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Community activist from Northampton announces plan to run for Southampton Town Board

Oh Great!? Because Community Activists have show great success in politics, I mean, look how great we're doing now with our Indonesian Muslim Community Activits Pres!" Aug 25, 10 4:33 PM

I'm going to presume you agree with me and cannot refute my statement in any way, but you're just frustrated that someone actually wrote that. Didn't mean to offend you but if you are aware of any community activists that have done well in politics, have at it. If you have any proof that the pres. is not an Indonesian Muslim, have at that too." Aug 26, 10 6:18 AM

You know, perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe you're saying that just because our community activist president who is an indonesian muslim that makes jimmy carter look like albert einstein, doesn't necessarily mean this community activist will be a huge mistake like the other community activist. Meh, maybe you're right. " Aug 26, 10 6:21 AM

In drowning aftermath, residents push for better beach protection

Someone in a position to know has told me that the Town of East Hampton has arranged for all of these folks to have a full time personal safety coordinator. They are going to create a new tax district to create a pool of funds which will pay for full time staff for each household within 5 miles of the beach. These full time staff members will be there to tell their citizen family whenever they are engaged in activity that could result in injury or even death. Could actually work." Aug 26, 10 6:26 AM

Beach erosion study delayed again

clam pie....yuck, anyway, In real life, you don't get points for a pricey photo op in which you had to inconvenience and waste the time of good citizens. There is nothing valiant or honorable about Tim Bishop and his years of trying...trying is sweet if you are at summer camp. But you nor anyone else on this site in this village nor on this planet can point to a single thing that Tim Bishop has done. Not one. He flaunted around with Mr. FX and was the big man at the fireworks party...but when the going got tough, our sad sack bureaucrat clung to Pelosi like wounded bear cub - and complained how he can't take a walk without hearing objections to his vote. Well, he'll have tons of time to spend on coffee at Catena's in the coming years, and my children will be better off for it." Aug 27, 10 4:20 PM

Hey, didn't the Army Corp. of Engineers have responsibility for the New Orleans Levy's, West Hampton Dunes and any other failure of man made structures that resulted in significant damange and/or death?" Aug 27, 10 4:31 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

like most liberals, the opportunity to say Cox and Teabagger in the same sentence was too much for her to pass up. But, you should know that while you're worried about abortion, you voted for Obamacare. You're whole, government out of my Virginia argument doesn't really past muster anymore. You voted to have government up your toucas. Whats a few inches." Aug 28, 10 7:21 AM

Good for you Baywoman, Libs big on Education and Health, Repubs big on defense, helping the rich and they like to wrap themselves in the flag rap. You have a yellow belt in not thinking for yourself and spewing whatever they feed you in class and then on cnn. Please turn your voter registration card in at your next non-profit cocktail benefit." Aug 28, 10 1:34 PM

baywoman, its not all about us v. them, but that is exactly what ''they'' want you to believe. cocktail party means you're rich, yellow belt means cowardly, republicans, teabaggers and all that. the only us. v. them is the governing elites v. you and I. the faster we get together the better. the longer people like you believe all of the divisive nonsense you consume from the government/media/public education complex - the longer our nation's problems will continue." Aug 29, 10 8:17 AM

Plane overshoots runway at Montauk Airport

hey joe, i got your back on this one. the southampton press is a weekly print newspaper. they have never marketed themselves as an up-to-the-minute - "give us 10 minutes we'll give you the world" website. between you two vets you have 1230 comments - how 'bout you ease up a bit. while the press might not be perfect, they do a pretty good job with this website. " Aug 29, 10 3:22 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

joe hampton, that's not right at all. first, if you ask god for forgiveness...its not a ''hope that he will'' proposition. you're good. but at the same time, life happens to lots of people and you don't have to be so harsh in your condemnation of people that are involved in very difficult and personal decisions. and, its not always easy for them to look in the mirror...so cool it dude. you know not of which you rant." Aug 29, 10 3:26 PM

Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

noah way starts with ''in a democratic society'' and ends with ''when we torch the place''. look you are free to take your ark and sail outta here...that's true freedom. but you cannot stop progress noah way, noah how." Aug 30, 10 7:25 AM

no, you just did peoplefirst! good for you, convenience=progress! absolutely." Aug 30, 10 12:05 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

oh who cares, the ability to get an abortion or not is not at risk. the problem now is that the folks who want to have the right to abortion protected have just signed over the sum total of their healthcare decision to the federal government/media/public education/george soros complex. so it doesn't matter anymore anyway. none of it matters...you're all pawn in "the man's " power grab. you can argue for your rights - but you keep signing them over to the fed. that's the big irony here folks." Aug 30, 10 12:13 PM

Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

i know how to get you progressives to appreciate the 7-11: It'll be owned by a middle eastern family from melville who will send their profits to the motherland and spend whatever is left in nassau county, legions of illegal immigrants will come to get their coffee and prepaid cell phone cards, there wil be plenty of room with which migrant workers can loiter around looking for work night/day, folks on disability will be able to stumble over during the day to purchase olde english and lots of chinese products will be sold. there, if you are a progressive, that's gotta be music to your ears." Aug 30, 10 12:51 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

That all sounds good, especially dissolution of FEMA, NIH, Centers for Disease Control and the FDA. I'm with you on legal abortion, marrying whomever you want, no gvmt. subsidies and government currently only funds 36% of medical research, so sure, get them the hell outta there too. constitution is fine the way it is and sure overturn all rules that gives special rights. absolutely. i would say we can have disabled people have special rights because it isn't based on color, creed, religion or anything like that, so if we could agree to give disabled people special rights...i think we have a deal.

tough guy." Aug 30, 10 1:20 PM

then, i would have to say that the teaparty people exhibit significantly more compassion. the deal is off. we tried to include you in the solution, but you proved to be too aggressive and abstract. your attempts to shock with the pregnant, holy spirit thing is completely falling short - not all tea party people are evangelicals. that's where your small mindedness fails you again. but since this is all conjecture, you'll have to wait until november to become a vocal minority. this i have heard before in those rare times i attend church - "peace be with you"" Aug 30, 10 1:38 PM

New proposal for religious boundary on public roads spurs questions in Westhampton Beach

I think the Jewish people are just being lazy here. No ERUV! my understanding is that an ERUV is a boundary that allows Jews to carry burdens across property lines on the Sabbath. Keep your burdens to yourself. Literally and figuratively." Aug 30, 10 3:22 PM

If Johnny Chi's delivered on the sabbath, this would probably all go away...I think that's the main point here. " Aug 30, 10 3:26 PM

Judge rules that cuts to Stony Brook Southampton violate state law

Little Guy: 1
Bureaucratic Mess: 0" Aug 30, 10 7:00 PM