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Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

I hate to hear of any store closing in the village as it is hard to find a replacement tenant. However, the excesses of the last decade have to work through the system. I hope over time the village can rebuild its base with occupants that closely resemble the values and needs of the community—that is the only way the village will thrive. The “pop ups” are not a long term solution. The super high end shops only meet the needs of the transient. Back to basics with affordable rents will be the solutions to Southampton’s Main Street." Oct 6, 10 5:58 PM

Code Enforcement Closes Rumba's Overflow Parking Lot

Lets make sure if the economy doesn't blow up everything we can call in the town to finish the job. Are you guys [ town officials ] crazy? I think it is about time that we loose one more tax paying business so we can get ourselves into more financial trouble." Nov 10, 10 6:20 AM

Part-Time Bridgehampton Resident Plans To Move Jeremiah Halsey Jr. House

Wonderful news! It is people like Mr. Skeist that keep the East End character alive....a big THANK YOU from Southampton!" Apr 3, 14 4:39 PM

Wonderful news! It is people like Mr. Skeist that keep the East End character alive....a big THANK YOU from Southampton!" Apr 3, 14 4:39 PM

Southampton School District To Host Meeting On Thursday To Discuss Potential Merger With Tuckahoe

Understanding that in the end the state will mandate what they feel is the best for the dual districts, the correct course of action for all involved is to navigate the merger and accept that fact that in the end it is going to happen. " Sep 9, 14 5:26 PM

Southampton Village Business Owners Claim Starbucks Will Cause Parking Problems

Nature I think you got it right!" Oct 15, 14 3:20 PM

Southampton Town Intends To Hire Six New Police Officers Over Next Two Years

Just have one stationed at the corner of St. Andrews and Montauk Highway and ticket everyone that goes through the red light....he will pay for himself and be a net profit center for the town! " Nov 6, 14 3:26 PM

Witnesses Pull Driver From Car As It Bursts Into Flames

SUV this Thanksgiving you have someting to be very thankful for!...good work guys and happy to read all are well." Nov 24, 14 9:26 AM

Southampton Town Gets $1 Million For Tiana Ocean Levee To Protect Dune Road

Toma, you actually got me laffin' out loud..." Nov 26, 14 4:39 PM

Thanksgiving Day Striper Fishing History

Very well written Mike.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!" Nov 27, 14 9:34 PM

Resident Circulates Petition Challenging Proposed Canoe Place Inn Project

Glad to see that there people with logic defending the project...!" Dec 15, 14 6:59 PM

Elderly Springs Man Found Dead Outside Home

Sorry to read this news..." Jan 3, 15 5:51 PM

Concer House Property Owners Place Parcel On Market, Abandon Building Plan

Oystercatcher you could not have said it better!!" Jan 9, 15 10:24 AM

'Crystal Mews' Townhouses To Rise At Old Restaurant Site In East Hampton

oystercatcher, you write exactly what I think....that is twice alredy." Jan 12, 15 6:29 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Purchase Of Pyrrhus Concer Property

...and we have elected theses tools to run the village? How in the world did this happen? wmdwjr said it best!" Jul 14, 15 9:33 PM