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Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

To the androgynous "ICE" entity: gray hair does not imply an absence of the more relevant "gray matter." And, when attending and observing the "old people" at community meetings, why not directly debate and contribute, rather than hide behind a veil of anonymity ? Better yet: why not start your own age restricted (20 to 30 somethings) group and articulate your views.
To Gordie Howe and Re the condo issue: it's about density and aggregate impacts on the hamlet and its environment, period (not merely school children).
Re CPI and its underlying "as-of-right" zoning: it's not as simple as it may seem, but Town personnel are scheduled to elaborate at an upcoming community meeting. " Sep 2, 10 5:55 PM

And to whom should we ascribe the blame for that ? If you and other presumptive members of the younger set fail to come forward and enunciate your views and actually PARTICIPATE in the democratic process --- then how would you suggest to alter the representation demographic and attain heightened diversity ? Whether old folks or not, at least there is evidence of interest and thought process, which can not be legitimately subjected to criticism. Apathy won't cut it and you really should not be overly concerned with the "respect your elders" mantra (the last irrelevant in a true debate context). " Sep 3, 10 5:00 PM

Mary Jean Green steps down as civic president

Apparently the Captain holds "free speech" in contempt. I think he is definitely out to sea !." Sep 3, 10 5:10 PM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

Seems we were referencing two distinct community groups: the one you mention (Hampton Bays CAC) is designed to function as the pipeline between the Town Board and the community. Members, upon submittal of request, are appointed by the Town Board. Incidentally, John is no longer the Chair of that group. Each of the Town's hamlets has its own CAC entity.The other group featured in The Press article is the Hampton Bays Civic Association, a volunteer membership organization founded in 1918, whose role can best be described as that of a community "watchdog" dealing with various issues likely to affect the hamlet and its remaining quality of life. There are monthly meetings (announced in The Press) open to the public at large (not just association members). Work schedules aside, and particularly in the interest of the future generation, augmented citizen participation definitely deserves encouragement and support. As has been said: if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. A bit harsh, but well worth considering by all.
" Sep 5, 10 5:29 PM

Deer problems dominate discussion at meeting

"Horror stories": deer vaulting fences, traipsing through yards, scaring children? Give me a break. The alleged problem is directly related to escalating human incursion into fast disappearing natural habitat. Perhaps the omnivorous "head" of the food chain (so-called "homo sapiens") should examine its practices and attain a modicum of restraint and responsible development in this fragile environment. And for those "hungry" for the targeting (a.k.a., killing) experience: why not actively explore switching to "shooting" tranquilizers followed up with whatever humane sterilization methods exist. Surely our governmental environmental agencies could come up with something on that front. And for those agonizing over the loss of their plantings, simply switch to deer-resistant plant material (i.e., andromeda, spruce, etc..). And for those speeding on rural roadways (ignoring "deer crossing" signage): SLOW DOWN and keep your peripheral vision fully active. You can never predict what may be attempting to cross the road; it may well be human !" Sep 12, 10 1:37 PM

Does Throne-Holst have support for a Planned Development District moratorium?

An interesting, if occasionally indecipherable, exchange (courtesy of numerous grammar/spelling errors). Those "guilty" parties: remember the goal is clarity of thought and expression. Re PDDs: since the inception of this particular so-called "planning" tool, not one has been denied by a sitting Town Board. Enough said. Re "mob rule," as pronounced by one Bob Schepps: in this ongoing PDD discussion it is Vox Populi, guaranteed under the Constitution as a fundamental underpinning of our democratic process, which has taken center stage. Or was that remark designed to disparage the Town Board for lacking leadership, commitment and decisiveness ?
" Oct 8, 10 5:30 PM

Hampton Bays Assessments Drop

As repeatedly advocated for years, school consolidation would be the answer. But "consolidation" offers various permutations. One could reduce /combine number of actual buildings, staff, sports fields and "services." Another alternative could be to simply combine individual school district costs (but after removing excesses and redundancies) and spread that aggregate sum over the entire tax base of the Town of Southampton. That, at the very least, would eliminate the excessive burden now placed on those communities who just happen to have the highest density and lowest housing values (as a result of past and continuing zoning policies). As it now stands, the wealthiest hamlets have the lowest school tax rates. Ultimately, it is the obligation and in the interest of all residents to produce an educated populace and future workforce. " Oct 18, 10 4:17 PM

You must be psychic if you can divine the debt structure of the "folks" out there, much less if they actually have kids in the system -- both of which are totally irrelevant to the subject. If you care about an educated populace, then it is everyone's responsibility to devise a truly "fair" system to accomplish that. As it stands, there are many folks who have never used the school system. The problem is that some districts bear an inordinate school tax burden by virtue of density and zoning decisions. Do overcrowded houses and sub-standard, tiny lots ring a bell ? The most logical remedy (short of more effective and hefty funding from Albany) is to combine the 10-odd school budgets and spread them over the aggregate Tax base of the Town (similar to prevailing practice on the Town Operating Budget, net of "special" hamlet taxing districts). But that would require creativity and cooperation, as opposed to fiefdoms and turf protection. " Oct 22, 10 2:54 PM

Stranded Whale Wasn't Sick

Just another example of "idiots" masquerading as experts. The notion that proper tranquilizing measures and/or creative towing were somehow not feasible --- leading to botched attempts to kill the whale to "save" it from further suffering by riddling it with three bullets --- is outrageous. Better to have allowed Nature to take its course, rather than incompetent interference. What a travesty ....
" Jan 5, 11 6:23 PM

Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

Family tragedies notwithstanding, this is yet another stellar example of simple incompetence and inattention to details seemingly proliferating not only on the local, but also national, front. No one appears to be visibly in charge nor inclusively interacting with individual staff (much less other departments). How is it possible that Assistant Town Attorneys were not completely up to speed on this "pending" legal action and ready to jump into the mix when the lead Attorney was "indisposed" ? Perhaps the TA office should revert to old-school basics and post all pending legal actions on a blackboard (mandating daily updates on filing requirements, etc.). Better yet: what happened to staff meetings ? I seem to recall that during the last election cycle, regularly scheduled departmental/Town Board meetings had also been foreseen to keep everyone in the loop. So much for promised transparency where it really counts !
A $70 Million legal action (regardless of merit) should have been at the top of everyone's radar screen.
" Feb 12, 11 1:47 PM

Hampton Bays School District Faces Tentative Spending Increase

It's the same "dog and pony" show every year and the taxpayers should finally be weary of this charade. You can not contain the budget if you do not contain discretionary expenditures (e.g., sports and recreation amenities) --- a.k.a., "keeping the school and the programs intact." If equal passion and commitment were devoted to discipline and pure academic excellence, then perhaps the public would be more supportive. But this has largely been an exercise in futility with unrelenting, excessive spending designed to to maintain the status quo.

" Feb 18, 11 9:20 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Pair Of Speonk Condo Applications

Let's hope this is the dawning of a new work ethic at Town Hall, with all community concerns prioritized, and not just a politically expedient nod to the "select" few. The true direction will be revealed when this Board tackles development proposals in the proverbial "dumping ground" of the Hamptons. On the other hand, professional courtesy also demanded that the developer be informed in advance about the upcoming vote. Transparency works both ways. " Feb 26, 11 4:14 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Tuckahoe PDD Proposal

Am in complete agreement with "dagdavid" comments. But to serve as a barometer of hopefully enlightened Town Board thinking on PDDs, the true test will be when they are brought forward for other (less "influential") sectors of Town. Specifically: those waiting in the wings (or being cooked up in back rooms) for Hampton Bays --- where seemingly anything and everything goes given unabridged pro-development sentiments still prevailing at Town Hall. " Mar 23, 11 2:54 PM

Pollution In Local Bays Tied To Residential Development

In other words (and what most of us have known for decades): what happens on the land inevitably "lands" in surrounding waters. Duhhh ! The real question: what are the collective gurus in Town government (Town Board and Land "Management") actually doing to address environmental degradation ? They appear oblivious to the basic tenets of good planning and their sworn obligation to protect the Town's water resources (both potable and recreational). It's not about PDDs or cramming houses on postage-stamp sized lots. If the environment goes down the sewer pipe (so to speak), so does life and the economy on the East End. " Apr 2, 11 3:01 PM

Census Shows Soaring Increase in Latino Population On East End

Some real fuzzy math going on here ! When first reading the article, it struck me as totally unrealistic that Southampton Town witnessed a mere 2,078 population increase between 2000 and 2010 Census.
On closer scrutiny, and tallying individual population segments per hamlet (most noticeably Hampton Bays), the total numbers listed also do not equate -- to wit: the Census 2010 breakdown lists total population in Hampton Bays at 13,603. But, addition of the four listed demographic sub-categories yields a whopping total population number of 17,267 for the hamlet !!
Quite a differential and well above any previously circulated "estimates" of population growth within the Hamlet.
Perhaps the reporter could clarify and reconfirm which numbers apply, as presumably derived and "verified" by U.S. Census. Or is there some other obscure glitch responsible for such differentials ?" Apr 2, 11 4:19 PM

Comment for "Philathome": please note that my remarks (not "threads") were geared purely to inconsistencies in total population numbers as reported in the print version of March 30 Press (assuming you have read complete article). Nothing to do with ethnicity, just population head count. To infer (or suggest) otherwise is simply disingenuous. The article, after all, was about U.S. Census 2010 figures ! " Apr 3, 11 4:00 PM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

No one can argue with the need to properly maintain and/or upgrade existing (and presumably future) "effluent" management given the fragile East End environment. However, that's a little like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. What has been missing out here (aided and abetted by greedy and short-sighted politicians) is focus on the root causes of the problem: i.e., unimpeded over-building, incessant lot miniaturization, accessory apartment additions to Single Family Residences (principally in the less privileged sectors of Town), etc. Add to that equation construction of monstrously out-of-scale "mansions" for ego-gratification of the "ueber-rich" -- and the negative consequences for the environment are self-evident.
At long last, attention is being directed towards devising state-of-the-art technologies to better manage both septic waste and stormwater runoff. Ultimately, a degraded environment will have impacts on ALL residents. " Jun 6, 11 3:18 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Vote On Affordable Housing Project In Hampton Bays

While the property may be seen as an "eyesore" by some --- so are numerous other houses sited within Hampton Bays. The crux of the matter is gratuitous creation of more affordable housing, which Hampton Bays neither needs nor wants given its already existing density and over-supply of low-end housing. Just check the statistics ... The market/sales values for Hampton Bays are dropping like a lead baloon as a result of this slanted policy which crams more housing into the sardine can ! On the flip side: values in the less populated environs are actually on an upswing even in this generally acknowledged depressed real estate market. " Jun 13, 11 8:11 PM

Noyac Road Project Won't Happen In 2011

Interesting exchange, but the question of "education and experience" (as well as dedication) scarcely applies exclusively to Mr. Gregor. What qualifications are requisite (or for that matter, verified) for candidates routinely tossing their hats into the political ring ? Competence and discipline should originate from the top of the political food-chain. Based on previous and continuing shenanigans as well as double-speak at Town Hall on multiple fronts, the pickings around here seem mighty slim ! Let's not forget: Mr. Gregor's long-term predecessor can not be let off the hook either and shares culpability for "incompetence and negligence." " Jul 30, 11 5:33 PM

Candidates Kick-Off: Trustees Hopefuls Make Their First Pitch

The collective subject of water quality and consequences of effluent/stormwater discharge is directly tied to LAND USE and ZONING. The blame for past (and still continuing) negative practices evident in Hampton Bays rests with Town Board and "planners." Now that the topic of water quality is apparently, albeit late, reaching the ears of County entities, perhaps there is faint hope that over-development will finally be curbed/halted on multiple fronts." Sep 23, 11 12:53 PM

2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

Thanks to Common Sense for pointing out the obvious. In these environs, we have a host of public "servants" and "volunteers" who have assumed unto themselves unseemly latitudes and exemption from rules applicable to others. Unfortunately, the "old boys' network", nepotism and political cronyism are alive and well." Sep 27, 11 8:47 PM

Town GOP Shuns Two Of Its Own In Campaign Push

The GOP Party and its Chairs would be wise to engage in self-examination of both conscience and competence. Not having been able to entice or offer a viable candidate for the Supervisor's slot damages both the credibility and rationale for the Party's very existence. Eliminating two Trustees who have recently demonstrated renewed passion and commitment to their tasks from the GOP roster also does nothing to restore confidence. " Sep 28, 11 5:48 PM