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Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

You can probably say bye-bye to Radu Physical Culture. The writing is on the wall... " Oct 6, 10 12:25 PM

Offer To Plant Cherry Trees In Agawam Park Withdrawn

Unfortunate... It would have been a beautiful addition to the park and a fitting tribute to the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. i thought is was a wonderful idea..." Apr 26, 11 4:00 PM

Opening Weekend Off To Smooth Start For Whole Foods In Wainscott

The Red Horse Market is open too! " May 25, 12 8:50 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

It took me 2 hrs 45 min to move .4 miles. How about a bridge from Southampton to Hampton Bays? Just to be used for emergencies like this. (And for very important people who need to get to the Beach Club)" Jul 24, 12 9:02 PM

Henry, Hairy Hardware Store 'Mascot' In Sag Harbor, Dies

Sincere condolences. Dogs are so special. " Nov 19, 12 3:04 PM

East Hampton Library Addition Starting To Take Shape

Bravo Dennis Fabiszak!" Dec 13, 12 12:51 PM

Delmonico's Puts A Steak Into Southampton Village

Did you know that location was the first post office in Southampton? I wish them well." Feb 6, 13 6:26 PM

Southampton Village Market Proposed For Hampton Road

Remember the A & P was there?" Feb 22, 13 8:09 AM

I was just reminiscing. We bought our house on Elm Street in 1962 and on occasion my mom would send me on my bicycle to pick up an item or two. " Feb 22, 13 11:56 AM

I love the new Parrish. " Feb 26, 13 7:43 PM

Southampton Town Gets $1.7 Million From FEMA

Nice! Can we please get a few trash cans back on the streets? Thank you..." Mar 15, 13 2:08 PM

Dog Park Proposed In Southampton Village

I love Red Creek Park. " Oct 23, 13 11:58 AM

Tails Wagging Over New Southampton Dog Park

I'm so happy! My tail hurts from wagging so much!" Mar 16, 14 5:02 PM

Architect Reveals Plans For Good Ground Park In Hampton Bays

Dog Park! Dog Park! " Aug 19, 14 1:25 PM

Good Ground Park Renovation Takes A Step Forward

Dog Park?" Jun 24, 15 7:59 PM

Hill Street To Be Repaved This Week

Hi Gary!" Sep 30, 15 9:25 PM

Good Ground Park Set To Open For Community Day On October 15

A Hampton Bays dog park at Good Groud Park or Red Creek Park would be so nice. I live in HB and travel to Southampton to the Dog Park on Windmill Lane. " Oct 6, 16 8:55 PM