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Service Station Restaurant Owners Are Out; Lease Sold Back To Landlord

Come on. The business didn't fail because of the patio. Just hard to make numbers work in that location with high cost of rent, labor etc. BTW, the patio was noisy and unpleasant when used by earlier restaurants. " Jan 31, 18 5:21 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says He Was Outraged Over Nunes Memo

Lee should relax and conserve his energy for a job hunt in November. Zeldin is a poor lapdog who doesn't even get a wisp of recognition from his owner. Sad." Feb 7, 18 12:22 PM

Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming Wants Ride-Sharing Tax To Go To County, Not State

What about those Republicans.. spend, spend, spend... our kids will be saddled with debt forever. Sad. " Feb 9, 18 8:36 AM

East Hampton Republican Committee Selects Amos Goodman As New Chairman

"extort town residents with onerous and bad-faith impediments to even the simplest of activities. It’s strangling the town, hollowing out our community and it’s going to stop"... I'm sure that makes sense to someone. Good Luck." Feb 13, 18 9:17 AM

Governor Cuomo Announces Major Uptick In Park Attendance In Montauk And Statewide

Brookhaven Lab and Camp Hero are in close proximity? " Feb 22, 18 11:49 PM

East Hampton Chamber Of Commerce Plans To Expand Street Life In The Village's Shopping District

Last year's Fair was fun because it was new. Not sure the second year will be as popular. How about a late-afternoon Summer Festival with music, kids entertainment, and local food on the large lawn across from CVS? Why not a night of jazz at Main Beach? So many options to inject some needed life into EH. " Feb 28, 18 8:54 AM

That will only happen when the average age of Village Board members declines below 80." Feb 28, 18 2:28 PM

Zeldin Will Host Meeting Regarding Offshore Drilling Plans On Friday

Did he first receive permission from Bannon and Trump? Better use of his time would be writing a resume. Clown." Mar 1, 18 9:20 PM

If Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million how can CA account for 4 million of that plurality? Trump math? Just curious, exactly what Republican values does Trump represent? Narcissism, serial lying, nepotism, disloyalty, fraud, lack of patriotism, disdain for women and poor Americans? " Mar 2, 18 8:13 AM

State Senate Democrats Fail To Force Vote On Gun Safety Legislation

LaValle...another tone-deaf Republican... Sorry dude.. you're gone.

Taz.. drain the swamp.... you read the paper lately? Kushner is The Swamp." Mar 2, 18 12:27 PM

State Independence Party Endorses Zeldin In Reelection Bid

Frank MacKay? Never heard of him. How many relatives does he have working for Republican legislators? Bet you Fred Thiele wont be endorsing Zeldin. Won't make a difference come November. " Mar 5, 18 4:48 PM

East End Under Republican Leadership? East End is populated by smart people and therefore is run by Dems rather than corrupt mid-Island pols. Try Googling MacKay and try not to choke on the swamp water. " Mar 5, 18 9:50 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Everyone listening to this dolt gets instantly bored. Everyone in the picture is sleeping." Mar 7, 18 12:02 PM

Let's just dump the pretenses... Here's a quote from Zeldin's mentor and fundraising pal..

"Let them call you racists," Bannon said to the French National Front Party. "Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor."

Really want to vote for this guy?" Mar 10, 18 3:21 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin To Host 'Tele-Town Hall' Wednesday Night

Question: Why are you supporting legislation that instructs the Coast Guard not to enforce striped bass sport fishing regulations?" Mar 14, 18 11:35 AM

During consideration of the bill, Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) offered two successful amendments that prohibit the Coast Guard and NOAA Fisheries from enforcing a moratorium on striped bass harvest in the EEZ surrounding Block Island, Rhode Island."

Zeldin's legislation would PROHIBIT assistance from Coast Guard and NOAA. Today they have the discretion to assist or not assist the DEC. Zeldin is trying to curry favor with East End commercial captains while stupidly ignoring the negative impact this will have on the thousands of sport fisherman who rely on a healthy striped bass population. The DEC doesn't have jurisdiction in Federal waters so now unscrupulous fishermen from NY other states can abuse current size and limit regulations.

The Coast Guard on the East End does a great job of assisting local recreational and commercial boaters. The threat of them enforcing harvest regulations keeps those with an inclination to cheat in line. This activity in no way detracts from the Coast Guard's other missions. Everyone knows that." Mar 15, 18 9:07 AM

After Nearly Three Decades In Sag Harbor, La Superica Restaurant To Close

Superica does well in that space because of its history. A new restaurant or retailer will languish on that island. What ridiculous rent is the landlord asking?
" Mar 15, 18 10:11 AM

Parents Protest As East Hampton Village Denies Permits For Wedding Receptions

The Village Board has yet again demonstrated remarkably poor judgement. What is their problem? Time to vote in some young members who can bring some fresh thinking. Just have the weddings and ignore the Village idiots." Mar 18, 18 9:58 AM

In Tweet, U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For End To Mueller Probe

Now I get it.. Zeldin knows he's getting tossed to the curb in November and wants a Fed job from Trump. Doesn't Little Lee know that he first has to appear on Fox & Friends for that to happen? " Mar 19, 18 2:56 PM

More people have committed professional suicide working with Trump." Mar 19, 18 5:50 PM

After Nearly Three Decades In Sag Harbor, La Superica Restaurant To Close

CPF funds for restaurants? Oh boy. Not sure you've thought that one through. What do politics have to do with Superica? " Mar 20, 18 11:50 AM

Westhampton Beach Could Break From East Hampton and Southampton School Resource Officer Funding Model

In East Hampton the SRO is a police officer not a rent-a -cop.." Mar 26, 18 4:48 PM

East Hampton Rental Registry Law Trial Ends In Acquittal

Rental permit laws are wonderful. Keeps tenants safe ...this house lacked smoke detectors.. and protects residents from landlord who don't give a crap about their neighbors. WIN WIN for 5-minutes of form filling. " Mar 27, 18 9:22 AM

Rental permits are bad until your crazy neighbor rents his house to crazy tenants which make your summer miserable... right? What is so onerous about the rental laws? " Mar 27, 18 2:19 PM

Federal Agency To Study Effects Of Electric Pulses From Proposed Wind Farm On Fish

Just wondering... did you receive your electrical engineering degree at Funbeer College?" Mar 28, 18 8:55 AM

Weddings Will Go On In East Hampton Village

Wedding receptions.. not weddings... lucky for you there's no quiz.
" Mar 28, 18 10:12 AM

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