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State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

MTA and State exempt.

Is work being done by MTA?

ie: are Town police vehicles able to enforce traffic laws on State highways?" May 6, 19 6:15 AM

Shinnecock Billboard Work Continues As State Still Reviewing Whether It Has The Right To Stop Them

Wow! If this ruling stands, forget about billboards.

How about bar/restaurant right on the Sunrise.

Site plan--exempt
Health Dept. Permit--exempt
Liquor License--exempt" May 15, 19 11:01 AM

Southampton Town Board Looks To Finalize Hampton Bays Overlay District

Step 1: Condemn diner property, demolish the eyesore, create HAMPTON BAYS WELCOME CENTER: tourist info; Jitney stop; rest rooms; beach shuttle, etc...

Step 2: Continue road to RR tracks where it picks up Good Ground Rd. extension (news flash: Town owns 50’ right of way along tracks all the way to Springville)

Step 3: Coordinated traffic signal at Good Ground/Springville intersection.
(c’mon folks—you know we need it)

That’s it! Easy breezy.
Let me know where I pick up my 30k “consulting fee”" May 21, 19 6:53 AM

Advocates For Affordable Housing Throw Support Behind Proposed 60-Unit Complex In Southampton

Another BIG factor is energy efficiency.

Affordability means being able to pay your utility bills.
All the units should have solar panels and LEED certification.

I noticed the Sandy Hollow project is using heat pumps..essentially electric heat.
Cheapest to install--the most expensive to run.
Fine for a frosty day in Florida--but not suitable for our wicked winters.

Remember...these residents are not snow birds. They're here all winter..." Jun 5, 19 2:18 PM

Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District Comes Under Fire At Public Hearing On Tuesday

Traffic light at Good Ground / Springville intersection..
" Jun 28, 19 8:02 AM

Mecox Cut Continues To Flow, With No End In Sight--Good For Some, Bad For Others

I know a whole bunch of surfers who couldn't be happier...
" Jul 2, 19 10:51 AM

July 4–6 am: cut is closed" Jul 4, 19 8:18 AM

North Sea Property Owner Seeks To Construct 120-Unit Condominium Development At Old Town Dump Site

I would go one step further.

There are NO pre-existing rights to dumps and/or composting facilities!
They were ordered shut down decades ago by the DEC.
This landowner follows the familiar pattern—violate the law, then offer
to discontinue the violation if the Town agrees to some outrageous proposal.

In 1992 North Sea residents successfully blocked the regional waste facility planned for what is now the SYS property. They can block this too—but it involves organization, lawyers, and money (to pay the lawyers).

Who do I make the check out to?" Aug 13, 19 4:23 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Food Trucks At Farmstands, Though Not Unanimously

So now we have grocery stores in residential neighborhoods.
Oops…I meant “Farm Stands”…selling milk, pita chips and guacamole (from all those locally grown avocados).
The newest one opened on Head of Pond Rd—with the entry strategically placed along a blind curve.

I know—let’s now open Deli’s in residential neighborhoods! Why travel into town for lunch, when you can pull in and line up for hot and cold take out? Especially convenient for those landscaper trailers which will line the roadside. Hope they don’t block your driveway? At least those mobs of people will grab their food and drive off.

Oh wait!…are those picnic tables I see?…" Aug 14, 19 7:59 AM

North Sea Property Owner Seeks To Construct 120-Unit Condominium Development At Old Town Dump Site

Except the Tennis Club was a legitimate non-conforming use, with a valid c/o.

This property has no non-conforming use. No c/o for a dump or compost operation. Just a property owner violating the law.

THAT'S the difference..." Aug 14, 19 8:03 AM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Food Trucks At Farmstands, Though Not Unanimously

So I get to set up the food truck in my driveway next to your house?

Got it." Aug 15, 19 9:06 AM

This isn't about food trucks.

This is about operating businesses, especially high traffic businesses, in a residential zone.

You wan't me to open an auto repair business in my backyard next to your house?

Thought so..." Aug 15, 19 9:09 AM

Not following your argument?

The food trucks are the "outsiders" who roll in, pick up cash, and roll out at days end.

The deli's who pay taxes are the local businesses." Aug 16, 19 10:31 AM

Unvaccinated Students Won't Be Able To Enter Public School In September

Because some children cannot be vaccinated due to health reasons.

They’re the ones at imminent risk." Aug 18, 19 7:05 AM

Local Parishes Named In Sexual Abuse Lawsuits As State's One-Year Window For Action Opens

Not a lawyer here, but "you have statutes of limitations"

"Statutes" are laws, "statutes of limitations" are laws enacted by legislative bodies placing certain limits on when cases or actions can be brought forth.

The NYS legislature recently amended those statutes--or laws.

Don't believe US Constitution doesn't come into play" Aug 21, 19 10:48 AM

Second Attempt By East Hampton Town To Head Off Car Wash With CPF Falls Short

The parcel is sandwiched between municipal properties.

Town could acquire using eminent domain--a reasonable way to proceed given the surrounding ownership.

Can't use CPF funds, but can still acquire at appraised value.

Springs residents have to make some noise!" Aug 28, 19 8:26 AM

Completely disagree.
As long as legitimate municipal use can be demonstrated, it is in full compliance with eminent domain.
In this case, allowing for the expansion and augmentation of the existing municipal facilities.

Also--the car wash is not an "allowed use" but rather special exception/ special permit. A high traffic generator car wash on busy and dangerous SFP Rd. is a high bar to overcome." Aug 28, 19 3:35 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Cliff Drive Utility District Bond In 4-1 Vote

Then how come PSEG REQUIRES all new utilities in new subdivision roads be buried? Been that way for decades.

Why don't they require the "superior" overhead lines which don't deteriorate?

Probably a good debate to have in the height of hurricane season." Aug 28, 19 3:39 PM

Second Attempt By East Hampton Town To Head Off Car Wash With CPF Falls Short

CPF funds can't be used for eminent domain acquisitions.

No one is suggesting it can" Aug 29, 19 8:02 AM

Bounced the concept off a friend who specializes in this area of law,
and given the surrounding municipal ownership would be perfectly appropriate and easily withstand judicial review.

As far as the East End not achieving its “economical potential”, I guess we could modify the local “heavy handed” approach, and morph into one of those thriving communities you long for...like Medford perhaps?" Aug 29, 19 12:16 PM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

I know Reagan, Bush, and Trump all owned waterfront property.

But Obama?

Where exactly?..." Sep 21, 19 9:56 AM

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