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East Hampton Town Police Set Sights On Taxi Violations

There should be a town-owned or town-subsidized summer shuttle service in Montauk.. a couple buses making a loop from downtown to popular destinations.
Also, don't understand why town doesn't impose zone pricing to eliminate gouging.
" Jun 8, 16 8:55 AM

There is no free market. Taxis collude to keep prices high. " Jun 9, 16 9:25 AM

Just curious.. how much would you pay one-way for a van shuttle service from Montauk to East Hampton with a stop in Amagansett?" Jun 9, 16 9:29 AM

Hospital Focusing On Two Sites For East Hampton Emergency Facility

Don't mess with the ball fields. " Jun 17, 16 8:03 AM

Musicians Decry Music Decibel Level Restrictions In Montauk

It's the State Liquor Authority's regs not the town's. Every liquor license holder knows the application rules, just sloppy or lazy paperwork by owner or lawyer. Can't blame Cantwell for this one." Jun 20, 16 3:27 PM

'Prince of Montauk' Dylan Eckardt Charged By East Hampton Town Police Monday With Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

Ha Ha Ha.. from prince to jester in a blink of a droopy eye." Jun 21, 16 1:53 PM

Bicyclist Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver in Springs

Bike Lane won't make a difference. The road is too windy and has limited sight lines throughout. Cycling that road at night is incredibly dangerous." Jun 30, 16 3:37 PM

UPDATE: DWI Charges Against East Hampton Real Estate Agent Upgraded

Not identified? Or won't identify." Jul 3, 16 10:32 AM

UPDATE: Calone Concedes, Throne-Holst Celebrates Democratic Primary Victory After Absentee Votes Are Tallied

If she were Republican that would be called Pro-Business." Jul 9, 16 1:57 PM

Police: Six Sold Alcohol To Minors In Sting Targeting Southampton Town Businesses

I think stopping underage kids from drinking and probably driving is a pretty big fish. No? Some bartenders and clerks are just too lazy to check IDs. Bad management." Jul 10, 16 12:49 PM

East Hampton Planning Board Sued Over Bowling Alley Approval

Ridiculous lawsuit. Guess Bragman has never been to Disneyland. A few bowling lanes, a couple Bocci courts, miniature golf course and some amusement games will hardly cause a traffic problem. The restaurant will never be occupied by 200 guests at one time. Everyone knows that. Septic concern is BS." Jul 13, 16 7:24 PM

Grindstone Coffee And Donuts Opens Monday In Sag Harbor

Any idea what rents are in Sag? And throw in labor costs, insurance etc. Price is reasonable. " Aug 2, 16 11:36 AM

Group Will Press Town To Close East Hampton Airport

Raebeck also wants to close the family sports facility at EHIT. One would think that moving would solve his problems. I'm for a reduced-noise airport but never closing it. Find this guy a hobby." Aug 24, 16 1:31 PM

Springs or The Springs? What's In A Name?

The t-shirt explains it all. Is there anything Martin doesn't complain about?" Aug 31, 16 8:29 AM

Guardian Angels Come To The East End

Will they be patrolling in wheelchairs? I'm sure this will go over very well in Southampton Village. Guy never met a camera he didn't love." Sep 3, 16 7:23 AM

Sagg Main Beach Food Truck Owner Hangs Up Spatula

Say it ain't so.. Laurie's food is better than most local restaurants." Sep 8, 16 1:28 PM

Wainscott Bowling Alley Construction To Move Forward Despite Legal Challenge

Enough harassment of this guy and his business. East Hampton families want and need this new facility. It will be an extremely valuable asset to our community and create many jobs as well for local kids. Anyone who has taken a close look at the proposal will realize that traffic will not be an issue. The argument that the restaurant is too big is nonsense given its seasonality. Time for the neighbors to stop whining and EH officials to make clear it's smooth putting from here on." Sep 21, 16 9:27 AM

Brundige To Return As East Hampton Airport Manager

Good news! Nobody is offering you a house. Stay in Bridge." Oct 21, 16 4:44 PM

Maidstone Golf Club Plans Bridge Over Hook Pond In East Hampton Village

When was the last time the Village turned down something the Maidstone Club wanted? Like puppets on a string." Oct 26, 16 9:00 AM

After 25 Years, East Hampton's Cafe Max To Close

Just a question for you? Why is it the fault of a greedy landlord? Maybe the owner wasn't able to increase prices to make his biz profitable because patrons would whine and flee. Everyone loves their favorite restaurant until they have to raise prices because of higher costs, of which rent is only one element." Oct 31, 16 10:48 AM

East Hampton Airport Curfew Violations Continue To Fall in Second Year

I'm sure Oranged boy would get the same courtesy. BTW Local.... NIMBY has nothing to do with circumstances discussed here. Maybe stick with using words you understand. " Nov 2, 16 6:14 PM

Federal Appeals Court Orders East Hampton Town To Lift Airport Curfews

That ain't good. INo biggie for small plane but closing the airport to all but emergency flights might have to be considered if commercial aviation interests don't exercise some self-control. The curfews seem to work for everyone. Just a coincidence that a loud plane is flying above my house multiple miles from the airport as I write this?" Nov 4, 16 1:35 PM

LocalEH.. Wrong. Again. Was not a 130 which I'm well familiar with. Was a commuter plane out of EH. " Nov 4, 16 9:38 PM

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