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UPDATE: Police Say Man Found At Napeague Beach Died From Self-Inflicted Injury

There is definitely a gag-order on this case, I think the individual is either famous or from a well-connected family out here. The story is going to disappear into the wind........." Nov 19, 14 11:56 AM

Sagaponack's Largest House Will Get A Little Bigger

I don't get it. All of these variances and considerations are granted to a man who looted his own company of $100. in junk bonds tp pay for this monstrosity? And 20 bathrooms is just not enough; what is going on there, is he building a commune?" Mar 18, 15 1:12 PM

Bill Clinton Arrives For Amagansett Vacation, Hillary To Follow Later This Week

Stay away from Main St in Amagansett, Shillary! You won't get many votes in these parts. Bill, you're always welcome at the Talkhouse for a few shots if you come solo." Aug 18, 15 9:10 AM

Parking Ban Near Surf Lodge In Montauk To Start Soon

Ha! This is going to create a free for all atmosphere for the already out of control taxis. It's almost like the town is giving over Edgemere road to them so they can run wild, and that means speeding up and down the local streets trolling for customers who will be charged $50 for a 5 minute ride to Surf Lodge." Aug 18, 15 11:44 AM

Stuart Vorpahl Reimbursed By State For Seized Fish, 17 Years Later

Ha! With interest, that check should have been about $4,400. Pay up the difference DEC and do the right thing!!!!" Sep 23, 15 10:25 AM

Southampton Inn Owner Proposes High-End Hotel Suites In Hill Street Complex

Something very sketchy is going on here. Community Watchdogs need to keep their eye on this, I have a feeling something is going to get pushed thru this winter and whatever this property is developed into is NOT going to a positive thing for the community." Oct 11, 15 7:38 AM

Southampton Town Police Request Help From Public To Find Missing Sagaponack Woman

Yup, if you want the community to rally then go ahead and lock the story.......it seems to be happening more and more on this site. Pay or die. Agree that time is of the essence and every second of (unblocked) info is crucial.$" Oct 11, 15 11:33 PM

UPDATE: Three Arrested Protesting Beach Excavation In Montauk

Thumbs up to the protesters; they are taking an important stand on such blatant destruction of the beach primary dune. What the Army Corps are doing is a disgrace. This is going to come back to haunt them in a few years when they realize that this did not protect the beach, it actually contributed to its destruction. Didn't they learn anything from the follies of building beach Jettys and how those accelerated erosion? I am stunned that the current Town Board is letting this happen to Montauk!" Nov 6, 15 10:44 AM

Protesters March In East Hampton Demanding End To Deer Sterilization Program

Yep, my car was charged at by a huge buck last month as I was coming home at dusk on Montauk Highway right in the village of East Hampton. Totally destroyed my front end and nearly killed me by rolling onto my windshield. I was extremely lucky to walk away from this unhurt. Car had to be scrapped with $8,000. Collision repair estimate. Until this happens to you personally most of these activists have no concept of how the overpopulation is endangering drivers and passengers alike. Hunt, sterilize or bring in Coyotes to thin these herds - something has to be done now, it's only getting worse if they are left alone to reproduce!" Nov 15, 15 9:31 PM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

How 'bout this - LEARN ENGLISH, the official language of this country." Mar 23, 16 9:22 AM

Fishermen Say State Officers Violating The Constitution With Searches And Sales Of Seized Catch

The DEC have become a band of Rogues out here. They seem to do whatever they want. Time for the towns Trustees to get involved before they really become out of control. " Apr 22, 16 5:48 PM

Ludwick Attorney Says Holes In Prosecution's Case

I believe this pond scum Ludwick is still rotting in a holding cell, waiting for trail. As you my recall, this winter he was busted in Puerto Rico by U S Marshalls who were tipped he was ready to flee bail and escape to Venezuela. He was already taking sailing lessons and was ready to hoist sails in a matter of days. They caught him just in time. The hero: the hotel Concierge who ratted him out because Ludwick seemed creepy and didn't tip when the Conceirge set him up with the lessons. So there - karma at work!" Apr 29, 16 2:15 PM

Cyril's Fish House Will Close For Good, Citing Restrictions Following Court Conviction

I'll admit I enjoyed a few happy hours there in years past, but the place spun so wildly out of control and the overcrowding and stumbling drunks on the highway made it too dangerous. Cyril was warned numerous times to comply, but he thumbed his nose at the law and enforcement while hauling in huge amounts of CASH. How much is stashed away in Anguilla, Cyril? I think he's quitting while ahead of the game, no doubt his luck was doomed to run out this season with the tremendous liability both he and the property owners faced. Only Gypsy tears cry for you now, Cyril." May 17, 16 7:32 AM

East Hampton Town Police Set Sights On Taxi Violations

Agree that zone pricing is needed and the Town should set those rates. The GOUGING that is taking place right now is so unethical, especially at night. I had a driver from "Hometown Taxi" (they aren't even based in Montauk!) Who tried to charge me $125 just to get back to East Hampton last weekend! Then he started a fight when I said there was no way I was paying that. This situation needs to be brought under control, it's embarrassing the local restaurants, bars and hotels who operate in Montauk and hear the taxi horror stories from their patrons." Jun 8, 16 3:35 PM

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