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Community activist from Northampton announces plan to run for Southampton Town Board

Thank you for your support To clarify the event is An Evening With the Rat Pack.They are a world class tribute act and Dean Martin is the son of a local resident. It is clearly my intention to hit the ground running and the commitment is to the people of Southampton. I consider myself a community leader and not an activist which infers that I have an agenda that I clearly do not, unless standing for the people of this great place we call home an agenda.I look forward to meeting and speaking with everyone and will be stopping by at at local events and community meetings." Aug 27, 10 8:48 AM

A call for PDD moratorium in Southampton Town; Supervisor willing to consider dropping controversial planning tool

The Town of Southampton is the only local government that uses this supposed planning tool. Have we (the taxpayers) not paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on study after study, master plans, blight studies and revitalization studies that all end up on a shelf in a back room to be forgotten. We have current zoning in place for a reason. Enough is enough. A moratorium is a great idea, abolishment may be a better alternative." Oct 2, 10 8:28 AM

Does Throne-Holst have support for a Planned Development District moratorium?

It seems that the public will not get the chance to be heard on the subject of a moratorium as a resolution to hold a public hearing on the subject was voted down.
It is important that the current process of cleaning up the PDD legislation is closely scrutinized and that definitions and accountability are built in that can assure a true substantial public benefit. " Oct 12, 10 10:52 PM

Outdoor fitness park opens behind Studio 89 in Sag Harbor

Great way to combine health and fitness with the great outdoors, thinking beyond the confines of the walls. Great idea!" Oct 18, 10 2:37 PM

Despite Objections, Southampton Town Board Appoints OTB Official To Top Management Post

Once again political horse hockey at its finest. Do we not recall the walk on resolutions that the power of three used to fill the vacant appointed board positions earlier this year, the budget last minute resolutions, now this backdoor appointment.
Lets get real here, is there another board room we don't know about, something fishy is going on in town hall and it stinks." Nov 30, 10 7:50 AM

New Housing Plan For Homeless Sex Offenders Passes Legislature

Then what do you suggest as an alternative? Currently the county spends millions rounding them up and taxiing them to Riverside to the jail parking lot, no not inside in a protected area but outside where they are free to rome the Towns of Southampton and Riverhead as they see fit. No counseling, no oversight, no assurance from anyone that our community is being protected. It is mandated by law that these people are housed and is the duty of Suffolk Social Service to do so but is it the Town of Southampton's responsibility to be the dumping ground for all these people. The current program is a waste of time and money." Dec 28, 10 8:49 PM

Bishop Earns Plum Committee Post

And back to the Story, As our local economy is so defined by natural resources and waterways this provides a great big win for the people of Southampton.
Thanks Tim" Feb 1, 11 10:47 PM

Civic Association Members Call For President's Resignation

It is with my best intention to move from the Community Association into local government to continue to be a stand for the people that are under represented.
I have always put the community first, providing toys at Christmas to families in need, school supplies to our elementary school, food for our seniors and winter coats to our grade school children in need.
This was truly a partisan representation of a select few and by no means the pulse of the membership. I believe the people of Flanders, Riverside and Northampton look forward to the day they have true representation in Town Hall" Feb 16, 11 10:18 PM

IRS info to clarify: "To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition it may not be an action organization,i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates."

Let me make this very clear FRNCA does not participate in any campaign activity nor does it support any candidates. Nowhere does the code mention that a person within an organization can or cannot participate in political activity outside of the organization.

Again our elections are on April 11th and as always all seats are available.
" Feb 18, 11 5:23 PM

Sorry, FLRalph I do not have a fake membership, but when i do post it's obvious Unfortunate that when somebody actually cares about the community they are chastised for it. " Feb 20, 11 1:13 PM

Brad Bender Concedes Southampton Town Board Race To Christine Scalera

FRN, Flanders, Riverside and Northampton" Nov 22, 11 11:02 AM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

The real problem is that Condo's are taxed at 50% of the assessed value and are a drain to the community. This should be opposed and as of of right considered.
" Feb 6, 12 4:13 PM

Live From Tampa: Teen Reports From GOP Convention

I thought this story was about Andrew and his interest in Law/politics and the journey he is on to test those waters. Nice to see young people being involved." Sep 2, 12 10:29 AM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Districts Seek Merger Study

Hampton Bays, Flanders,Riverside and Northampton pay close to and over $12 per thousand of assessed value. School funding needs some serious rethinking..." Oct 17, 12 8:15 PM

Gregor Hauls Away Trash Cans From County And State Roads

A town of such stature that relies on tourism as a base of its economy should be ashamed. Wait till our visitors stop coming and providing the extra boost to our economy all because of a refusal to invest in keeping our town clean and attrative." Jan 9, 13 9:14 AM

Flanders Fire Department Celebrates 65 Years Of Service

The Flanders Fire department worked hard and put on a great community event to celebrate 65 years of service and contribution to the community.

We thank all our volunteers that keep our community safe and protect life and property." Sep 29, 13 7:15 AM

Montauk Senior Voluntarily Cleans 100-Plus Benches In Hamlet

Thank you Mr. DeFina what a gift you are to your community." Oct 19, 13 8:48 AM

Police Arrest Three For Vandalizing Hampton Bays Buildings

Great work, SHT PD Graffiti is a major blight on our community.
" Mar 5, 14 9:33 AM

New Signs Along Flanders Road Warn About Dangers Of Distracted Driving

This was an unfortunate accident and a resident lost her life, to bring politics into this is ubsurd and insulting to the family as they still grieve.

My heart felt condolences as this family continues to stubble with this loss." Jul 22, 14 11:40 AM

My apologies it should read struggles with this loss, " Jul 22, 14 11:43 AM

Fighting Fires Is In The Blood Of This East Quogue Family

Grateful for this family and all our dedicated familys that keep our town safe." Sep 23, 14 2:06 PM

Southampton And Tuckahoe Officials Present Merger Plans To Residents

Hampton Bays and the Southampton portion of the Riverhead school district pays just over $13.00 per $1000 of assessed value in the 2013-14 published rates as a comparison." Oct 30, 14 3:43 PM

Military Jet Taking Off At Gabreski Airport Monday Morning Creates Loud Rumble

God Bless all our men and women who serve and protect our freedoms." Jan 13, 15 12:23 PM