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UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute



UPDATE: East Hampton Village Police Identify Driver In Crash That Killed Springs Girl

How did that woman not see a child on a bike? Very sad.
" Jun 15, 13 7:46 PM

Bishop Dons Duct Tape To Support Marriage Equality

He looks pretty stupid!
" Jun 25, 13 9:50 AM

Hampton Bays Restaurant Rumba Will Install New Septic System When County Gives OK

That property was formerly a fishing station, it is too small for such a large restaurant. " Jun 30, 13 7:36 AM

Toxic 'Rust Tide' Makes An Unwelcome Return To The Peconic Estuary, Local Bays

Could this be the reason there are not many blue claw crabs around this year?
" Aug 19, 13 7:21 PM

Flanders Man Searching For Dog That Attacked Him Outside His Home

Why did it take so long for residents to be notified that a dangerous dog is on the loose? " Aug 23, 13 7:03 AM

Lack Of Progress, Violations Anger Neighbors Of Popular Hampton Bays Restaurant

Why wasn't this place shut down until it is in full compliance with the law. Mr. Hersh seems to be playing games with the town at the expense of the residents, and Ms. Throne-Hulse is the enabler here. Why do we have laws if compliance is not enforced?
" Sep 5, 13 8:19 PM

Rechler Reps Push For Rezoning Of Canal Property As Hampton Bays Residents Raise Opposition

The Rechlers need to move on to another town. " Sep 16, 13 9:24 AM

Historical Marker Installed At Shinnecock Canal

sarcastic comment?
" Sep 19, 13 7:30 AM

UPDATE: Services Scheduled For Hampton Bays Woman Killed In Flanders Road Crash

NYSDOT is to blame, that road has had dangerous potholes for a very long time. I know there were many complaints about it but the DOT did nothing. The recent freeze and thaw situation just made it worse. Now someone died because of the negligence. " Jan 16, 14 5:45 PM

Southampton Pediatrician, Dr. Sherburne 'Sherb' Brown Jr., Remembered Fondly

I very recently saw Dr. Brown and his wife out and about, he seemed fine, I can't believe he is gone. Dr. Brown was a wonderful person, he took good care of my children when they were young, My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Brown and his family.
" Mar 1, 14 7:37 AM

Plans For Deer Slaughter Remain In Motion As Some Farmers Consider Cull

The farms are extremely important to the east end, more important than the animals who constantly destroy huge amounts of vegetation. The deer population is out of control everywhere. The meat is a great benefit and will be put to good use in food kitchens to help feed the people who need it.
" Mar 1, 14 7:49 AM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

As for Ms. Millar "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" " Mar 21, 14 10:04 AM

Campaign Diary: Debates And Fundraisers

Most people I know, who know Tim Bishop, will not contribute to his campaign, and will not vote for him.
" Sep 17, 14 5:03 PM

Woman Files Harassment Charges Against Local Restaurant Owner

May be,, but he shouldn't be a bigwig anywhere.
" Nov 23, 14 9:39 AM

Crews Continue Work On Main Street In Hampton Bays

Southampton Town need needs to do something about the dangerous conditions" Feb 18, 16 5:28 PM

Tenants, Customers Are Unhappy With Hampton Bays Parking Lot

I fell in that parking lot last year, called Mr. Drakotas office and complained. SH Town fire marshall inspected and reported it, no improvement was made. " Feb 18, 16 8:23 PM

I fell in that parking lot last year, called Mr. Drakotas office and complained. SH Town fire marshall inspected and reported it, no improvement was made. " Feb 18, 16 8:23 PM

South Fork Voters Talk Donald Trump

Trump is a disgrace. " Mar 30, 16 8:27 PM

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