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Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

Mack, right on Daddy! We have to keep speaking up on what is obviously the main problem - I'm not going to let the "racist" tag stop me from verbalizing what is clearly happening right in front of our eyes. Illegals are slowly but surely eroding our community. These revelations keep hitting me from all directions, like when I went to the American Legion's blood drive last month, and took a good look at all of the donors in the waiting and donation area; not a single illegal was there to donate blood for the community, but when they get into an accident and need blood, there it is for them, gratis! Tell me, what do they GIVE to the community? I am becoming increasingly aware of what they are taking. Folks, it's more than you think. It's not just spots in the schools. It adds up. This cumulative toll has to be acknowledged, the sooner the better." Mar 11, 11 10:26 AM

Springs Officials Meet With Parents To Explain Cost Cutting Options

Snapper's assessment of the situation hits the bullseye! Too many illegals who are here now (and firmly dug in with Anchor Babies) have learned to work the system all too well. And by the "system" this means free health care by just walking in to the nearest hospital, no questions asked. Free food by going to the various food pantries, no questions asked. And free education for their children, no questions asked when they show up to register. Don't we all look like chumps when we have to pay for our health care, pay for our food and pay higher and higher taxes in order to sustain their free rides. Will this cycle ever stop, and who can really put a stop to this? If the issue is even raised or discussed publicly, one is quickly branded a racist. Our local politicians don't even want to touch it." Mar 17, 11 5:00 PM

Hey, no one is disputing the rights of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS to come here, try & buide a better life and raise/school their children here. We should all welcome them! The legal immigrants quickly realize they have to become part of our system, pay taxes, pay for healthcare, and most important, give back to their communities in way such as donating blood, volunteering for fire & ambulance, donating to food pantries etc.
It's the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS at issue here. Cross the border illegally, work for cash, don't pay taxes, get all the free food you can carry out of the food pantries, and pop out an anchor baby or two - and they're all set. It's only when they start entering our school systems and put a severe strain on school budgets do people wake up. Snapper seems to be the only rational voice in this whole discussion. And by the way, my great grandparents came here from Northern Europe, LEGALLY. Back then, it was the only way you could get into this country & remain and build a better life. Folks back then never considered coming here any other way, nor did they ever have the sense of entitlement that they could do this without the law on their side." Mar 20, 11 3:44 PM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

You will have to pry the beaches from our cold, dead hands before Bonackers give up the rights to trucks, dogs & BBQ's on the ocean! Screw these self-absorbed, self-entitled whinesters who want to spoil what little pleasure we have left on the weekends, in what little space there is left to do it in!" Apr 6, 11 3:05 PM

Yeah, Matey. They don't want to see the big 'ol Bonackers in trucks on "their" pristine white beaches. But when the same 'ol Bonackers are called to respond when there is a fire, or when an ambulance is needed, or if someone is drowning in Napeague - then all of a sudden, they are happy to see Bubs in their trucks come to the rescue." Apr 6, 11 4:40 PM

Absolutly true - this issue is going to be THE big dealbreaker for Town officials and Trustees, and this could very well get them voted out of office if they don't fight this tooth and nail for the people, till the bitter end. People will remember this forever if any of our beaches are taken away from us in favor of the greedy and selfish homeowners in Napeague who simply don't want to see us and our trucks, dogs and BBQ's every weekend. We're supposed to be invisible, until they need us for services..........and emergency response!" Apr 7, 11 1:52 PM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

Wheeeeee! Let the Fun begin. There will be dirt, fingernails, blood. None of them (including Schlinda) will come out of this clean! Have to wonder if the Taxpayer's money could be better spent." May 4, 11 2:56 PM

Common sense........Bullseye!

Best thing for all, especially the taxpayers, is to just PAY HER OFF TO GO AWAY. Just settle. Let's avoid the circus, the skeletons, the dirt that will certainly emerge out of the police 'ol boys network, and just cut & move on." May 4, 11 4:24 PM

Headless Body Discovered In Amagansett Does Not Appear To Be Victim Of Foul Play

Sooooo.....is the serial killer now here lurking in Amagansett? Does this duck need to watch her ass when walking alone on the beach at sunset.....just dosen't sound like a drowning victim, why was the head cut off!!!!!" May 23, 11 4:57 PM

MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

One everyone heard that Gwenyth Paltrow was performing........that was the nail in the coffin. Youch!" Aug 7, 11 2:02 PM

LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

All of these generators buzzing day & night in my neighborhood are the worse part! Please folks....if you have a noisy generator PLEASE shut it off at a decent hour so the folks who have to sleep with their windows open aren't kept up all night. Same for your rotting food - please take it to the dump or have it picked up so it dosen't sit in the hot sun for days creating a bad stench for your neighbors. We still don't have power in Amagansett. No LIPA trucks in sight. This is wearing thin on everyone who is affected. Someone in town said they heard some LIPA guys in east hampton say MAYBE by Friday......maybe. " Aug 31, 11 1:17 PM

Court Summons For Georgica Beach Property Owner, Fence Builder

And what happens if these poles are allowed to stand, and one night in the dusk at high tide, a fisherman out for the Fall Blitz happens to not SEE one of these poles and smashes right into them - and damages his truck and possibly injures himself badly? Then what - just who assumes the liability here? I agree with EastEnd that these poles should be removed UNTIL the permits are legally granted (if ever). Right now, this is an illegal situation and a real hazard to fishermen and truckers in that area." Sep 8, 11 3:57 PM

East Hampton Town Natural Resources Director Larry Penny Suspended, Could Be Fired

I smell a scandal here. This happened so fast and this suspension was pushed thru at a special town board meeting at lightning speed - seems they wanted him out asap so they could prepare a case for some very serious charges about to be made public. I wonder how the East Hampton Star will report this." Dec 7, 11 4:14 PM

Happy Holiday Harvest, Hopefully

Excellent that you are recommending the "Go Fish" cookbook; I picked it up a few months ago and have been trying out all of the recipes in there - they are fairly simple and so easy to prepare. Some of our greatest local Fishermen & Fisherwomen have contributed really great recipes, especially for Clams and Scallops!" Dec 20, 11 3:23 PM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

Malone has to go. What an abuse of power. Now that both sides of the story are out, I would rule in favor of the young Contractor. He was clearly taken advantage of. He had no choice but to file the lien. And Malone held the guys tools hostage! That's a contractor's bread & butter, without those there is no work. Malone seems to have a track record of beating the locals, knowing that his position ensures that many will simply write the debt off. Good for the guy who stood up to this and exposed this shady politician. Malone should be ashamed for doing this. Malone must go for this breach of ethics!!!" Jan 11, 12 11:49 AM

Ocean, Wind Lash At Georgica Beach Again, Taking Out Fences

Although it's not great to see so much of Georgica washed away, love to see that Mother Nature put Ms. Zwieg in her place and pulled up those metal posts, washing them out to sea. Now let's see if The Village will grow some balls and prevent her from doing this all over again." Jan 17, 12 12:40 PM

Hamptons Visitors Council Says Cut In Funding Could Hurt Tourism Industry

Who needs the tourists - we do! Who else is going to buy the $12. bowls of Chowder? Quack Quack!" Feb 23, 12 11:22 AM

DA: DePersia Violated Condition Of Her Probation

Time's up, Charlotte. Smokes or coin: how long will this fish last in jail...." Apr 10, 12 5:11 PM

Sag Harbor ZBA Says 'Legs' Must Come Down

Glad that eyesore is going. So out of character for Sag Harbor. Why don't they just walk those legs over to Long House Reserve or Parrish? Maybe they will be more appreciated over there. I'm sure Vered is already on the phone with the NY Post looking for publicity on this "persecution" of the legs!!!" Apr 18, 12 11:03 AM

At Georgica, Road Work, Dimming Swimming Prospects And A Plea of Not Guilty

Oh, please! Those metal poles were a dangerous hazard for fishermen and people walking or driving on the beach, especially in low visibility. These homeowners had no regard for public access or safety. They should be fined up the wazoo to send a message that actions like this will not be tolerated on public access beaches." May 8, 12 10:42 AM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

Sad to say, but for every step the Shinnecocks take to go forward, they take two steps back with behavior like this. They are right back to zero in their relations with the community as far as I'm concerned. Why aren't the police going on the reservation to hunt down the person who attempted to murder a Bayman (who was just trying to eek out a living, the HONEST way)" Jul 5, 12 1:46 PM

Inspectors Issue More Than 100 Violations At Converted Motel Properties In Hampton Bays

Close these death traps down now! Really getting tired of the bleeding hearts who think illegals have "rights" to be in overcrowded and unsafe housing, and when Town Enforcement does their job it's "harrasment"." Jul 6, 12 11:56 AM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

True....they won't even attempt clamming because it involves back-breaking WORK! Easier to sell ciggy's and scam on the sales taxes to make a living." Jul 6, 12 12:05 PM

Why.....Because when you've been on the Government dole for so many years, the work ethic and drive is diluted - and it's impossible to come back into mainstream society and be productive, hard working taxpayers. Many of the Shinnecocks have learned how to work the welfare system and are passing it down generation to generation. And they think they'll be able to own & operate a casino in our town with these values - Ha!" Jul 9, 12 3:11 PM

Shootings Spur Talks Between Tribe And Trustees

Since when do "undefined" boundaries get "defined" by gunshots? The offenders need to be caught, identified and prosecuted for attempted murder. Anything less is a miscarriage of justice and will not help the Shinnecock's image or their future visions of running a casino." Jul 11, 12 2:50 PM

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