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The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

then it's the perfect! we have whole paycheck plumbers, whole paycheck gas stations, whole paycheck restaurants etc." Dec 2, 11 1:41 PM

East Hampton Town Board Agrees To Seek FAA Grant

Why do we need a new deer fence? That's a bunch of BS even if you're for accepting FAA grants. Can't wait to see who is awarded that contract. " Dec 2, 11 1:44 PM

East Hampton Town Natural Resources Director Larry Penny Suspended, Could Be Fired

why did they wait until after the election?" Dec 8, 11 9:36 AM

Thank you for reading my posts. Explain to me why the action was taken after the election when the alleged violations occurred well many months before? I'm not defending Penney, just find the timing peculiar." Dec 10, 11 6:10 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

ahhh .. more condos. wonderful" Jan 27, 12 1:26 PM

No Opposition to Drug-Sniffing Dog Idea At Pierson High School

Unless there is a recent history of drug-selling at the school seems like a waste of time. Do dogs just detect pot or can they detect all types of pills? " Jan 27, 12 3:09 PM

East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

Ahhh.. nothing like local politics to stir the pot. Altschuler won't win but another Repub candidate with less baggage might. Altschuler is an opportunist who talks candidate babble. That wont beat Bishop." Jan 31, 12 8:58 AM

In East Hampton, Sandpebble Suit Takes An Acrimonious Turn In Public

the contractor is claiming damages way beyond the scope of actual losses. plain and simple he is trying to bleed the school and taxpayers into submission. it's a shame that a local contractor has so little concern for the taxpayers and children in his community. the judge should force a settlement. it's done all of the time.

Kudos to Lowey for saying what others haven't and standing up for us." Feb 16, 12 9:08 AM

East Hampton Town Board Members Divided On Future of Scavenger Waste Plant

Last thing we need to do is make this a political issue. Many of my Dem and Repub friends, particularly those who live in the Springs area with children, are equally against selling the facility without scrutinizing all aspects of a potential agreement and alternatives. This is not an oops I screwed up situation. Absolutely no reason to rush this. If it costs money in the meantime so be it. " Feb 16, 12 2:37 PM

In East Hampton, Sandpebble Suit Takes An Acrimonious Turn In Public

my guess Sandpebble's lawyers are working on contingency and maybe that's why there's no settlement. what are the odds that a jury inevitably consisting of some parents with school age children is going to award a large verdict against a school district absent overwhelming evidence.. which there isn't here. I'd be rushing to settle this if I were Sandpebble. " Feb 17, 12 2:30 PM

the school and sandpebble should request immediate judicial mediation and stop wasting everyone's money." Feb 17, 12 4:58 PM

If Sandpebble really wants to settle rather than inflict pain on taxpayers by prolonging the case it should invite the school district to meet in the judge's chambers for settlement talks. But you know that won't happen." Feb 19, 12 9:13 PM

Town Recieves Two Bids To Operate Amagansett Tennis Courts

From what I read I believe East Hampton Indoor Tennis is suggesting it remain public. Why do we need indoor courts there? It's crazy. I want to enjoy the sunshine while I play. Sportime wants to grab the courts and the ball field for its summer camp. Do you know they advertise the indoor hockey building as theirs exclusively in promotional literature? Try to use it during summer hours. What a ripoff for taxpayers." Mar 2, 12 9:19 AM

Put aside your knee-jerk support of every Wilkie/Quigley move and explain this.. Sportime has a non-exclusive license for the indoor hockey rink yet advertises in its camp brochure that it has exclusive use of the arena. What makes you think Sportime won't do the same if it wins the tennis courts? Taxpayers are still paying tens of thousands of dollars in bond financing costs to support the indoor facility and we cant even use it? Remember Sportime is renting the indoor facility for 1000/month and charging 6000/month for a camper. Pretty sweet deal. Why aren't Wilkie/Quigley challenging Sportime on its exclusive camp arrangement? Why didn't they shop the facility to a broader market rather than quickly accept a fraction of what the facility should generate. Something smells. Maybe it's just incompetence. Maybe not." Mar 4, 12 11:24 PM

There is nothing wrong with privatization of the public benefits on a meaningful way. But how do we benefit when Sportime uses the indoor facility exclusively for its summer camp in violation of the licensing agreement? What makes one think the same won't happen with the tennis courts? If privatization is the path then the town should get market value for the resource. That clearly isn't the case here. Sportime wants to put an indoor faciility on public property rather than at their existing tennis facility because they will get it at below market rate and they won't have to get zoning approval or pay higher real estate taxes. The taxpayer gets squat. I don't blame Sportime. I blame our town board for letting this happen." Mar 5, 12 6:17 PM

Residents Turn Out To Protest Overcrowding In Springs

Let's speak some unvarnished truths. EH town can cite Enforcement statistics all day long but clearly there still is overcrowding. Evidently the enforcement actions aren't resolving the housing problems. Why is that? The longer the town takes to solve the Springs issues the more frustrated residents become. Who can blame them?. There's no excuse for overcrowded housing. It's dangerous for those who live in the house and for neighbors. Once the economy picks up again the problems will just get worse and negative reactions will become more intense. The town needs to target landlords who rent illegal rooms. Maybe we need a Housing Court to handle the cases swiftly. Something is wrong Town Board... fix it. Before it's too late. " Mar 7, 12 3:56 PM

Not sure why we are looking backwards but I do agree that the prior Dem administration also was ineffectual. It certainly isn't ideal for neighbors to be spying on each other but that's what happens when gov't fails to address a community's honest concerns. I blame the landlords not the tenants for the circumstances though the tenants are responsible for any misbehavior. Not sure what your numbers 1 and 2 have to do with overcrowding unless you are saying that the solution to the overcrowding is to build more housing. The Springs has plenty of housing; it's that many people don't want to pay the market rate. Unfortunately, the solution is raising penalties on landlords sufficiently to make them stop renting room illegally. Do you object to penalizing landlords that break the law?" Mar 7, 12 8:51 PM

You rembarassing fealty to Republicans is clearly corroding your brain. First, the overcrowding issue isn't simply a school tax issue. If you believe that you haven't been listening to the community's complaints. Second, your school tax math fails to account for the substantial costs associated with bringing ESL kids up to required school standards. Ask the school district how many kindergarten and first graders receive special learning assistance. Those are bucks not going to enrichment programs and other valuable projects.

A Latino friend of mine with three daughters living in Springs hates that the house next to hers is filled with men in their 20s. The value of her house and quality of life are impacted. Why should she and others suffer? Why can't our town leaders do whatever it takes to solve the problem?
" Mar 9, 12 7:25 AM

First, the issue is overcrowding not illegal immigration. Second, the twenty-somethings are living in a house with rooms that violate town housing code; whether they are illegal immigrants I don't know and don't care. Third, you wrote "If 50 of "those kids" all of the sudden left Springs the Springs school budget would not change one iota." I gave an example of why you are wrong. I'm not advocating shipping anyone anywhere. My simple point is that if housing codes are enforced then overcrowding diminishes to the benefit of all, including the Latino kids who have overcrowded classrooms and those who live in substandard housing with strangers in adjacent rooms. What's so difficult to understand? I think you have no idea what's going on in the community.

" Mar 9, 12 2:28 PM

Montauk Residents Support Ronjo In A Petition

If Wilkie consents to appraisal the issue is history. You support the idea that elected officials can make up selling prices for public land? Wow." Apr 10, 12 9:31 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Town Clerk Rejects Ronjo Petition

Haven't seen so many hacks in one place since I was in NYC.

Truth is that it took 3 weeks of cajoling and pleading by Repubs to get Wilkie to agree to an independent appraisal. Does anyone really believe that a public official, particularly one who brands himself a businessman, should sell public property at a priced plucked out of the air? Even Carole Campolo can't argue that...right?

" Apr 23, 12 9:06 PM

Andy..if it's my car I would agree with you... But if it's someone else's car I'd make sure I'm getting at least market price by checking Kelly Blue Book. One can be intelligent and make stupid decisions.. Wilkie has demonstrated this many times. Stop trying to justify his incompetence. " Apr 24, 12 12:31 AM

What personal attack? Hack was reference to a cab. Like cabs in NYC? Huh.. Never mind.

I don't care what the appraisal is .. One dollar or one million. I don't want politicians of any party selling public property at a price plucked from the air. If you don't understand the corruption danger of that then i don't know what to say.

If I were a hotel owner, even a Republican one, I'd be pissed that my competitor was getting a sweetheart deal from the town. Wouldn't you?

" Apr 27, 12 10:22 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Dominick Stanzione Pitches Deer Management Plan

Not sure why it took the Town three years to reach the conclusion that our large deer population poses a danger to our community but at least we are now addressing the issue. Every rural community along the East Coast has a similar problem so maybe we can learn from their successes and failures. I imagine that the NYS Park Service and the National Park Service have developed some deer management strategies for some of their lands. Let's see what works and doesnt. I doubt recreational hunting will make a dent in our der population. Unfortunately we might have to spend some money on professional hunters to reduce the population. " May 3, 12 9:06 AM

East Hampton Town Ronjo Alleyway Appraisal Comes Back

that Wilkie is clairvoyant I tell you. " May 16, 12 8:48 PM

Quigley Working On Law To Curb Springs Illegal Overcrowding

just the cost of doing business to a landlord who wants to operate a dormitory. He or she will just increase the rent. Have to make penalties more severe including criminal prosecution. How about we let someone else take a stab at this. Though well intentioned Quigley's solutions always seem to generate more problems than they solve." May 23, 12 10:01 PM

Prices Released For Watchcase Condos At Bulova

What is the square footage of these units? Prices seem absurd in this market. Sag is desirable but whats the upside on a condo built on a toxic waste site. Just wait until something suspicious is found in the ground, water etc. I wouldn't two million." Dec 21, 12 10:34 PM

Parents Support Gina Kraus At Packed East Hampton School Board Meeting

What if she is a great teacher but a mediocre administrator? " Mar 20, 13 10:04 PM

UPDATE: Hearings Begin For Two East Hampton School Bus Drivers

$650/hr. Doubt it around here. Would you rather have your tax dollars go to paying school employees who allegedly have done something they should not have done? Not me. Guess we will hear the facts soon. Sounds like you know one of the charged employees. " Apr 22, 13 8:29 PM

If you are in Southampton why the intent interest in East Hampton Schools? here's my theory... a group of employees in an isolated location have been violating some work rules for years. Somebody dropped a dime on them and the school district took action. The mechanic wouldn't have resigned if there wasn't some smoke and fire. Time will tell." Apr 23, 13 7:19 AM

UPDATE: Police Charge Two With DWI After Crash In Napeague Sunday Morning

Nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m. they say. 100 bucks the taxi was tailgating one of the vehicles. Happens all of the time on The Stretch at night." May 26, 13 3:15 PM

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