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East Hampton Village to put restrictions on landscaping equipment

maybe it will help the local economy and increase job rates then!" Aug 13, 10 11:02 PM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

maybe if you paid a person a living wage more of us millennials would stay here. " Apr 28, 14 11:57 AM

we want to stay, thats the issue. Most of us love it out here, we need more local businesses so we can have employment oportunities. If the bridgehampton commons expanded as it was planned we probably wouldnt be having this conversation. " Apr 28, 14 12:33 PM

'Safe Room' Packages Developing For South Fork Clients

I think the more interesting aspect is the fact that there is a gun shop in the hamptons after years of summer residents fighting to have them removed from places like K-Mart and such... this place opened up very quietly in a area that is not pro-gun.

the safe room idea seems even scarier when you consider the clientele they are "targeting" what exactly are these people afraid of? They already did a pretty good job of killing off the ability for year round young people to survive.... how about to stop being hostile with things like this to the local community. " Jan 5, 15 5:15 PM

To me its a basic sign of a mistrust of the community a person is living in that they cannot trust the police or the people who live around them to provide a safe community. It may give local people work, but to what end if the result is a devaluation of community trust and development. " Jan 6, 15 12:14 PM

admitting a Ferguson scenario is plausible is equal to saying the value and trust in a community has been broken, which was the thesis of my original comment. We don't have a community out here anymore as much as very wealthy people who have no (apparently) taken to building safe rooms because they distrust the saftey and security of the place in which they live. " Jan 6, 15 12:16 PM

and what sort of terrorist attack would happen out here? I'f there was a nuclear attack or anything in the air from the city you would still be dead, just dead in a safe room...

what exactly are you (the owners of one of these safe rooms) defending yourself from besides the community at large? " Jan 8, 15 11:58 AM

PDD Projects Take Shape In Southampton Town

progress in the hamptons is slow, however if you look at other niche resort communities that moved to more year round economies (Annapolis MD comes to mind) most of these projects will be for the betterment of the entire population of the hamptons, summer residents may make a fuss, but the truth is, if we want to grow as a community, and as a group of citizens things like this must happen..

My one note would be on the canoe place project, PLEASE allow for public fishing access in the canal, its one of the few "local" places that has a certain dirty, not so pristine charm, and the fishing in the season is great there.
" Feb 22, 16 4:59 PM