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Hazmat team conducts drill at Hampton Bays Elementary after minor incident

My uncle works for the town and was apart of the response. I watched the whole incident because I was there to drop my daughter off and wasn't going to until I got any word from my uncle that all was safe. I stood by and watched the principal prance around on his walkey talkie and overheard him ask the fire marshalls to keep this out the press by saying it is a drill. That's all he stated to every parent arriving. And emsbuff your a 100% right that it was not a fire extinguisher and instead two containers containing the acid.

Its a shame that the truth isn't told. The hazmat responded and did what they had to do and everything ended safe and was cleaned. So why do the schools need to lie when all in all everything ended on a good note?

" Aug 31, 10 1:12 AM

Civic Association Members Call For President's Resignation

What sour grapes! A sore loser exposed! Moral or the story it is the law! Democrates use politics and finger pointing when their caught doing wrong and breaking laws.. next is that the irs laws are bias against democrates." Feb 18, 11 12:30 PM