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Doors close at Saks and Citarella; emotions high

yeah where am i going to spend $300 on two bags of groceries . " Oct 14, 10 8:54 AM

Parties are at odds over date of Westhampton Beach Halloween parade

the merchants in whb are alway's complaining. remember the oktoberfest in whb ? the merchants shot that down like a ton of bricks. and they complaint about the st patricks day parade. main street is for the community ." Oct 15, 10 12:38 PM

Road Repairs Will Cause Delays Between Water Mill and East Hampton Starting Wednesday

yeah and i will be spenting 2500.00 in lost time with all the new traffic jam's. to bad it did not get done in the summer with all the treffic who would know ?" Oct 31, 10 10:23 AM

Woman Struck By Car On Montauk Highway In Hampton Bays

what a shame a older woman can not cross a road. one or two car's can't yield for one minute." Nov 15, 10 8:38 PM

A Brief History Of The Canoe Place Inn

yeah it's a great old building and it would be nice to see it restore . but who has the money to put into it. and then to have a business that will last one year and can make someone money" Nov 24, 10 7:30 PM

works for me . i was just saying can a business make money there. i worked doing alot of restoration job's out on the eastend on bar's & restaurants . and most of the places come and go ." Nov 25, 10 9:29 AM

Project Open Vista: Clearing For A Clear View

yeah i need to see the water in a house that's used 16 week's a year. long island is nothing with out some natural landscape " Dec 10, 10 11:05 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Hired Helpers For Tree Lighting Ceremony

the town looks great it's the most festival of all the town's in the hamptons " Dec 15, 10 7:56 PM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

don't forget the onestop in the springs a nice family owned business" Feb 4, 11 8:01 PM

Candidates Jockey For Levy's Position Amidst Investigation

Mr Leavy is a good man who did his best to do his job. " Mar 27, 11 7:56 AM

what scandal ? it all BS !!" Mar 27, 11 12:15 PM

Census Shows Soaring Increase in Latino Population On East End

it is a joke with all the illegal's out here its like i live south of the border !!!!! " Apr 1, 11 3:25 PM

lets see what happens when one is breaking into your home ." Apr 2, 11 3:01 PM

Staged Crash With Jitney And Ferrari A Scene For 'Royal Pains' Filming

i bet a real crash like the happens next weekend ." Apr 20, 11 7:06 PM

Westhampton Beach Barber Wins Big On 'The Price Is Right'

good for her she is a sweet girl" May 7, 11 3:35 PM

Alec Baldwin Donates $250,000 To Guild Hall

What a great thing to do !!!!!! good for you Mr Baldwin. i love that movie THE COOLER.." May 23, 11 5:26 PM

Westhampton Woman Crowned Miss Rhode Island; Will Compete In Miss America Pageant

good luck Robin !!!! it's amazing how much you look like your mother" Jun 4, 11 5:42 PM

Westhampton Beach Shop Owner Working To Save Fountain

that town is lucky to have a good business woman in the village. " Jun 5, 11 8:47 PM

Southampton Village Combat Veteran Visits Normandy, Reflects on D-Day

thak you for your
help keeping america safe!!!" Jun 8, 11 7:41 PM

Mercedes SUV Crashes Into Bridgehampton Carvel

it's a scene we see all day long. they are alot of bad driver's out there .." Jun 13, 11 8:56 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Expected To Discuss Plastic Bag Ban Next Month

Plastic bags what a waste of time.." Jun 29, 11 7:37 PM

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