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Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

Having shelter and a job is a simple human right and its bout time the gov. lived up to those responsibilitys. Fact is, the right to a job and housing is a matter of law—and has been since the Employment Act of 1946 and the 1978 Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act legally obligate the president and Congress to use all available means to achieve FULL employment. Redistribution of wealth is necessary to balenz out the playing field. Say Yes! to OWS and to the unions. Say Yes! to afirmative action hell ya, dont apolagize this is our time. Like Obama said some people have made enough money. Now lets make sure we git our fair share of the dream." Nov 24, 11 1:39 PM

New Canoe Place Inn Application Filed With Town

dats correct buoght and paid for you know it" Mar 15, 12 11:52 PM

Altschuler Gets Indepence Party Nod

datz correct phil, you no it. lol. word, lol off his meds lol.seminar this aint your america no more sorry dude let me show you the door. lol" Mar 25, 12 1:17 PM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

haaaaa , you no it boo, lol " Mar 25, 12 1:23 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

you know it boo, lol" Mar 30, 12 9:00 AM

hey big fresh you *%&%($$$*&$&#*#&$^$*# four more years BABY!" Mar 30, 12 9:04 AM

Demos Faces Objections To Petition, Accuses Altschuler of Organizing Them

You know it Philly. Holla!" May 1, 12 10:37 AM

Dats correct Boo. Now that he has moved the cause up field. We will not yield. B.P." May 1, 12 10:41 AM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

You are the reel problem and if I ever see on the street we will be havin a little talk. Union Pride !!! B.P." May 4, 12 7:38 PM

East End Has Among Highest Gas Prices In State

You no it Z man! dats correct! We had no business being in Iraq. " May 4, 12 7:42 PM

Of course we have heard of the Wiemar republic that is why i invest in sliver and gold. Buffet is a fool silver and gold are the only real money. We have got to stop this Quantitative easing for it is a dangerous experiment with consequences we will have to live with for years to come. France has made a fatal mistake...having now elected a socialist government. This event should be instructive to us.
France currently has a government that absorbs more than 50 percent of its economy. They have a cradle-to-grave employment system, where once you have a job it is virtually impossible to lose it no matter your level of performance.
The retirement system for many union and government employees allows a person to retire at age 55 at close to full pay. For a while they had in place a 35-hour work-week law, which is still followed by many businesses and government entities.The politics of envy and the real reduction in competitiveness of the French society is clearly placing France and many nations in Europe at a tipping point.
They have dealt themselves a losing hand. We should simply observe, note it and hopefully choose not to play the same cards." May 7, 12 11:32 PM

If you read what I just wrote you realze what a fool Joe is for saying this.france is correct Joe is a fool a fool I tell you. YES WE CAN!" May 7, 12 11:35 PM

You no it boo, Mr Obamas Alinsky method of community organization and running the country is working, and I for one am loving watching you folk panic as you lose you grip on the power. Whether you like it or not redistribution of wealth is necessary to balance out the playing field. The unions and Obama care are the best means to that end.Like the president said last year some people have made enough money. Now move over while we bring social justice to a theater near you. B.P." May 9, 12 12:24 PM

Protesters Turn Out At Romney Fundraiser On Meadow Lane

Realty, Stay outta da Bushes and get a clue" Jul 17, 12 6:23 PM

you no they dont got it" Jul 18, 12 1:13 PM

Ha Ha You no it baby you go fille dats right Ha Ha " Jul 18, 12 7:35 PM

Flanders Man Arrested For Possession Of Heroin And Prescription Drugs

Maybe when the gov. providies more jobs for the youth they will have somthing productive to do. yes we can! " Jul 28, 12 9:36 PM

Like i said back in 2010, Having a job is a basic necessity. It’s a simple human Right.
In fact, the Right to a job is a matter of LAW—and has been for 62 years!
The 1946 Employment Act and the 1978 Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act legally obligate the president and Congress to use all available means to achieve full employment.
whats a matta had enough of the redistrabution of wealth......I say too bad !
Yes We Can!" Jul 29, 12 7:39 PM

You could not have built squat if not on the backs of us working folk.When your truck roll is it not on roads we all built? Wene you flip the switch in the morning is it not on the powar grid we all built. you and me we partners in that bizness you clam you built becuse your smarter than the rest of us. now its time to pay the pipper. 80 percent income taxes for anyone over 65,000 and you will still have 10 times the money we do." Jul 29, 12 7:43 PM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

The only ID I need is my say so, B.P.

Tryin to stop voting at the polls will be met with resistance. Toure has it correct when he said Romney is responsible for the "Xi@@erizing" of the president on the tv yesterday.Angry and Chicago Style polotics are dog wistle code for somone who is not like us. YES WE CAN!" Aug 18, 12 8:50 AM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

You no it Z man, go baby! Yes we Can, Forward ---->" Sep 9, 12 10:04 PM

Maybe it's simply that "supply side", a.k.a. "trickle down" economics is not only a complete, total, and utter failure; it's the biggest pile of horse***t ever sold to a modern industrialized society. Dats Correct you no it Z man" Sep 10, 12 1:39 AM

UPDATE: Police Release Photo Of Man They Say Robbed TD Bank In Hampton Bays Monday Afternoon

Shouda locked d door " Sep 10, 12 9:18 PM

Sux 4 U LOL" Sep 11, 12 9:08 AM

East Hampton Village Police Charge Man With Felony In Connection With Anti-Obama Graffiti

the det is of no concern, The fedral government is responsible an obligated to give every person employment or a guaranteed income. If the American businessmen will not give full employment, then the technology and means of production should be taken from the businessmen and placed in the community so that the people of the community can organize and employ all of its people an give a high standard of livin.
" Sep 19, 12 10:36 PM

hey boy, I will do somthing bout it. sure nough if you got the gutz" Sep 19, 12 10:40 PM

School um Z" Sep 26, 12 7:30 PM

I would like to show you a catastropic event. OBAMAAAA! ya baby
YES WE CAN! " Sep 26, 12 7:34 PM

Bishop, Altschuler Joust Over Ethics, Outsourcing During Riverhead Debate

u tell um Boo, Union Pride Baby! Tim Bishop - Barack Obama YES WE CAN !" Oct 1, 12 2:34 PM

Dont apologize Phila, Stand up! You know it baby! we dont need there free advise neva asked for it so keep it to yourselves.

Bishop Baby. Yes WE Will!" Oct 1, 12 2:40 PM

Bishop And Altschuler Debate In Bridgehampton, Focus On Economy

u tell um Native, Union Pride Baby! Tim Bishop - Barack Obama YES WE CAN !

" Oct 15, 12 10:44 PM

You no it phila, and I will be monitoring the polling place makin sure nuthin goes wrong. Union Pride Baby! Tim Bishop - Barack Obama YES WE CAN !

" Oct 16, 12 10:47 AM

Romney Is a D Bag
This man Can not be allowed to win at all costs! We should all go into a Walmart and convince the workers to go on strike with the rest of the country.

" Oct 23, 12 7:51 PM

Hey DS Stick it If The President is not allowed to continue his mission we will shut this contry down get me? Hope so" Oct 23, 12 7:56 PM

Why dont you get your own avatar before I have to come over your house and ask you nicley for it." Oct 25, 12 6:45 PM

LaValle, Fleming Debate Issues In East Hampton

Relavent dicussion on why obama is the man still going on at

Southampton press story
Bishop And Altschuler Debate In Bridgehampton, Focus On Economy
" Nov 1, 12 9:35 PM

Bishop And Altschuler Debate In Bridgehampton, Focus On Economy

phil, dats correct you know it " Nov 2, 12 12:11 AM

Fresh you are the problem in this country" Nov 2, 12 8:17 PM

UPDATE: Campaigns Offer Rides To Polls On Tuesday In Light Of Gas Shortage



YES WE CAN AGAIN!" Nov 5, 12 10:28 AM

Americans should vote for Obama out of revenge, revenge for the last 236 years Dats the correct thing to do and if yo dont like it you betta stay outta my way .

Get Me " Nov 5, 12 7:04 PM

This is our time you time is in the past YES WE WILL!" Nov 6, 12 7:53 AM

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