan. Thanks,

Jim Fogarty
Rifle Platoon Leader - Retired" May 9, 14 9:06 AM

Westhampton Beach School District Earns Rare School Of Distinction Honor

Go WHB. I am so happy for the teams and their academic success. Kathy Masterson is a great leader who sets high expectations. I am happy to say the multiple sports that my children played at WHB contributed to the great adults they are today. All the students'parents are getting their A report card in setting firm challenges and rewards." Oct 16, 19 2:58 PM