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Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

No, no, no, I got him. And like you, I'm the real deal..what is everyone doing suggesting you're kidding! I'm off to go get a Public Enemy link that is way cool. Freakin' right wing devils get the bejusus scared out of their racist arses frm that. And I like what your all about razza5351, I want into the razza club. There are more of us. And, they are coming." Oct 14, 10 5:16 PM

And I'm the real razza. I've been a male flight attendent for 21 years with Delta, like long walks in the park, off-off broadway plays and have collected stamps since I was a little boy. I am from Cleveland and yes, I, razza6969 am the real razza. Back to you Bob." Oct 14, 10 5:17 PM

Altschuler balks; debate with Bishop canceled

I cannot believe that guy justduckey. he called someone sweetie and to think they are behind a movement started by Dick Armey...its not a coincidence that Dick and Armey are in his name. Ifyaknowwhatimsayin. And Newt Gingrich, Mr. Contract with America. Right razza5351, I'm a few razza's ahead of you, 1,318 razzas to be exact, but I'm with you Brother. Got the spray paint and am ready to tag up this site but good. " Oct 14, 10 5:21 PM

oh no he didn't. did that just duckey also right power to the people. ahem*cough*jerk*cough*. If there is one thing that ticks me off its these dolts that drive on roads, but they want power to be in the hands of the people. What can we do about these great problems!? Freakin' ice and joe hampton and 27 dan and anyone else who doesn't agree with me and razza5351, you are bad. and dumb. and racist. pffft." Oct 14, 10 5:24 PM

Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

oh so you're probably mad about the black panthers too. and the fact that IL violated state law by not sending out military ballots in the proper time frame. you should be ashamed of yourself. may a hanging chad fall from your fez in a rare saharan downpour." Oct 14, 10 5:57 PM

and tim bishop worked for a living. he was a provost. er, wait. well, like barney frank says, it isn't a crime to have friends with money." Oct 14, 10 6:00 PM

junior jihadi, where you been capt'n muscles! you'd be the first to go poseur." Oct 14, 10 7:24 PM