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Ocean rescue succeeds despite snowstorm

Hopefully the four will have to reimburse the Coast Guard for the time and money spent on the rescue. If not, their boat should be taken and sold to cover the expense-they've already proven that they don't have the judgement to operate it properly. Thank God no members of the Coast Guard were injured in the rescue. Kudos to the Coast Guard-another job well done !" Jan 1, 09 3:57 PM

Francis hopes to find a new home in the new year

I don't know of anyone who has a pet (cat or dog) who hasn't had them slip out once in a while, and whether she admits it or not, I'm sure it's happened to Mrs Lynch. I don't know the Arrestas, but from the other comments, they sound like the perfect family to adopt Maddie. It sounds like Mrs Lynch has more authority than she can handle. Some people get very arrogant when given some power- I hope Dr. Turetsky has the sense to overule her. I'll bet that - if she had a choice -Maddie would pick the Arrestas." Jan 17, 09 1:03 AM

Dead fawn served as reminder of cost of hunting

It's illegal to feed deer.
It's legal to kill them.
I don't get it." Jan 17, 09 1:30 AM

Tuckahoe School Board considers superintendent's contract

"In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made school boards. " Mark Twain " Jul 25, 09 10:47 AM

Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

First God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. 'Mark Twain'" Jul 29, 09 7:39 AM

A tragic and shocking end to an immigrant family's American dream

They didn't have a good relationship-they had a destructive relationship-they BOTH have the responsbility to control things or separate.
If he had houses in Mexico,vacations in Rome and drove a Caddilc Escalade-WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR A PUBLIC DEFENDER?????" Aug 16, 09 10:48 AM

East Hampton teenager wants to walk with high school class

Of course he should be allowed to walk. This is what they call a 'no brainer'. You don't even have to think about it, to know what is right. The only ones who can't figure this out are the administrators." Apr 24, 10 8:46 AM

Oddone attorney files appeal

What is the purpose of an appeal? He committed the crime, had a fair trial, and was sentenced. The purpose of a defence lawyer is to assure the defendant a fair trial - not to set guilty people free-because of a minor mistake, or point of law. " Apr 24, 10 9:00 AM

Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

Allowing millions of illegal aliens to take jobs away from citizens is every bit as bad as outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. You're right, you can't equate one with the other - outsourcing jobs is legal (a shameful way to make millions - but legal) - hiring illegal aliens is not. Tim Bishop has a terrible record on immigration, it doesn't bother him that illegals are taking American jobs and Randy Altschuler did outsource jobs. I'm not voting for either one." Oct 13, 10 11:38 PM

Most East End Houses Of Worship Won't Wed Same-Sex Couples

Homosexual marriage is not now, and never will be normal." Aug 6, 11 5:41 PM

Hampton Bays Students Urge School Board To Keep Spanish Teacher

maybe that was sarcastic ?" Jun 14, 12 7:01 AM

Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

good post" Sep 17, 13 7:31 AM

Maybe you should open your eyes.
You are the one speaking with emotions-definitely not facts.
I know many illegals-some do many do not do not pay taxes.
I know the construction industry many are illegals.
His point was that we are replacing American citizens with illegals.
If we were adding jobs that would be okay, but we are replacing American workers with foreign workers-which is not fair." Sep 17, 13 7:40 AM

KKK Recruitment Material Distributed Throughout Hampton Bays

Stop reading Newsday and the NY Times and open your eyes, you have a distorted view of what's actually going on - some pay taxes many, many do not. They can work for lower wages because they don't have they same expenses (like insurance). Many of them are nice hard working people-and so are a lot of the people who have lost their jobs to illegals who work for cash at a lower rate than American citizens are able to.
" Aug 22, 14 7:10 PM

Southampton Village Board May Require Top Of The Line Septic Systems For New Homes

The Suffolk County Health Department is part of the problem.
It is very difficult to deal with them.
" Oct 19, 17 6:58 PM