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Iconic Southampton Boathouse Destroyed By Sandy

will be nice to see the structure back in place" Nov 7, 12 2:15 PM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

I don't think the chief realized how poliical this job ended up being. best wishes to him wherever he goes and whatever he ends up doing will be a plus! the town board should get their heads out of their a***s as the police dep't needs to be properly staffed and upgraded to do the job Chief Wilson tried to accomplish" Nov 7, 12 2:20 PM

Cops: Early Saturday Fight at 75 Main, One Assaulted, One Arrested

Agreed, in fact music can be heard all year long from 75 Main. We all know they are allowed to have a club because they were "grandfathered in" but what gives them the right to break the noise ordinances? Cops go all the time, but nothing is done and no tickets are issued. " Mar 10, 13 10:43 AM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

And the SURVEY says................ What is right is right. Everybody else has to deal with correct property lines that are on the survey so should B.W. Claiming "eminent domain" or just because I used it in the past does not make a valid legal claim to the land. Makes absolutly no difference whether or not T.G. is going to live there or sell!" Apr 16, 13 2:22 PM

Uber Arraignments Adjourned To July; Attorney Says Criminal Records Is Biggest Fear For Drivers

you don't need a physical address in EH to get a license for any other trade. the individual employees also don't need licenses. so the rules aren't the same." Jun 16, 15 1:21 PM

Sag Harbor Village Approves Size Exception For Large Home In Ninevah Beach

I love the design. Your perception of "need" is irrelevant.
" Aug 11, 16 1:04 PM

OLA Spread Voter Awareness Throughout East End

I am a little confused over this article. The first requirement to have the right to vote is US citizenship. If someone is not born in this country, how do we know they are a citizen? Obtaining a driver's license or social security card do not require being a citizen. I agree that being involved in the community is important, but so is obeying the law. Many people have given their lives to protect that right and we should continue to do so. The rights we have as US citizens should be valued & protected. " Sep 30, 16 11:09 AM