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SYS Pitches Indoor Ice Rink Proposal To Town Board

Ironically, an ice rink and pool would be very complimentary from an engineering standpoint. The heat exchange mechanism used to create the ice transfers heat to the pool.
As for operation costs: has anyone noticed the roof at SYS? It cries out for solar collectors?
Shake a few mill from one of these Hedge Fund dudes--slap their name on the facility--and we're home free!" Mar 1, 13 6:37 AM

Southampton Trustees, State Question Rocks On Gin Lane Beach

I remember a former building inspector issued a stop work order years ago.
When the workers wouldn't comply, he called for a police officer, returned and approached the workers (police officer in tow) to ask for their ID's so they could be issued summonses to appear in court.
The workers quietly packed up their tools and left the job." Mar 28, 13 6:41 AM

Affordable Apartments Plan In Tuckahoe On The Table Tuesday

You mean provide low wage workers with clean, energy efficient housing, with light and proper heating and ventilation?

The nerve!!

Send them back to their mattresses on the floor of basement apartments in Flanders and Hampton Bays where they belong!" Aug 8, 13 5:31 AM

Where did David H ever get the idea that the land was acquired by the Town as a reserve or that that the project encroached on Wetlands.

Sandy Hollow Rd. has had public water for years. The project would have to meet all Suff County groundwater standards--sewage treatment system is proposed.

Needle city?? Not all guys who work with their hands, and gals manning the deli counter shoot up at night--FYI

" Aug 10, 13 11:49 AM

Sagaponack Village Board To Vote On Pursuing Separate Police Force On Monday

I believe Suffolk County provides detective services for major crimes now (homicide, etc..). I think they may be required by law--at no cost to the Town.
The tiny village of Westhampton Dunes has their own constables. Believe me--barreling down Dune Rd. you hit the brakes when you hit the village border--even in mid winter when its deserted. You don't dare go over 25 MPH in the village." Aug 11, 13 6:31 AM

Police: SUV Driver Was Using Cellphone During Fatal Crash On County Road 39

Here's my prediction: Every registered vehicle on the road equipped with a kill switch to block cell text GPS activity when moving more than 15 mph.
Red light--crawling traffic--everything pops in. Begin acceleration--everything cuts out.
Yes--there will be an easy way to disable the device.
However...notice those police cars with the cameras on the back? Easy enough to add a detection device alerting the officer that there is signal emanating from a moving vehicle.
Red lights on...car impounded...big wrinkle in the morning commute.
Federal law...5 years...count on it!" Aug 25, 13 7:12 AM

Proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant Angers Hampton Bays Residents

I don't get it?
Most of these large condo/PDD projects have sewage treatment plants.
Go look at the new project underway between Tuckahoe La. and Bishops on the border of SH village.
They're building the sewage plant right now--and selling million dollar condos right next to it.
I heard they were over 50% sold out." Aug 30, 13 6:31 AM

Update: Firefighters Battle Water Mill House Fire For Six Hours

I totally agree oystercatcher! You forgot to mention that it will probably be Feb. with 30 inches of snow on the ground! These long substandard driveways are also putting the lives of our first responders at risk" Sep 4, 13 6:40 AM

Southampton Town Sends Sandy Hollow Apartments Back To The Drawing Board

It's a wonderful commute from Flanders to E.H.
Most mornings its about an hour and quarter.
Few weeks back it was 11 hours...plenty of time to enjoy the scenery
" Sep 19, 13 6:32 PM

Southampton Town Looks To Buy Neptune Beach Club; Tumbarello Terminated

Good riddance to Neptunes, Drift, Summers, Conscience Point, Hot Dog Beach etc...

These clubs draw mainly up-Island kids who bring no money into our community.
They hit the local roads wasted--trying to get back home. Have you ever seen H.B. at 4 a.m in July??

Meanwhile--the taxpayers are on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars for police overtime.

Now if they could only shut down Boardy Barn...that would be a home run!" Sep 24, 13 4:56 AM

Lou Reed, 71, Dies At Springs Home On Sunday

I forgot how much I love that song.
So appropriate you remembered
Thank you dagdavid

p.s. Can't stop humming "Perfect Day" eiher" Oct 29, 13 8:39 AM

Springs Man Accused Of Burglaries Could Face Life Behind Bars

This guy lives 10 minutes drive from some of the wealthiest homes in the U.S.--and where does he hit---Springs & Noyac
" Nov 8, 13 7:42 AM

Town Considering Commercial Options For Neptune Property In Hampton Bays

Mr Wright and the Press accurately and objectively described this facility.

If anything, the term "troublesome" and "nightmarish" are too sedate in describing this blight on our area for the past 40 years.

If we wanted to live in Ft. Lauderdale or the Jersey Shore, we would have moved there.

Last remaining problem: Boardy Barn" Nov 14, 13 7:13 AM

That's right--$8,000 in Town Taxes--$40,000 in police expenditures

Probably another $10,000 in damaged public property (road signs, etc…) when these up-Island drunks hit our streets at 4:30 a.m. and try and make it home.

Don't you love it when these business "analysts" break it all down for us?" Nov 14, 13 6:06 PM

Preservation Effort Loses Out To Deep Pockets In Water Mill

I'm thinking the 7.2 mil was just for the development rights leaving the family with ownership of the land. Town never buys large ag parcels like this outright.

If that's the case--the Sikorski's left a lot of money on the table. A guy like Dimenna would easily pony up (pardon the pun) 5 mil or more to add the acreage on to his existing polo facility.

He'd probably put it on his AMEX." Nov 27, 13 7:26 AM

Good Ground Restaurant Could Open In Hampton Bays Next Summer

My niece works in a restaurant in HB and said the place is flooded with people coming from Bridgehampton, E. Hamp, and even Ama looking for top quality food at a fraction of the prices you pay E of the canal. Her friends in other establishments report the same." Nov 27, 13 7:36 AM

Amagansett Ambulance To Lose ALS Certification, Rely More On Neighbors Until Paid Paramedic Program

It's a disgrace the way our Towns and Villages treat their emergency volunteers.
Some don't even have decent medical insurance--you'd think the Town could at least provide that.

Today--unlike years past--the training for ALS, BLS, and Firefighters equals that of full time military personnel. How can decent, community minded residents, struggling to survive in one of the most expensive areas in the country to live be expected to continue?

Thank you Mr. Field for your service. You will always be a true hero in my eyes." Nov 27, 13 7:43 AM

Southampton Publick House Will Not Be Opening Second Location In Westhampton Beach

Wonder where the Drift is moving after the Town buys the property?
Hm…?" Nov 27, 13 7:46 AM

Judge Decides In Favor Of Southampton Village In Cell Tower Case

Federal court will have the final say in this matter.

I'm sure they will appeal" Nov 27, 13 7:48 AM

Repaving Work Will Close Westhampton Beach Bridge For Two Days In December

Quogue Bridge closed till May

Time to start shopping for a canoe" Nov 27, 13 7:50 AM

Preservation Effort Loses Out To Deep Pockets In Water Mill

I feel they still left money on the table. After the Town buys devel rights 6 mil (maybe more after negotiation)--Dimenna would easily pay 5 mil--or more--because his polo field is right next door.

Dimenna will probably sell the rights himself to recoup some of the purchase price--and get the land at a discount

" Nov 30, 13 6:16 AM

Senior Housing Project In Southampton Village Raising Concerns With Some Residents

The Bishops Pond project around the corner is 80% sold out.
The 12 units directly on the RR tracks are all sold out--at $850 K per unit
The interior units are selling for 1.2-1.7 mil

No Pine Barrans credit transfer was required. The health dept. approved an on site sewage treatment system." Jan 12, 14 9:17 AM

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