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Shinnecock Nation Could Grow Medical Marijuana And Build Dispensary On Reservation

Yo Custer..Totally lost me on this one. Please try again." Feb 8, 16 1:10 PM

Sean Ludwick Hires New Attorney

Suffolk County is a political sewer that extends into law enforcement and the judiciary. Of course he needs a former DA to slap the right backs. Branfman realized a traditional defense doesn't work out here. Wasn't Keahon involved in a DWI accident himself?" Feb 9, 16 12:23 PM

Car Wash Proposed On Springs Fireplace Road In East Hampton

Great idea. Perfect location. " Feb 9, 16 1:58 PM

Schneiderman Requests Information From Police About Missing Woman Investigation; No Answers For Family

Good for Scheiderman. Investigation was completely botched. How can the autopsy report not be available? " Feb 10, 16 11:02 AM

Farrell Building Adds Shovel-Ready Packages

Bloomberg backing Farrell Builders? Where did you get that info? BTW, Bloomberg is a Republican and I'm sure Farrell is too. So take a timeout and try again." Feb 29, 16 8:29 AM

Lilia Aucapina's Death Ruled A Suicide By Medical Examiner

Let's have independent Medical Examiner look at the evidence. " Mar 4, 16 8:16 AM

Not if dead but why dead? The odor from a rotting body would have been detected by animals and humans. Very suspicious. " Mar 4, 16 10:29 AM

Tom Knobel Resigns As East Hampton GOP Chair

So the Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Republican Party out here get political patronage jobs? Great. " Mar 8, 16 3:37 PM

Who from Dem side in East Hampton?" Mar 8, 16 9:08 PM

Free Summer Shuttle Service To Begin Serving Hampton Bays, May Expand To Other Areas

East Hampton has had this type of service for several years. It's a moving billboard in the guise of a meaningful shuttle service. Holds only 5 passengers and takes a long time to complete its route. If it were a bus that would be different and actually useful." Mar 20, 16 1:51 PM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

East Hampton School District is a model for this. Administrators and teachers spend less time dealing with confusion and misinformation. Better for all students. Saves district time and money. Just common sense. " Mar 23, 16 2:16 PM

Maybe they have nicer cars because they work harder and longer hours than you? Just saying." Mar 24, 16 7:31 AM

April Vote Set For East Hampton GOP Chairmanship

Sorry Reg.. that "hat" disqualifies you from public office. " Mar 30, 16 8:46 AM

UPDATE: Operator Of The Sloppy Tuna In Montauk Says It Will Open This Summer

Nobody runs a sleazy seaside bar better than a tax attorney.. that's a fact jack!
They certainly understand Assets if you know what I mean. The crowds will be chanting Drew Who? by summer's end. Free drink with every 1040 filed!" Mar 30, 16 4:24 PM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

If you don't live in East Hampton then this discussion is none of you business. Nothing to see.. move along." Apr 4, 16 4:39 PM

Springs School District To Offer Spanish Translation At Next Board Of Education Meeting

Last time I checked Westhampton isn't part of the Springs. Why is any of this your business? " Apr 6, 16 8:12 AM

Southampton Publick House To Close, Relocate Soon

Vacant building between Diner and Pier 1. Your welcome." Apr 6, 16 9:13 AM

Jury Selection To Begin In May In Sandpebble Builders' Suit Against East Hampton School District

Or maybe the school district has been held hostage by Sandpebble who didn't want to settle and a pathetic Suffolk County court system that couldn't arm-twist the parties to reach a fair resolution in ten years. In any other jurisdiction this would have been done in a year or two." Apr 26, 16 9:14 AM

Not same members. Believe Sandpebble refused to negotiate settlement. Court could have put pressure on both sides. Absurd for simple contract dispute to last ten years. No interest for Board to keep litigation going. " Apr 26, 16 12:24 PM

Uh.. maybe because they wanted to get paid for work they didn't do? And the money comes from their neighbors' pockets? " Apr 28, 16 1:53 PM

Former Stern's Property Up For Sale In East Hampton

The homes behind the property are massive. No way a commercial property is landing there now. Coulda.. shoulda." May 3, 16 1:01 PM

New Rental Registry Law In East Hampton Leads To First Charges Against Overcrowded Rental

Nice job by the town. Now they have a tool for fixing the housing mess and competent managers implementing it. " May 5, 16 9:54 AM

Cyril's Found Guilty Of 45 Code Violations

No. It's effective, not selective, enforcement. I assume you'll be kicking some bucks into Cyril's defense fund? " May 6, 16 5:03 PM

Amagansett CAC Meeting On Affordable Housing Project Draws Large Crowd Monday Night

What part of preference to volunteer firemen, EMT's, veterans etc. don't you understand? These are not dirt-cheap apartments. There is a huge need in our area for affordable housing for local people. A 1000 sq foot starter house is 500-600K here.

Funny how all of the negative comments are coming from Hampton Bays and beyond. " May 10, 16 2:01 PM

Technically, you are correct that Section 8 rentals are permitted. But
typically I think of Section 8 housing as a dumping ground for the unemployed which won't happen in this instance due to the preferences specified specified and the high median income out on the East End. " May 11, 16 8:04 AM

But not in this case. Family has to have decent income to qualify even at 30% level based on high median income and rents here." May 11, 16 10:01 AM

Cyril's Fish House Will Close For Good, Citing Restrictions Following Court Conviction

What's wrong with operating the place with 150-person max occupancy? That's larger than many restaurant/bars out here. Cyril is giving up on his customers. Shame on him." May 17, 16 8:21 AM

Don't worry.A new place called Cyrilz will be opening there soon." May 17, 16 8:58 AM

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