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Southampton Students Wear Hoodies To Honor Trayvon Martin

I don't see where anyone said Trayvon "deserved" it. I see where people are repeatedly asking for the case to go to court, as it should, and let the jury decide based on facts, not on hype. How in the world would anyone get a fair trial with all this nonsense going on." May 2, 12 9:39 PM

How do you know that if it wasn't for "such silent protest" that Zimmerman would have never seen his day in court? Not to mention, is that how we are supposed to prosecute in our country, based on the news media's portrayal of what happened?

The police have a procedure to follow. I saw no indication that they weren't following it.

How many times has the news media painted a picture of a crime that was completely incorrect, or inflated? There are dozens of stories that pop to mind where it seemed that the person was guilty only to find out there was an entirely different story just waiting to be told.

Justice should not be handed out based on the media. That is what people are saying. Bringing race into the picture doesn't change anything. No matter what the color of the participants, justice shouldn't be tried in the media by the public.
" May 3, 12 9:52 AM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

Why would you think that one thing is exclusive of the other? What does corporate give-aways and tax breaks have to do with the subject, which was the schools? " May 16, 12 8:27 AM

I am unsure why you think that what you are talking about is somehow exclusive to a teacher. Are you saying that other people don't think of their jobs when they aren't working? Many people work from home, on their own time, especially small business owners. Jobs come with responsibilities and concerns. None of that has to do with the fact that teachers benefits should change to jive with the rest of the worlds. The economy has changed. Insurance companies and benefits have changed. Please explain why schools and teachers shouldn't have the same change applied to them." May 16, 12 8:33 AM

Kazdin Pools Celebrates 40 Years Of Serving The East End

Congratulations to the Kazdins!
" May 22, 12 3:04 PM

Hampton Bays Man Charged With Threatening Another Man With Chainsaw

Falling off the wagon is one thing. Threatening people with a chainsaw? Seems a bit more than a fall." May 22, 12 3:27 PM

Removal Of East Quogue Memorial Upsets Family, Friends

Not sure that is actually true. I know that there are other countries that also do this. Years ago I was in Greece and they have much more permanent markers that this along their roads.

" May 22, 12 10:41 PM

Driver Unhurt After Crashing Into Shinnecock Bay

And he was able to avoid those signs between the road and the water. If here were stopping for the sign at the foot of Lynn Ave, he must have been going mighty fast to land in the water.

Who said the brake lines rusted?" May 22, 12 10:43 PM

Removal Of East Quogue Memorial Upsets Family, Friends

Yes these were much more permanent and did serve as a reminder of dangerous conditions. They also didn't fade and get ruined by the elements. " May 23, 12 10:38 AM

Southampton Town Reaches $70K Settlement In Wrongful-Death Suit

It isn't really clear based on the article how much they actually knew and how much they may have suspected. Did the man say, Hey just ain't 4-5 oz of cocaine? would you actually know that someone had eaten cocaine by looking at them?" May 23, 12 10:42 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

Extra car or two? Seems that this was a tad more than that! LOL

" Jun 11, 12 10:23 PM

"Meanwhile half the businesses have signs in Spanish and the residents say nothing."

What should they say? You can rent the building but you can't speak or advertize in Spanish?

I doubt people haven't noticed. I'm not sure what is to be done about it. What would you suggest Chief?
" Jun 11, 12 10:26 PM

Perhaps Sister and the Catholic church would like to pick up the tax tab for these children.
" Jun 11, 12 10:27 PM

I am confused by what you mean in this statement.

"Its really terrible that only half the businesses treat their customers correctly. "" Jun 12, 12 12:27 PM

Opponents And Supporters Of CPI Proposal Sound Off At Public Hearing

Actually that is untrue. The developers of Canoe Place Landing lost their financial backing and were unable to start start the project.

There were those who were interested in purchasing the units but clearly they needed financial backing to actually undertake the project. People do plunk down the entire purchase price of something that is barely past the ground breaking stage." Jun 13, 12 11:12 PM

“The Rechlers will say, ‘Oh, we’re going to renovate the CPI’—well, that brings to mind the song from the play ‘Chicago’: the old ‘Razzle Dazzle,’” quipped Marilynda Vianna. “They’re going to slap some paint on the CPI so they can circumvent the zoning laws. You talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. You gotta say: no more density in Hampton Bays.”

I'm not even sure what this means. Exactly how do you talk the talk and walk the walk when you haven't even gotten approval for the project? Look at their other projects. Wouldn't that seem to indicate they can "walk the walk". How does Ms. Marilynda Vianna know they are going to slap a coat of paint on it? Is this based on the fact that they have hired an architectural firm? Is that a necessity for painting building?

Gone in 5 years huh? What "fact" is that based on? LOL" Jun 13, 12 11:18 PM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

" Jun 13, 12 11:20 PM

If God forbid a fire broke out in that establishment and some of those children were injured or killed due to over crowding and unsafe conditions, would you still say that was ok, at least they weren't disturbed during a raid?

" Jun 13, 12 11:22 PM

Opponents And Supporters Of CPI Proposal Sound Off At Public Hearing

Oops I just realized I thought you were talking about the Allen's Acres site, which was mentioned at the meeting. That is the project without $$." Jun 14, 12 7:22 AM

" Jun 14, 12 5:37 PM

Hey that's a good idea. I understand it is actually zoned for a motel.
" Jun 14, 12 8:26 PM

Pepper Spray Hits Shelves At Sag Harbor Pharmacy

So did I. Has the law changed?
" Jun 26, 12 5:14 PM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

I agree with your point. Unfortunately when you have Tribal Trustee Lance Gumbs saying it never happened, it was fireworks, people need to stay away, etc. It sounds like it is the entire Shinnecock Nation, although surely people would know better than that.

Lance's instant support of what happened instead of saying they will find out what happened, hurts the Nation's image.
" Jul 6, 12 11:25 AM

And you should be ashamed of yourself for calling people ignorant racists. Anything you may have said of value is well overshadowed by your rude words.
" Jul 6, 12 7:10 PM

Federal Court Tosses Injunction Preventing Shinnecocks From Building Hampton Bays Casino

What increased revenue? " Jul 6, 12 7:13 PM

Well you don't get to decide nor do the people who you think would be looking for jobs there. Right?

Some people gamble and think it would be great. Others would never step foot in the place. Both have a voice." Jul 6, 12 7:18 PM

Inspectors Issue More Than 100 Violations At Converted Motel Properties In Hampton Bays

When I first read this...

"code enforcement officers slapped Stella Kokolis of Hampton Bays, the owner of a converted motel located at 329 East Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays, "

I thought a code enforcement officer slapped someone...that wouldn't be good. Surely a different word or sentence structure could be used! LOL
" Jul 7, 12 2:03 PM

God forbit there was a tragedy at one of these establishments, the same people who are criticizing the Code Enforcement would be blaming them and holding the Town responsible. You can't have it both ways.

The Code Enforcement has a job to to. They are protecting the residents as well as neighbors who are affected by the problems. As far as targeting illegals, the OWNERS are responsible. Are they targeted because they are illegal?

The fines should be raised. Clearly the money made by these rentals negates the inconveninence of any fines.
" Jul 7, 12 2:08 PM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

Are you saying that if someone shot at someone in North Sea the incident would be ignored by local police? I highly doubt that.

Why was this ignored?" Jul 7, 12 2:15 PM

Based on your statement, if they keep shooting at non-Indians, they can start shooting back, right?" Jul 7, 12 10:19 PM

"I say let the Indians do whatever they like"

So you are fine with someone shooting at you or your loved ones? Shooting at people could put a damper on the success of that hotel/casino/marina. " Jul 10, 12 3:18 PM

A History Lesson On A Bay Beach In Hampton Bays

What an interesting article! Thank you Ed and Trustees for this glance into what is happening with our shores and how they came to exist as they do today.

Great article!" Jul 11, 12 6:53 AM

Cops: Hampton Bays Crash Puts Motorcyclist In Critical Condition

People use Gravel Hill & Argonne as a cut through and race track. I am surprised there are not more accidents.

I understand that the motorcyclist is struggling for his life. Our prayers are with he and his family.
" Jul 11, 12 5:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Suspends Second Police Officer; Police Union Stands Behind Cop

Well they certainly get a decent salary that's for sure! LOL
" Jul 11, 12 6:27 PM

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