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Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

The problem with the DWI laws out here on the East End is that there is NO
uniform penalty. It is up to the whim of the police and judges. In addition,
the backlash is getting out of hand. What is going to happen to smokers?
Are we going to judge them and throw them in jail or start to penalize them for a habit that is supported and taxed to the hilt by the governmental bodies?

I am sick when I read of the "cops" stopping people and treating them like they are criminal felons for DWI. Accidents are caused by all sorts of drivers -
speeders, lane changers, cell phone distraction etc. Enough is enough! " Mar 26, 09 12:33 AM

Every accident is not caused by a DWI. I have witnessed speeders,
people changing lanes, following too close with their brights on etc.

You cannot punish people because you "know" other people have been harmed in accidents caused by their infraction whether it is DWI or the other stupied behaviors that lead to "ACCIDENTS".

This man made a mistake. He is human just like we all are including police and watchdog groups. " Mar 26, 09 9:36 PM

Southampton Village impound overflowing

I am letting Bank of America know that Town of Southampton has my car and will be responsible for the car payments since I declared bankruptcy.

" Mar 26, 09 9:40 PM

Spending will be down, taxes up under proposed Quogue Village budget

Quogue Village does not need another police officer to trap drivers!" Apr 3, 09 2:35 PM

Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

I am a taxpayer here in Southampton Town. I do not want "illegals" living here.
Please use your good intentions and works, Sisters of Mercy to help them
attain citizenship and learn how to speak ENGLISH. " Apr 8, 09 8:27 PM

Family, friends say goodbye to Quogue Village Police officer

The Quogue Police Department are notorius for stopping drivers in their
area for meaningless infractions so that they can ticket them for dwi, speeding etc. The loss of two lives in this accident and the resulting damage to families
is meaningful. However, the difference will be ignored by the Quogue judges
and police. Speeding is much more of a menace than crossing over yellow lin when going around a curve within the speed limt. I hope the Quogue Police Department learn to treat ALL people the same!" Jun 29, 09 11:44 AM

Public Transportation set to be improved

Out here on the East End, we desparately need a better public transportation system. With so many DWIs and speeders, it is almost safer to be a passenger in a bus these days. In addition, we need better ways to get from town to town out here. The taxi cab facilities are outrageously expensive. I believe more buses are the way to go." Sep 7, 09 12:51 PM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

Pretty soon, we shall all be behind bars or facing being stopped by the police in the Town of Southampton. The bogus charge of driving over the yellow line is just that - bogus . Unfortunately, Ms. Kabot will learn first hand how
everyone's rights are trampled on in this town. The same town that
advertises all of the bars and restaurants serving liquor but does nothing about proving an alternative means of transportation." Sep 10, 09 1:50 PM

Demand Increases At Hampton Bays Senior Center As Funding Cuts Loom

I hope that the Southampton Senior Center in Hampton Bays is being used first to accomodate Hampton Bays residents before other towns. I believe we are seeing in our town more people trying to take advantage of our services by being bussed into Hampton Bays for schools, senior service and rentals.

The Town of Southampton needs to look over its expenditures first before cutting back on the Senior services." Nov 4, 10 11:01 PM

New Clerk Appointed In Westhampton Beach

Retirement is supposed to end a career. I am sure there might be "out of work" people who collect no salary that could fill the positions of these two women retiring. As it is, they will collect their pension and the salary.

The salaries paid are astronomical as well.

Cronyism at its best!" Dec 13, 10 6:05 PM

Holidays Are Especially Difficult For Homeless

It sounds as though her move from South Carolina was not too well planned.
Did she or her husband ?? have jobs?? Or did they think Social Services was a better deal in the Northeast? While I can sympathize with someone who has lost their job, it does not appear this woman or her husband were very good providers. Where is her family. Hopefully, they can take her in and allow her to get a job. Because others have money and are spending it is their business.
" Dec 26, 10 4:31 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Grinds To Halt Following Snowstorm

There was no Leaf Program in Hampton Bays near the Library off Ponquogue Avenue. It is a big joke. All of the leaves have been blowing around and are now mounds pounded down by ice and snow. That is, the leaves that have not blown away. If the town of Southampton cannot do the job efficiently, please lay off some of the overpaid workers and let people hire their own private landscapers to get rid of leaves and get a credit on their taxes." Jan 7, 11 7:17 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Takes Stand In Kabot DWI Trial

The fact that the "police officers" had to review their tape makes me wonder what they saw in the first place. I would presume that the driving of Ms Kabot did not stand out as to warrant a police tail. Speeding and driving erractically would be reasons to stop someone. However, I also am of the opinion that
Ms. Kabot performed the arduous "sobriety" tests well. Just listening to the office explain them had me baffled as to how to perform and I was looking at it. In addition, this lady was an elected official of the Town of Southampton. While I do not support cronyism, if she were a "he", he would have been let go. I think the cops performed terribly and it shows their bias against women. " Feb 2, 11 11:40 PM

Deed Analysis, March 24

A brand new house for $43,000??? I bought an old house out here in 1987 for $115,000. You must not be counting the land for this purchase. " Mar 26, 11 1:26 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

There is much confusion on the Leaf Program. I am glad to see that the East Side of the canal did not have to worry about their leaves. I pay a landscaper to rake and mow. If you are not picking up the leaves, mkae it known to everybody." Apr 6, 11 7:03 PM

As of today, April 14, 2011, the leaves are still on our street in Hampton Bays, Between Springville Road and Ponquogue Road. When are they going to be picked up?? If you want to stop a procedure, do it with enough notice and after you have completed the job since people are confused as to what is going on? You cannot pick up leaves in some neighborhoods and leave others alone. This is so typical of small town governments." Apr 14, 11 12:11 PM

Everything has become out of hand with the leaves. If people rake their own leaves, then put them in small enough bags to take them where they will eventually have to go. That solves that problem. For those who have landscapers doing it, it will now be part of their service to NOT let the leaves pile up on front of property. I still cannot figure how the Town of Southampton came up with 77 years of age as being eligible to have their leaves pcked up?
Can someone please explain??" Apr 23, 11 9:42 PM

In addition, this is the second home that I have owned in Town of Southampton. My first property did not have trees that resulted in leaves.
Now, I am surrounded by trees which are bountiful in the leaves that are created by them.

It just struck me that this Leave program has been discriminating against the owners of treeless properties?? After all, I do not believe our taxes are levied against how many leaves we are producing or not!" Apr 23, 11 10:22 PM

Police: Woman Dies Following Car Accident In Hampton Bays

There is no doubt that a traffic signal should be placed here. There have been too many accidents and near misses. Now a person has died. It is very difficult to gauge when to go for the complete turn due to oncoming traffic in both directions." Oct 6, 11 9:12 AM

Residents Face Eviction From Former Hampton Bays Motel

Why don't the citizens of Hampton Bays have a vote on these decisions. I am sick of being the dumping ground for the Homeless, as well as Welfare
recipients. It is bad enough to watch out town slowly becoming a slum due to the decisions of Suffolk County and Southampton Town by ignoring our zoning, rentals etc." Nov 3, 11 8:51 PM

Angry Residents Want Answers Before Hampton Bays Shelter Opens

Please let me know the website where we can voice our concerns as residents of Hampton Bays. We live in a society that allows changes to a neighborhood, open borders without hearing from those involved. Hampton Bays has been the dumping ground for too long. Also, I am NOT in favor of
housing near the Canoe Place Inn. " Nov 18, 11 6:58 AM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

Why are these people exported out here to the Hamptons? Because it is a vacation spot, that's why. There are no programs to help people who reside out here. They put the word out in other areas and then the "do-gooders" try and make the residents out here feel "guilty" and proclaim they are predjudiced which is not the point! We end up with all of the left overs which includes illegals and city folk who are able but not ready to be employed but who move forward with having children anyway! " Dec 27, 11 2:00 PM

Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

I heard that the bag requirement has been waived due to Hurricane Sandy." Nov 1, 12 8:28 AM

Bridgehampton Man To Be Honored For 84 Years Of Service As Volunteer Weather Observer

Amazing story. Congratulations for a job well done" Jul 22, 14 11:37 AM