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Town employee suspended for racist messages referring to the president-elect

to whom it may concern.I have known Mr Judy for some odd 32 years ,and have been in constant contact with him through out this whole debauchery ,you see as it turns out NO ONE untill 2 days ago actually attempted to speak with him regarding his side ,and in fact the truth is the text message in question WAS sent among dozens and dozens of others thru other parties in his OWN department ,and were actually sent by people he after some 13 years with the town were his friends and also part of his crew [the lower gene pool of parks and rec dept as it were]as jokes ,and unlike the paper printed were on the employees OWN phones not town equipment ,the people who sopposedly came foward were among those in Mr Judys crew he ran and in the circle of FRIENDS that traded jokes nothing more than jokes ,yet 1 of those people was the one who filed criminal charges against Mr Judy via pressure from the town for harrassment and an order of protection ,which I might add was thrown out of court for having no merit as that employee finally spoke the day before trail after questioning from the DA'S office and admitted the truth and that the town wanted Mr Judy out and was using this as a catalyst ,he said he had no choice ....hmmm intesting as that same party sent Mr Judy A very racial text recorded in his own voice just the day before the one the town is using against Mr Judy.....wow how can he feel harrassed seding things of that nature himself and knowing full well it was common knowledge in that crew,intresting!!!! so does that mean HE should be arrested for filing a false police report ? and why if the town called in these others and confiscated thier phones weren't there charges and suspensions across the board .........wait maybe its because that same person has a relative in that same dept ,a no no by town guidelines as I understand it and yes a direct boss of Mr Judys,and as in the comment above you cant move up unless someone moves out ,also the town said they werent going to try this case in the media yet the day of his hearing[criminal] it was released in the papers on the radio ect........why wasn't the arrest in the police blotter but showed a month later on his trial day guesing they planned a trifecta,......maybe someone should real;ly look into this ,this is a man with a family who cleans all his neibors yards for free ,helps fix ANYONES car tools gives till he dosent have anymore ,whos father was a 2x firechief in our town and a 20 year mechanic for the town police garage ,yup hes a terrible guy .......no hes a man that joked like we all do and although peoples humour differs ,it is America and much like the papers dont nearly have thier facts strait ,its that old freedom of speech that protects them ,as it should for us all,but thank you all for slanderizing a genuine family man who has issues like us all but is now stamped labeled and convicted and has to carry that as does his family ,shame on you ,shame on you all " Dec 19, 08 7:06 PM

WOW first off i agree with mr blue .and no i dont believe in ANY type of racism.period ,but hey wait ,do any of you have friends or SO CALLED friends you shared a dirty joke with ,or made an inappropriate comment ,it happens every deay in every p[lace ,people are people and LIKE IT OR NOT we have the right politicaly ,religiously or otherwise to speak our mind ,hey i personaly find it offensive several times a year Jehovahs witnesses come to my door tring to convert me and my family ....door to door they go pushing THIER brand of religion on me ,hell you damn near have to slam the door to make em go away ,how many of you said to yourself or made a comment about it when you finally got them to leave ?.yet still believe they have a right to thier opinion ,ill admit it i personally voted for senator Obama he was in MY OPINION the better man for the job ,and yet I,m personally considered among my friends as a "redneck" hmmm? i earned that tag by driving an old pickup since high school ,hunted ,grew a beard early wore camo hats and had a rebel flag on my truck ....and yet i,m the furthest thing from a racist ......does the appearence brand you? i was tagged at 15 with that monicker ,people can think what they want ,is everyone who hunts ,has family in the south ,tells a dirty joke or has an off color comment time to time a racist?.....that would pretty much slam most of the hamptons folks ,lets face it those of you who cant believe SH town dosent have and always did abit of ...how would you say ? thier own agenda ,[ you should look up how many lawsuits are against the town just from hampton bays]for the record I had a relative that worked in the town for many years as well as the county ,and the things that go unnoticed here are ludicrus....I was offederd a job with the town at 18 and I passed ....to political,too many people in your business and it remains even more so now .,Mr Judy TRADED A JOKE WITH A SO CALLED FRIEND THAT WAS PASSED TO HIM from another friend and CO-WORKER it was thier business on thier phones ,personally as long as the parks and rec dept keeps doing a great job[you might wanna go look sometime]making and keeping the places we take our children up to snuff ,who really should care what a group of friends joke about during thier day long as thier work gets done ,non of you joke during working hours to pass the time ?. this man is being persecuted for being human ,and is getting railroaded to make room for the new ,damn sure not the first time thats happened here or anyplace else for that matter and those who dont believe i'm sorry but that is just nieve.,what should be getting asked is how a low level employee of the same dept with a relative above mr judy and another trying to get his son in law in to the dept are planning on moving up and getting in when parks and rec was told theres no promotions for quite awhile [unless some one gets out]and how that same employee[friend ]was out there driving a big "ole"town truck for months with a suspended drivers licence,gee i think the town would catch that since thier in the same lot with SH town police ,but thats right the whole upper management relative thing .,and thats the same guy whos criminasl charges against mr judy AND order of protection was dropped bt the prosecuting da's office after he was questioned and ADMITTED he was forced to by HIS superiors IN THE TOWN TO PRESS CHARGES and the same guy the day before who sent a message of his own among many to mr judy of the same type..why does this guy have a job ? he lied pressing charges ,was more involved and that whole crew knows it ,was driving with a suspended licence for months in a town truck ,and was caught at least 1x n was common knowledge used drugs on the job ,a fact mr judy was aware of as his direct boss, and didnt bother forcing the issue, as it was a higher up that also knew and didnt do anything about it ..hey here a thought ....ya work for a goverment agency how bout them drug tests ...not like guys arent driving big trucks and heavy equipment or nothing ......oh and by the way this info was readily known as the aforementioned person had no problem shooting off his OWN mouth about HIS activities and bad mouthing mr judy all thru town at anyone he was aware new mr judy FOR MONTHS PRIOR ...............seems alil self motivated and slanderous to me ,and mr judy had the presumtion this JERK was his friend ,guess you never know ,Mr judy is NO racist and is getting the short straw ,and the town damn sure didnt pass on the reporters message ,and on general principle it took me less than 2 minutes to find his info ,and i'm no reporter either [thank you mr blue],and i'm quite sure at this point its in Mr judys best intrests NOT to talk top anyone ,cause if i was in his spot i'd damn sure have a good lawyer ,i mean its not like his career ,reputation ,and the well being of his family arent on the line ,oh and pleae remember when your passing judgement the pristine hamptons perfect playground your walkin YOUR kids thru he put pride into making it that way .so pleaSe do enjoy your holidays with your biased opinions of a man you never met and whos sitting in purgatory awaiting the fate of his life/career .,and for gods sake dont tell a joke,have an opinion or a free thought the job you save may be your own...Happy Holidays" Dec 29, 08 4:27 PM

Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.
Benjamin Franklin

OUR founding fathers knew you cant always remember to censor your freedom of speech or expression nor should you have to ,the difference is ,they believed in the constituition and its rights ,something that seems to have passed by the way side ,thru ignorance and politics ,what kind of America are we living in when a man can lose everything he is and ownes by making a joke ,wether you find it distastful or not thats your right as it was his ,and thiers to express thier humuor amongst themselves and is NO BUSINESS of the goverment or its agencies and certainly not grounds to take away his livelyhood and damage his reputation ,and that of his family by proxy ,ms.cabot I hope you read this ,and wonder what off color comments you've made in your life ,that if came to kight would hurt your career ....give the man a break you already punished him ,now your looking to take him out to the field and put him down ,.seems maybe a departmental transfer is in order not a gallows " Jan 7, 09 6:09 PM

The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.
Thomas Jefferson
" Jan 7, 09 6:22 PM

and my last quote of signifigance seems very fitting to this situation as it is directly how it [all this evolved into this nonsense]........Shared laughter creates a bond of friendships. When people laugh together, they cease to be young and old, teacher and pupils, worker and boss. They become a single group of human beings.
W. Lee Grant
" Jan 7, 09 6:30 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

LOL are you kidding ,I personaly have friends in the Southampton town hiway dept .,and have been involved in 1 form or another with the town for nearly 30 years ,I have watched these men work ,the leaves SHOULD HAVE BEEN UP period piss poor scheduling really ,they are now buried ,hope the guys in the trucks enjoy hitting them now since there under 2 ft of frozen snow,as for 60 mph ,if a town truck were to go down my road at ANY TIME with all the kids and people here I would certainly be arrested for doing something equally stupid ,I've been driving a plow, carry a c.d.l licence and that speed isn't needed to plow a residential road ,funny tho the prediction was a minimum of 12 inches for eastern Long Island and it increased as time went on yet when did [D.W.I] Cabot send the boys out plowing ? ,I dunno as I write this living on a fairly main artery side street I have yet to see a town truck at all as of Monday night ,in fact a local business man pushed our road 2 passes to leave his shop and a friend cleaned it up with his truck as he had to in his developement on the opposite side of town,I got in my truck annoyed and on the search for a Southampton town truck at all ,8 hours of driving from Southampton to Riverhead to Westampton and all over Hampton Bays ...not 1 truck ....is the new paint scheme invisible ? .I find it interesting that one of the subcontractors had already clocked in 30 hours by 7 saturday night ,they were busting butt ,were was thier backup? ...wait there was 40 of them right ? ...lol where?,intresting to Riverhead ,Westampton and Southampton village ,had there streets almost to clear blacktop ...,so were most of the county roads ,why was SOUTHAMPTON TOWN the largest township in the U.S so unprepared ,I sincerely hope this wasn't our supervisiors way of saving money at the expense of the livelyhoods and saftey her constituents its seemingly that way ,during the storms of the early 90s we had a ton of snow dropped,and as a mechanic that fixed the busses your children ride on it OUR decision overnight to decide if it was safe for our equipment to transport your children ,we didnt need the town police to say "HEY THESE ROADS ARENT SAFE " anyone who attemped to drive today figured that out fast and how little was really done ,several of us put aside our own accounts just to plain help people in places that would never see a plow ...we had to be dragged out and kept going ,sadly we didnt get that committment for our tax dollars ...again another failure ms.Cabot ...but hey at least the big duck was plowed ,gotta get that pretty picture . ...honestly disgusted we pushed more snow with 4wd pickups than the big expensive dumpers we pay for ,Linda and cohorts move to Florida where you dont have to make decisions like this and endanger people with your late ,and or non action " Dec 21, 09 10:44 PM

And 4 the record I HAVE spent 38 hours non stop in a truck plowing for Riverhead as a sub,I know what the drivers go thru ,its not them ,funny I havent seen 1 truck since the 1st snowflake on friday or 1 drop of sand on the road anywhere ...where are the mystery trucks ?waiting in garages hoping it will melt and cost less ?" Dec 21, 09 10:50 PM