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Southampton Town Police Arrest Nine During DWI Task Force Enforcement

Village of HB code enforcement

Village of HB housing court

Village of HB prosecuting attorneys.

DO IT !!!" Nov 30, 15 4:42 PM

PDD Projects Take Shape In Southampton Town

I used to work in NYC in the early 80's.
The Lower East Side and most of Brooklyn were "no-go" zones--gunshots, crack, vials, etc...
Look at these areas now!

Watch HB over the next 5 years.
You list a house now--priced right--and its gone in a matter of days.
Out-of-tonwn investors are snapping them up sight unseen with their
Amex cards

" Feb 24, 16 6:54 AM

Top Five Residents Who Thumbed Their Noses At The Law

Go back and read the article.

The whole point is that these people were NOT scofflaws--but used loopholes in the existing regs to do what they want.

Vilifying these people prevent us from looking in the mirror and
seeing the real culprits! " Feb 28, 16 6:27 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Shares Vision For New Ponquogue Beach Restaurant

This should be put to the voters in HB in next fall's general election. If the residents are not behind it, it should be scrapped." Mar 23, 16 5:28 AM

Trump Trounces On East End; Clinton Captures Close Contest

I love browsing the comment thread on political matters,

They're so pleasant and cordial...." Apr 21, 16 6:45 AM

If Blinking Light Program Is Successful, County Road 39 Could Get A New Underpass Instead Of Light

I don't get it? Why another underpass?

Acquire the road connecting Tuckahoe to St. Andrews through eminent domain (hint--road is already there), and close off the intersection.

Done!" Apr 21, 16 7:00 AM

I don't get it? Why another underpass?

Acquire the road connecting Tuckahoe to St. Andrews through eminent domain (hint--road is already there), and close off the intersection.

Done!" Apr 21, 16 7:00 AM

Environmentalists Continue To Push For Southampton Town To Repeal PDD Law

There is nothing prohibiting a PDD going to public referendum, and I think that solves the problem once and for all.

Every bond issued by a municipality HAS to be voted on by the
public--PDD should have the same requirement." Apr 28, 16 5:55 AM

UPDATE: Schmidt's Market In Southampton Sustains Significant Damage From Sunday Night Fire

Terrible timing.

Remember last May the fire at World Pie?

Hope they open soon" May 5, 16 7:16 AM

'Prince of Montauk' Dylan Eckardt Charged By East Hampton Town Police Monday With Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

Wait...30 reader comments about a "Prince" and not one parallel to the recent event in Minneapolis??

" Jun 22, 16 6:30 AM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Proposed Tuckahoe Road Rerouting Idea At Next Work Session

Bad precedent--turning public roads over to private entities.

Next--homeowners near the water will want to abandon the roads people use to access the bays and creeks. They'll argue it's for "ecological reasons"--to avoid road runoff into the wetlands.

Once you do it for one party--the floodgates will open: you watch!
" Aug 3, 16 6:13 AM

Blue-Green Algae Found In Mecox Bay

They've been opening the Mecox cut for hundreds of years.

For some reason they stopped this year?
It's not because of the plovers

Maybe some turmoil between the trustees?" Aug 20, 16 7:13 AM

New Coalition Formed Supporting Use Of Community Preservation Funds For Water Quality Issues

Biggest problem with CPF is that you need "WILLING SELLERS"
If you can't negotiate a deal in a hot real estate market, you're out of luck.

Meanwhile--borrowing rates are at historical lows. We're seeing NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES in some European banks (you pay the bank to hold your money)

Put an environmental bond referendum on the Nov ballot (too late for this year).
Raise a pile of money, and use the powers of eminent domain to target and acquire environmentally sensitive parcels, train linkages, historic structures, etc...
Remove the structures, rip out the antiquated septic, and restore the land to natural use for the public to enjoy!

Not gonna happen without a push from the public--but this is the only way!! " Sep 9, 16 6:59 AM

Southampton Town Purchases Development Rights Of East Quogue Farm

We've had farms out here since the 1600's

In the 1980's the farms started to be whacked up into house lots

Now today we have nitrogen in the water

Must be the result of those remaining farms..." Sep 22, 16 6:24 AM

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Allowing Creation of Underground Utility Improvement Districts in East Hampton

Perfect timing: now that PSEG erected all those monster outs poles along the road, they are going to (thankfully) demolish and bury them.
They knew this legislation was pending, but insisted on ramming the project forward anyway." Oct 6, 16 7:32 AM

East Hampton Town Officials Say Family Lived In Illegal Basement Apartment With 6-Foot Ceilings And No Smoke Detectors

I agree with your sentiments--but the Town would have to secure and injunction from NYS Supreme Court citing imminent danger to occupants or nearby residents--no small feat.
Not meeting building codes does not rise to that standard--unlike, let's say, toxic waste leaching from some facility.
A judge would have to order Sheriff Dept. to throw two families out into the street...at Christmastime.
Not gonna happen...
" Dec 4, 16 7:45 AM

Bistrians Say Amagansett Farm Preservation Is In Jeopardy, Will Press For Development

The Bistrains are to be commended for even coming to the table.
A good percentage of landowners tell municipalities to take a hike--probably because they don't want their good name smeared in anonymous email threads (see above)

Greed?--What is this Kindergarten?

When preservationists eventually slap a "For Sale" sign on their houses, they're going to ask and receive fair market value--not a cent more.

Local Towns have a small group of appraisers who constantly low-ball value, thus guaranteeing themselves a continuous revenue stream of future appraisals.
Towns then present these low-ball offers to landowners and tell them "our hands are tied--we can't exceed the appraisal" (i.e. The Hills).

When landowners don't comply, they utilize the Press for a public shaming process, and eventually cut a deal in the back room--where all successful deals are cut." Dec 21, 16 6:54 AM

East Hampton Unveils First Septic System Replacement Mandate, CPF Rebate Program

Good legislation--but I foresee a bit of chaos.

Right now the County SCDHS inspects--slaps a sticker on site--and then you backfill. Many builders may not be aware that a Town inspection is now required.
They wouldn't find out until their C/O is denied--forcing them to dig up a completed yard for the inspection.

Town needs an aggressive notification process from the outset." Feb 9, 17 6:49 AM

Upcoming Repairs Will Force Drawbridge Closures In Westhampton Beach This Summer

Repair work on the bridges in Summer???

How absurd..." Feb 9, 17 7:24 AM

Still No Charges Filed After Southampton Village Crash That Killed One And Left Another Injured

The Suffolk DA is an elected official.

Local residents should make sure they're going to remember this in the next election." Feb 16, 17 5:53 AM

Judge Allows Montauk Erosion Lawsuit To Proceed


Most of the public could care less about the loss of the beach.
However, shore hardening structures also cause severe erosion down drift--impacting some very expensive properties.

Everything today comes down to money.
Only when the taxpayers start shelling out big bucks in damages will the
push to eliminate jetty's, sea walls, etc. really take hold." Apr 8, 17 6:22 AM

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