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Town employee suspended for racist messages referring to the president-elect

Shame on all of you! In this day of zero tolerance I am amazed that employees of our local government would be involved in such behavior. Don't you folks read the newspaper or watch TV? With all of the hate crimes and such that are displayed, I find it hard to stomach people with jobs in government that are allowed to behave like this. Freedom of Speech - bullcrap! You work for the town and should be MADE to behave as employees of a local municipality - I would like to know what Linda Kabot is going to do about this. I wonder if a minority had done the same and said these things about GWB a few years back, what would have happened to that person - I think you all know!! SHAME ON THE WHOLE BUNCH OF YOU & THE LEADERS OVER THERE WHO ARE NOT DOING A DAMN THING ABOUT THIS !! AND WHY ARE WE JUST HEARING ABOUT THIS????" Dec 22, 08 2:21 PM