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East Hampton School Board Formally Opposes Betsy DeVos For U.S. Secretary of Education

Good for them. She's no friend of public education and unqualified for the job. Any fair person who watched the hearings would come to that conclusion regardless of party affiliation. She is clueless." Feb 1, 17 1:57 PM

Our school board is fantastic. Who cares what whiners from Southampton have to say? " Feb 1, 17 3:25 PM

Two Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attacking, Killing Family Pet In Hampton Bays

about time these dogs are banned. How many times does it have to happen?" Feb 6, 17 7:16 PM

True, I haven't read any media stories about 10-pound cockapoos inflicting bodily harm on persons or dogs. Why do you think that's so?

A rogue pitbull can be deadly as has been documented again and again. If you want a loaded weapon in your home fine.. just keep it off the streets or face the criminal and civil consequences." Feb 7, 17 8:14 AM

Zeldin Blasts Russian 'Aggression' As Spy Ship Lurks Off Long Island

Where is Victor?

http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-71/centery:40/zoom:8" Feb 16, 17 10:33 AM

Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

Those of you who live outside East Hampton should just shut up. What a bunch of loudmouths. Why don't you focus on your own town?

dfree.. the article doesn't say E Hampton police are refusing to help ICE track down the felon they are perusing? Maybe put on your glasses and try again. Jeez." Feb 17, 17 12:34 PM

Loads of unfilled trades jobs in East Hampton. Anyone with skills can find one." Feb 17, 17 11:26 PM

East Hampton Considers Annual Renewals For Beach Permits For First Time

Makes sense to periodically require new passes to get a handle on the number in force. Recording the type of vehicle (4WD or not) requesting the pass would yield a better figure on those potentially driving on the beach. Sorry Subaru owners. Something should be done to limit the lazy from parking on beaches around Maidstone Park and Accabonac Harbor. " Feb 19, 17 9:56 AM

East Hampton Village Mayor Makes Statement On Immigration Enforcement

Chief baby .. nobody in East Hampton cares what you think. Thanks for making idiocy great again." Feb 24, 17 7:15 PM

Zeldin Meets Privately With Opposition Groups; One Participant Dissatisfied With Treatment By Staff

Character is revealed under stress. This guy was in Iraq but can't handle a bunch of angry senior citizens? Time to turn in your office keys. " Feb 24, 17 7:23 PM

Photographer, Raconteur Ken Robbins Dies

Ken was a remarkable man with an inexhaustible reservoir of kind-heartedness and devotion to friends and family. He also was insanely talented. Ken was one-of-a-kind and will be missed by many." Mar 14, 17 8:01 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Zeldin has become a sad disappointment. He's done in this district. " Mar 21, 17 8:58 PM

Additional South Fork Train Service Plans Near Finalization

Will shuttle service alleviate some traffic? Won't know until it's tried. Think it's worth the expense for a trial. Would be a great idea to have a secure spot where tradespeople could leave their cars overnight and commute back and forth. The old Verizon on King Street would be perfect in East Hampton. " Apr 14, 17 8:05 AM

'Toxic' Relationship With Parents Forces Virginia McGovern To Step Down As Southampton Varsity Softball Head Coach

Anyone commenting above have a daughter in the SH Varsity program and can speak from first-hand experience or are you just exercising your right to speak uninformed?" Apr 18, 17 8:53 AM

Della Femina Sells The Independent Newspaper To Billionaire Ron Perelman

Billionaires buying local restaurants and now a local paper. Not surprising. Did anyone ever read that rag? Guess we can look forward to lots of pictures of old men with young wives at fundraisers that don't benefit our community. Oh well.
Sorry to see you go Jerry." Apr 20, 17 9:04 AM

One would think so but that's not what happens...I know one who gets his food delivered by truck from NYC and is prepared by a private chef. His NYC home staff is moved out here for the summer.
" Apr 20, 17 10:31 AM

Two People In 10-Foot Portable Boat Rescued Off Montauk Point On Saturday

Rarely does one read foldable boat and Montauk in the same sentence. Might be lesson there." Apr 30, 17 7:41 PM

East Hampton Town Trustee Tyler Armstrong Charged With DWI

Do any of you out-of-towners even know Tyler? " May 1, 17 10:42 AM

Democratic Primary In East Hampton Town Race May Be Likely

Who were the other candidates?" May 1, 17 1:07 PM

Lawsuit Over 'The Springs' Signs In Court Tuesday

Guy is an attention-seeking crackpot. Think he needs a hobby or a job." May 3, 17 8:38 AM

East Hampton Lining Up Laws To Meet Uber Onslaught

Aren't there things in Bridgehampton for you to bitch about?" May 3, 17 8:43 AM

East Hampton Boasts $6 Million Surplus In 2016

The Republicans shouldn't even bother running candidates in November. Why mess with success?" May 4, 17 8:37 AM

You live in Southampton so why is East Hampton's affairs any of your busybody business? " May 4, 17 11:43 AM

Zeldin Votes In Favor Of ACA Repeal; Schumer, Gillibrand Say They Will Work To Defeat Replacement Plan In Senate

Americans in their 50s and 60s will pay more and those with pre-existing conditions can get screwed. But none of this matters since the Senate will totally gut it. The only thing accomplished is that House Republicans, including Zeldin, committed political suicide so that Trump can claim an ephemeral win. Suckers." May 5, 17 8:31 AM

Cedar Street Residents' Attorney Blasts SEQRA Report For Proposed School Bus Depot

I'm sympathetic to the concerns of the few Cedar Street homeowners that will be impacted by a new bus barn but keep in mind that the proposed alternative location on Springs Fireplace Road will cost all taxpayers millions of dollars more in construction, operating, and labor costs. No simple answer, unfortunately. " May 7, 17 9:13 AM

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