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New Season Brings Same Old Traffic Delays For Eastbound Commuters

Montauk.. not East Montauk." Apr 25, 15 10:17 AM

Bridgehampton Rookie Robotics Brings Home Trophy After National Competition

Now let's celebrate this achievement like we did the boy's basketball team. Far more impressive." Apr 27, 15 12:38 PM

Goldman Sachs CEO Sued By Contractor After Working At Bridgehampton Estate

He better hope that the contractor didn't pick up this guy as a day worker from the train station. Then he isn't covered by Workers Comp." May 6, 15 1:06 PM

East Hampton GOP Chair Tom Knobel Seeks Nods To Run for Supervisor

I would want a new job too if I had to spend my day as a purchasing agent for Suffolk County Board of Elections. I'm sure that job had nothing to do with patronage." May 7, 15 12:59 PM

Are the local appointments paying jobs? I assume not but don't know." May 7, 15 3:47 PM

Neighbor To Challenge East Hampton Town On Breakers Motel Permits

Why would anyone want to eat in a crappy motel with so many great dining options in the area? " May 14, 15 3:22 PM

East Hampton Police And Lifeguards Prepare For Busy Summer

Perhaps the Police should consider posting a patrol car on the Napeague Stretch on weekend nights to observe the speeding/tailgating cabs and drunks getting into their cars after drinking at Cyril's. But are the police afraid of offending the tourist community? Time will tell." May 22, 15 8:52 AM

Zeldin Blasts FAA For Supporting Airport TRO

I agree with above. If reasonable noise restrictions aren't accepted then the aviation community runs the risk of the town closing the airport which would be sad. Remember, all it takes is three board members. " May 26, 15 9:27 AM

The town needs land to build affordable housing. The airport would be a prime location. A helipad could remain for medical emergencies. The town is ready to play hardball if the aviation community wants to litigate rather than accept reasonable regulations. " May 26, 15 10:15 AM

Local Stores Oppose Proposal For Citarella Liquor Store In Southampton Village

Excellent point. Give them wine and next it will be something else. Think their food sucks anyway. " May 28, 15 11:24 AM

CVS Hopes To Be A Tenant In Bridgehampton Gateway

They must have found another, better location. Likely in the new complex being built across from Bridgehampton Commons." May 31, 15 11:07 AM

East Hampton Town Authorities Crack Down On Uber Taxi Violations

Guess it's time to raise the minimum fine. Must be impossible to find a place to park in Montauk given the number of taxis etc. Zone pricing would also eliminate fare gouging." Jun 3, 15 8:28 AM

Judge Puts Off Airport Ruling Three More Weeks, Restrictions Will Remain On Hold

Your answering what question? Nobody but an aviation guy has any idea what the Letters/Numbers signify. Lots of people who don't live near the airport but are under a flight path are reaching their boiling points. Nobody cares about light aircraft. It's the helicopters and loud jets. I can't understand why the recreational aviation community is linking arms with the Blades etc. It's a big mistake. " Jun 4, 15 10:00 AM

My guess is that the town isn't interested in increasing the volume of landings which I assume would occur with the proposed improvements. I think the town will be more amenable once the noisiest aircraft are prohibited. Do you acknowledge that some helicopters and aircraft make life below miserable for people; even those who don't live adjacent to the airport?" Jun 4, 15 11:53 AM

Uber Halts Service In East Hampton, Montauk

All UBER has to do is open an office here on the East End and have drivers register their vehicles. But they don't care much about their customers or drivers to spend a few of their 40 billion bucks. If you think local taxis suck then rent a car and have a designated driver like a freaki' adult. What a bunch of babies. " Jun 8, 15 3:30 PM

East Hampton Bowling Alley Has New Future

26 feet from Montauk Highway? Why so close? Didn't we learn anything from the Home Goods fiasco? Idiots." Jun 11, 15 9:59 AM

Bridgehampton Residents Want To Explore Ways To Preserve Wick's Tavern Corner

Was any archaeological investigation done before or during the time when the foundation was excavated? Given the history of the location that would have been wise." Jun 12, 15 10:13 AM

Uber Arraignments Adjourned To July; Attorney Says Criminal Records Is Biggest Fear For Drivers

Uber is a bully that just got punched in the nose. Pretty easy for a 72 billion dollar company to help its drivers conform to local regs if they wanted. But they don't. Anyone really believe that a single Uber driver will be around after Labor Day? I don't. My guess by next summer a local company will roll out a fleet of nice black cars that please the gentle sensibilities of our city friends. Is is that hard to dial a cab number on an Iphone that only an app will do? " Jun 15, 15 8:51 AM

If Uber drivers wish to work out here then all they have to do is comply with the same regs as everyone else. Don't understand why that's a big hurdle for them. Explain this to me." Jun 15, 15 4:06 PM

Rules are the same for all which is the benchmark of fairness. Uber can recruit local drivers? Right? Carpenters, electricians etc must obtain a license to work in East Hampton. We all know that Uber doesn't screen its workforce. " Jun 16, 15 9:28 AM

Head-On Collision In East Hampton Sends Three To Hospital

Every year there are head-on collisions on this road involving DWI. Lucky nobody was killed this time. Let's see what punishment the driver receives. My guess very little. " Jun 22, 15 12:57 PM

East Hampton Uber Charges Reduced; Drivers Pay $400 Fines

The community as a whole? Really. What community are you in?
Uber drivers can operate here if they comply with regs or Uber can recruit local drivers. Right? Why haven't they? That's the real story. Much rather have my daughter in a local cab with local drivers than in an Uber with a creepy Uber driver with no ties to the community.
" Jun 30, 15 10:25 AM

Residents Angry About East Hampton Village Beach Party

Holy Vineyard Vines! You mean the Village coddles the wealthy? I say DNA the doused cigars and ban the louts from the beach! " Jul 7, 15 5:26 PM

Civic Members Angry That Montauk Has Become Party Town

If the town board feels that it needs more code enforcement or police during the summer then it should hire them. Don't sacrifice safety because of the tax cap.That's ass-backwards thinking. Maybe the town needs to ask for patrol assistance from the State Police. Just stationing a patrol car on The Stretch will slow things down a little.

The State Liquor Authority website list the expiration dates of establishment liquor licenses. Should take about 15 minutes to create a spreadsheet of expiration dates.

Let's face it... there are too many people here in the summer. The town needs to expand its resources exponentially rather than incrementally to handle the crowds. " Jul 8, 15 1:13 PM

East Hampton Softball Coach Tenders Resignation, Under Pressure, After 27 Years

Nobody talks about gangs because there aren't any. Do you have any kids in the district?
" Jul 14, 15 8:36 AM

Obviously you are lying about having kids in the district and you know nothing about the schools." Jul 14, 15 10:08 AM

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