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East Hampton Town targets taxis

MADD Mother sounds like she drives a taxi, and has an ax to grind." Sep 12, 10 7:13 PM

Panoramic View sells a lifestyle choice in Montauk

So, how many have they sold?" Sep 20, 10 7:18 AM

County Slaps East Hampton With Notice Of Claim Over Route 114 Drainage Project

Bill Wilkinson needs to quit talking and negotiate a settlement. The county has the law on its side, and holds all the cards. In that circumstance, the wise path is to swallow one's pride and work it out, not to call what appears to be a strong lawsuit "political" and "snippy".
EH taxpayers will be the ones to pay for the Supervisor's lack of discretion." Sep 18, 12 6:54 PM

Willie Nelson Concert In Montauk Draws Listeners By Land And Sea

"The concert was free with ... admission tickets going for $100."
Now, that is quite a sentence." Jun 10, 13 10:59 AM

Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

Why are they called Obamaphones since that fee was established during the Bush administration?" Sep 17, 13 8:35 PM

Teen Charged With Sexual Assault At Phoenix House In East Hampton

The map graphic is pointing to Staten Island, btw." Nov 18, 13 11:58 AM

East Hampton Senior Housing Project Rejected By County Planners

The developers have shot themselves in the foot by trying to slip this through in such a slippery manner. If they had negotiated in good faith from the beginning, within the context of the comprehensive plan, they would have been in much better shape. Now, they have no credibility within the community at all." Dec 5, 13 9:09 PM

Hit-And-Run Driver In Montauk Memorial Day Incident Is Taken To Jail

The only characterization of the victim's current state or a summary of her actions at the trial came from the criminal's lawyer. That is completely inappropriate. Either interview the victim and print what she tells you, or use direct quotes from a public transcript." Apr 18, 19 10:54 AM

Fusion Party Fizzles In Bid For New Minor Party Line In East Hampton Election

“It’s a failure on my part and our part. It’s a huge error for which I have to take responsibility. We made a mess out of it.”
And they wanted to run the town! Good thing they won't be given a chance to make a mess out of East Hampton.

" Jun 5, 19 11:46 AM