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Zeldin Says No Special Prosecutor Needed After FBI Director Fired

Tick tick tick...even Trump knows it's over. He will resign as a self-described martyr when in reality his wounds have been self-inflicted. He had every chance to demonstrate he could be president of America but chose to only lead his quickly diminishing 35%. Geez, he just nominated his daughter's wedding planner to an important housing position in his administration. He's just not up to the job. Even Jimmy Carter laughs at him." Jun 16, 17 12:26 PM

State DEC Will Talk About Licensing With Commercial Fishermen This Fall

Won't increasing the number of fluke and bass permits cause wholesale prices for the fish to fall?

The licensing process seems absurd. Not sure why permits should be transferrable to family and friends rather than put into a bid-process or lottery open to all qualified commercial fisherman. " Jun 28, 17 8:51 AM

Uber And Lyft Land In The Hamptons, Quietly

Then why was Uber bitching, moaning and threatening East Hampton officials when they weren't operating here? They set the fares, right?" Jul 4, 17 5:38 PM

Venesina Family Sells Iconic Sag Harbor Restaurant Conca D'Oro To Owners Of LT Burger

Fine pizza but interior needs an update, badly. Fingers crossed new owners dont screw things up. " Jul 6, 17 7:31 PM

Best pizza is around the corner at Harbor Market... Ummm.... " Jul 7, 17 12:31 PM

Lets hope it's not LT Burger but with pizza. Hopefully Corner Bar but with pizza.. that would be much better. LT's food is marginal at best." Jul 7, 17 2:47 PM

UPDATE: Publick House Will Reopen Friday Night

Anyone operating a restaurant on the East End can understand how this happens. When things start to slide downhill it's hard to catch up with the Hampton's high fixed and labor costs. No coincidence that at least 5 new restaurants are owned by billionaires. " Jul 12, 17 7:04 PM

What's the name of your local business so I can never patronize it?" Jul 12, 17 7:57 PM

Restaurant Opens In Jay Schneiderman's Montauk Resort Despite Looming Legal Challenge

Come on Jay. Seamore's is branded restaurant with a big NYC following. I'm sure it will become a crowded and happening scene. Nothing wrong with that.. but drop the aw-shucks pretense. " Jul 18, 17 10:05 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Sold

You want the county to subsidize the diner? Damn socialists!! Ha!" Jul 28, 17 9:25 AM

East Hampton Takes Two Montauk Restaurants To Court Over Late-Night Party Scene

Owners knew the occupancy when they bought/rented the space and the price/rent of the restaurant is largely based on that figure. If they want to operate a club at night then find another space? See... it's that simple. " Aug 8, 17 9:26 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

Trump can't bring himself to condemn white nationalists by name even though their ideology supports killing his son-in-law, daughter, and grandchildren. What kind of man is he? Incredibly pathetic." Aug 17, 17 10:36 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Football Players, Parents, Are Rallying To Save Season

Seems like local parents want football more than local kids. " Aug 28, 17 2:17 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Village Mayor And Village Board Respond To Lawsuit

Looks like someone from outside needs to take a closer look at the sweetheart Village deals. " Aug 28, 17 2:24 PM

Year-Long Trestle Replacement Work In East Hampton Will Begin Next Month

Can't engineer-out stupidity. Here's a better idea.. Suspend several large high-visibility balls ten feet in front of the underpass at the opening's height. A truck will hit those before the trestle and stop. Simple.. effective..and cheap. " Sep 19, 17 4:38 PM

Princess Diner Owner And Manager Indicted And Charged With Withholding Wages From Employees

High labor, food, insurance and rent costs make it impossible for restaurants to survive out here unless owner has deeeep pockets. Just another unfortunate casualty. " Sep 19, 17 6:59 PM

East Hampton Town Official Assaulted Outside Town Hall

Does anyone in town have more free time than Drew?" Sep 22, 17 3:40 PM

New East Hampton Bowling Alley On Schedule For Winter Opening

Any board member or candidate who opposes this godsend to the local community doesn't have its best interest at heart. It's that simple. A couple whiny neighbors who don't care to delve into the details of the operation should be ignored. My kids can't wait for it to open...me too." Sep 27, 17 10:38 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman To Leave Independence Party, Join Democrats

Human chameleon... yet he gets elected again and again..amazing. Just shows the quality of political opponents here." Oct 24, 17 10:59 AM

Amagansett Affordable Apartments Complex Is Presented To East Hampton Town Planning Board For Review

Where's the proposed site? Sounds like a great idea. " Oct 24, 17 4:59 PM

East Hampton Village May Silence Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Surprised the aged Village Board can even hear the trimmers. The Village downtown is dead (sorry Chamber of Commerce) so
It might as well be quiet. " Nov 5, 17 8:33 AM

East Hampton Democrats Retain Majority In Tuesday's Election

Town finances have been wonderful under Cantwell. Maybe you have trouble reading a financial statement? Interesting that Villar mentioned huge raises for town employees as his missed opportunity.
How do you think town/police negotiations would have gone with Villar representing EH?" Nov 9, 17 11:30 AM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes No On GOP Tax Bill In House Thursday

He 's awful but not suicidal. Even King is against it." Nov 13, 17 11:57 AM

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