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No smooth sailing for Mecox Bay sailing group

MBYC- is an emotional issue. Heart rending really.

People love and remember the Mecox Bay Yacht Club because it was a great moment for the community and is remembered with fondness and a bit of romance. What was beautiful about it was that it seemed to have developed according to Harry Ludlow and others spontaneously. There wasn't a town meeting or an RFP in those days it was simply built because where there is a will there is a way. Even the name "the mecox bay yacht club" was ironic and a bit of a joke. There were no yachts. No commodores. There was no fancy clubhouse - it was a shack. The club "closed" 20 years ago. Since then the club went away and the era of the romance and active Mecox/Bridgehampton yacht club community ended while the memory lived on in all of those who were taught to sail there.

In those 20 years a new community developed - many homes have been built around the area some of them huge and expensive. There’s a school bus now that goes down Bay Lane because there are school kids that get picked up on this street. Where the yacht club once thrived windsurfers, sailors, kayakers, clammers, bay men, jet skiers, neighborhood children, even occasionally sunbathers (even teenagers making out in their cars) have spontaneously grown into a new community. Because we're all human beings communities develop spontaneously just as the yacht club did decades ago.

Now the people who were part of a community 20 years ago want to reclaim what they had out of good wishes, memories and an excellent desire to turn back the clock to a simpler time and make it live again to the benefit of everyone’s children. A lot of the ad hoc good-humored quality is gone because now when you want to do something at the end of Bay Lane you have to wade thru DEC regulations, town meetings and neighborhood complaints. Emblematic of their desire is that the entire presentation of the mecox yacht club is based on a map from 20 or 30 years ago and doesn't remotely resemble what the neighborhood looks like now.

Why should a community that exists now be displaced by one that existed before - decades ago? What is the sense of imposing the past on the present no matter how romantic it might be? If it were abandoned that might be a good idea. But its alive and well – why would you deny the present users of this area.

When the Shinnecocks talk about owning all of Southampton and taking it over don't people scratch their heads and say huh? Restitution to Native Americans aside - it is patently nonsensical that an ancient community would reclaim the present.

This isn’t “second home NIMBYs screwing over locals” this is the present saying to the past you had your time and time has passed. The community that has grown and developed in the last 20 years has the right to grow and develop in its own unique way.
" Sep 19, 10 9:14 AM

locals do use the area - that's the point - it's already being used that way. the ill thought out mbyc proposal doesn't add up. and it's odd that a town that is so rigorous about regulation seems to be looking the other way. the two totems of East End development are untenable at this site - parking and cesspool. “Here’s Johnny” port-a-johns on the wetlands?! Where the water rises 2 or 3 feet from one rain shower and floods basements in the houses on the bay? Room for enough cars that could bring, pick up, watch 16 boats - which equals 32 kids plus parents, instructors and passerbys? Does anyone really think the numbers of cars will come to 6 or even 12 parking spaces? If this were a proposal for a restaurant it would never open. They don’t even let Javanation put in tables because there are not enough parking spaces in town. The plan calls for, as per the testimony of the town parking expert, parking spaces that would make it impossible for school buses to go down the street and pick up the children who live there. they wouldn't be able to turn around. and yes children live on this street and go to school everyday. And it would make it impossible for windsurfers, kayakers, baymen - locals - to continue to use the property. you can't turn back the clock. and there are better places for it." Sep 19, 10 10:26 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

she had two drinks. she certainly wasn't smashed. and they extend the testing over and over fishing for a conviction. i think it looks suspicious to me. certainly easy to sympathize with her (and i never voted for her) and her sense of feeling victimized. is there a jury? there should be. if there was i think they'd definitely be sympathetic to here. there is certainly a lot of quota activity on police in southampton and sag harbor and they will go to great lengths to nab someone even if they do not represent a problem. " Feb 2, 11 10:37 PM

Discord Splits LTV Board

" laughingstock due to the actions of members of the board. It’s just crazed and unpleasant." that's the way they've been from the beginning. manipulating town money and each other endlessly in little ego battles all along. they are all guilty at one point or another in a see-saw of infighting while frittering away town appropriations. the difference here is that they're just attacking each other rather than outsiders." Jun 11, 15 12:20 PM