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Police: Westhampton Beach Man Found Dead In Pool

Can't tell you how bad my wife and I feel for his mother, brother, and family. Finding him like that, and having recently lost her husband and his father. A wonderful young man." Jun 29, 11 5:17 PM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Town Board Restricts Parking Near Rumba

how foolish can one town be? A great new restaurant for not only the younger crowd, but older people as well who enjoy the muic but especially the food they serve. Do they have to take a walk to get there? Let us live, enjoy, and park!!" Jul 29, 11 10:30 AM

East Hampton Village Bans Plastic Bags

Interesting to see which paper company gets the recommendation for shops and the town bag deal." Aug 3, 11 11:55 AM

The Open Book In Westhampton Beach To Close

She was the victim of a larger store with less product. A crying shame." Sep 22, 11 4:48 PM

Gregor, Town Board Battle Over New Leaf Pickup Program

Get them up as fast as possible after they fall. Irene proved it can be done. And after that, let's get the roads that have not been worked on for over 5 years re-paved...and get the potholes out." Oct 26, 11 9:40 AM

Westhampton Beach Banking Fixture Celebrates 50 Years Of Service

Sorry I missed the celebration of Ann's 50 year mark. It is a treat to go into the Chase Branch and see her smile and pleasant greeting.
Many more, Ann, and in good health.
Irwin" Nov 9, 11 5:42 PM

Sadleir Retires After 36 Years On The Bays

Ted- we were always comfortable and feeling safe when we knew you were out there watching our interests. Wishing you a happy retirement.
Irwin and Phia" May 15, 12 10:41 AM

Cops: Three Rollovers On Memorial Day Weekend

one must always be prepared for all circumstances and wear your belts as anything can almost happen (as you saw). They saved my friends many a time
" May 31, 12 12:09 PM

Death Notices, June 14

verey sorry to hear of Jeremy's passing. He was an excellent retailer and had the respect of those in the Publishing and Retailing communities out East." Jun 14, 12 2:14 PM

BookHampton Owner Jeremy Nussbaum Dies June 12

I was very sorry to hear of Jeremy's passing. He was an excellent retailer and had the respect of the Publishing and Retailing communities out East." Jun 14, 12 2:17 PM

Westhampton Beach Community Mourns PAC, Synagogue Benefactor

Abbey had a charisma second to none. Being in his presence, be it at a meal or playing golf, made you feel good about the day." Oct 19, 12 12:32 PM

Two Injured In Car Crash In Westhampton On Sunday

well done by the wHB Fire Dept and THE OUTHHAMPTON TownPOLICE." Oct 29, 13 6:04 PM

Store Clerk Charged With Selling Alcohol To Minor In Westhampton Beach

a 67 year old today is like a 47 year old. Let her enjoy her youth and earn a living at the liquor store." Oct 29, 13 6:18 PM

Eastport Man Charged In Fatal Hit-And-Run Accident

so sorry this young mother's life was halted while so young! Condolences!!" Nov 28, 13 1:34 PM

Thiele, LaValle Make Their Rounds As Their Opponents Remain Quiet

There might be a swing in the vote as the residents of "T" Lane in Remsenburg, who have been waiting for well over 5+ years, are getting the same old BS runaround from the Highway Dept. They don't have the MONEY budgeted to repair our road, which is in terrible shape for years now. We constantly call and we get the same story each year from the supervisor's office. At this point after years of no money stories, they could just do the first half of the road and get our support, but no, they say maybe next Summer. What a joke. It's ripped up, has water problems after every rain, and is built as a one and one half lane roadway. All they do is put poorly laid patches in which last only one rainstorm. And, we pay taxes, and vote the same old people into office. " Oct 14, 14 2:39 PM

Developer Files Updated Application For East Quogue Subdivision, Golf Course

how do you spell pollution, POISON!
Keep it all across the Canal, to the East." Oct 30, 14 4:15 PM

VFW Membership Continues To Decline Across South Fork

I recently became a Lifetime member of the VFW and had not been assigned o a particular Post, but it looks like the Quogue unit will work for me as I am glad to increase its numbers and also render service. These men and women, and the other members of the VFW, are our nation's heros!" Nov 13, 14 9:37 PM

The NYS DMV has come out with a handsome new special license plate in gold and black which would make any veteran proud to display it.
I would suggest all active members proudly display same by filling out a form
MV412, sending a copy of your membership card, and mailing payment with the 3 items to the DMV Custom Plates Unit in Albany. This nice plate will show support of the VFW in a nice way." Nov 18, 14 10:42 AM

Resident Doctor In Montauk Says Goodbye After 11 Years

Love the story about you, Dr. Knott.. If you intend to practice in the East Moriches area as far as Remsenburg to the East, I am waiting for you. I a patient formerly from Manhattan, and am at Box 777 in Remsenburg and can use a good GP to replace my doctor who was in the City as we are out here full time." Nov 20, 14 1:44 PM

UPDATE: SUNY Board Approves Southampton, Stony Brook University Hospital Affiliation

Long overdue. Let's hope it gets done." Jan 12, 15 2:24 PM

Air National Guard Training Startled Residents Last Thursday Night

The Town of Southampton is worrying about plastic bags while East Hampton is working on controlling deplorable evening helicpter noise keeping people awake and the need to restrict airport noise. well, Gabreski is getting out of hand noise wise and we have a need for the Town Council to take action in the Quogue/Westhampton, Remsenburg areas as well. Between the local POT HOLES not being fixed or repaired, the puddles in the lanes, the balances of the roads being out of line, etc., Alex what's his name should not be honored, but Anna Throne should get off it and and have him fix the roads on the West end of the Town. Unbelievable that certain roads have had only patch work for their drivability for at least 6 or 7 years, or even longer on one lane in Remsenburg.. He seems to like the town repairs for towns and hamlets on the eastern portion of Southampton where the politicians are living.
I don't know who is worse, Senator and Mayor Pothole in NY City or Alex and his cohorts further East.
A Remsenburg resident" Apr 24, 15 3:35 PM

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