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Roger Waters Show Draws Protestors At Bay Street Theater On Friday

Biba, I do understand. As far as you are concerned there is no gray, no discussion, only your view is valid. There is no possibility for discourse since you believe you are right and all other's opinions are invalid.

It is a waste of time time attempting to debate you. You dismiss disparate viewpoints out of hand. At least you can take comfort in your view that you are infallible. I hope you agree with the Pope or there may be a major conflict in your future (he's purportedly infallible as well)." Nov 9, 15 12:45 AM

Sag Harbor School District Continues To Weigh Stella Maris Purchase

Before we spend money on a real estate acquisition, how about this?

1. Move the middle high/school start times in line with what has been proven to be one of the most important factors in our children's education. (Yes, I know people are sick of hearing about it, but the evidence for it just keeps flooding in).
2. Stop taking our students out of school early to attend sporting events that are at times over an hour away,
3. Stop sending all of our teachers, who are also coaches, out of the classrooms to travel to the same sporting events the students travel to. (during the academic support period)
4. Academic support is relegated to the last period of the day, when the students who need help are already frazzled. This is so that our athletes (and teachers) can leave early without missing required classes.

I realize we can't just buy a few buses to accomplish everything I mentioned, but it would sure be the best place to start. The SHSD is willing to spend $3.5 million plus much more in the future for unknown, or at least at this point, undisclosed reasons. Let's fix what we already know is wrong." Nov 10, 15 9:59 PM

A few more thoughts:

SHSD already has a parking and traffic problem. Stella Maris has Zero parking. How will students and staff move between buildings in inclement weather? Where will additional staff park? Will we need more crossing guards/cross walks on the village's busiest street? What about snow? We have no municipal sidewalk clearing. Will we rely on the homeowners to clean up their sidewalks before school begins, or does the school pay for this (could be a nice windfall for residents on Hampton Street!)? When does the public find out some answers to even the tiny fraction of questions out there that I've thought of? Too many executive sessions...What happened to transparency?" Nov 10, 15 10:10 PM

Roger Waters Show Draws Protestors At Bay Street Theater On Friday

Biba, once again, just your opinion. You really don't understand the fundamental differences between facts and opinions. You have a very biased viewpoint which I have pointed out previously. Whether or not you are correct is irrelevant. You will side with the Israelis and against the Palestinians on all issues regardless of the circumstances or actions that precede your comments. This constant and easily documented bias (via this page alone!) renders your posts on this subject irrelevant." Nov 12, 15 8:36 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

I have no beef with your post, but I will take this opportunity to point out something that is a personal pet peeve.
It is the Democratic Party not the Democrat Party. The latter name was bestowed by the RNC several years ago as a petty insult. I recall reading that all Republican members of Congress were encouraged to use the new name as often as possible.
Happy Thanksgiving!" Nov 26, 15 10:56 AM

I have no beef with your post, but I will take this opportunity to point out something that is a personal pet peeve.
It is the Democratic Party not the Democrat Party. The latter name was bestowed by the RNC several years ago as a petty insult. I recall reading that all Republican members of Congress were encouraged to use the new name as often as possible.
Happy Thanksgiving!" Nov 26, 15 10:56 AM

Southampton School District To Look Into Later Start Time For Students

For the record, it's 10 minutes later for Sag Harbor, not 15. Not significant and there is no real world benefit. Do it right, follow the advice of the all of the professional and medical groups who have made it clear that 8:30AM is the earliest recommended time, or just admit that our students health and future success is not a priority." Dec 10, 15 4:59 PM

Zeldin Introduces Bill Aiming To Prevent Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns And Explosives

Anyone who posts here and has the temerity to dismiss Mr. Quinn's eloquently stated opinion on the danger of having untrained "good guys with guns" in a mass shooting should just stop talking now. Here is a man with 25 years in the military who has the training and experience to be one of those good guys and he explains very clearly what a difficult chaotic experience a gunfight is even for those with experience and training.

I have yet to come across any professionals with military or specialized police training who advocate a bunch of untrained amateurs with guns trying to stop a mass shooting. Just because you have a sidearm and play Call of Duty doesn't mean you have a clue what to do in a situation where there are a group of civilians and a few bad guys shooting. " Dec 12, 15 7:28 PM

I mistakenly attributed Mr. Hatch's words to Mr. Quinn. I apologize for the error." Dec 12, 15 7:31 PM

Sag Harbor School District Opts Out Of National School Breakfast And Lunch Program Rules

Sag Harbor UFSD has a real problem with providing healthy food and appropriate times for the students to eat. With no cafeteria in the elementary school and a stove free kitchen for the 6th through 12th grade, prepared food options are severely limited. Selling Snapple and diet Snapple beverages in the cafeteria aren't making up for the lack of freshly prepared food. With 6th grade lunch periods starting at 10:25AM they round out their complete dietary disfunction.

Rather than opt out, how about becoming compliant? The district has tens of thousands of dollars to investigate purchasing more real estate for unknown reasons (Stella Maris Campus) but not enough money to have a proper cafeteria and DOE compliant lunch program? Ms. Buscemi's comment is sadly laughable. To paraphrase: "We're only non-compliant on the nutritional part of the DOE requirements" School officials are undeterred however and will continue to serve their non-compliant "healthy" meals. " Dec 22, 15 9:14 PM

Booth To Keep His Town Job During Court Proceedings In Grand Larceny Case

Innocent until proven guilty. I expect the town would face a severe liability if they terminated Mr. Booth prior to a verdict or settlement." Dec 22, 15 10:10 PM

Meg Salem Is Out At Compass After Saunders Suit

I understand Mr. Saunders indignation regarding the return of the listings. It seems that very valuable proprietary information was taken from his company. Isn't it also extremely likely that copies of the listings and client information exist digitally and are controlled by others outside of Saunders? What exactly can they return? Bankers boxes filled with documents (that may have been copied)? Far more likely this data is now on a hard drive(s) preserved and available to anyone who has access to that data...If guilty of the accused theft, the Salem Team may be unemployed but there is no guarantee they won't use the information for their own benefit in the future. It seems the only fair resolution here is a trial and appropriate criminal penalties, if warranted, to deter future acts of a similar nature." Dec 23, 15 10:34 AM

UPDATE: Driver Of Car In Fatal Friday Bridgehampton Crash Identified

No casting aspsersions??? Ummm the facts are we know the roads were icy, and you choose to throw shade at the driver who died? Speeding, DUI, unskilled, using a cell phone? We only know for sure about one possible contributing cause. ICE! Keep your "aspersions" to yourself." Jan 8, 16 7:02 PM

Sag Harbor Schools Prepare For Potential Impact Of State Tax Levy Cap That Could Be Near Zero

Wow. Sounds like the last thing Sag Harbor should be doing is spending money to evaluate buying another run down building. I believe all health insurance costs could have been covered with the money spent on consultants, and creation of a survey to find out how the community feels about buying Stella Maris. With budget deficits predicted, our school breakfast/lunch programs non-compliant with the state DOE requirements (that cost the district $50K+ in reimbursements), and overall enrollment predicted to decrease over the next few years it seems we need to stop wasting money pursuing new facilities and get our existing buildings in shape." Jan 12, 16 5:26 PM

Above should read INCREASED health insurance costs..." Jan 12, 16 5:27 PM

You're wrong. Just another misinformed remark about the ACA...
The teacher's and other's unions already guaranteed lifetime pensions and full health care for tenured teachers & most other school employees long before the ACA was even thought of. The level of benefits provided far exceeds the minimums prescribed by the ACA even in retirement." Jan 13, 16 6:13 PM

"Ms. Buscemi explained that because of the Affordable Care Act, the district will have to offer health insurance to 20 additional employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week, which will cost an extra $53,755 in total"

The district just lost almost the same amount in reimbursement from the NYS DOE because the school's meal programs do not meet the state's minimum requirements." Jan 13, 16 6:16 PM

UPDATE: Search For Sean Ludwick Began In Puerto Rico And Ended At His East End Home

The passport was revoked at his prior arraignment, not after his visit to PR.
" Jan 21, 16 8:56 PM

Alec Baldwin Joins Local Campaign Against The Hills, PDDs

So you're in favor of PDD's and "The Hills" or just against Alec Baldwin?" Jan 28, 16 4:22 PM

So you're in favor of PDD's and "The Hills" or just against Alec Baldwin?" Jan 28, 16 4:23 PM

Sean Ludwick Hires New Attorney

I noticed that he is also Martin Shkreli's attorney. Must be fun hanging out with all those nice people..." Feb 8, 16 6:51 PM

Demise Of Health Republic Of New York Cost Local Hospitals Millions In Lost Payments

Maybe because she signed up with BCBS to replace her family's coverage? Remember this would likely have been much more expensive or maybe impossible for her prior to the ACA, due to pre-existing conditions. Imagine how much money all of us would save if the insurance companies were eliminated. They are simply a parasite on our healthcare system and are incentivized to keep all costs as high as possible (including drug costs) since they get a percentage of the dollars that pass through the system. " Mar 3, 16 7:59 AM

Sag Harbor Village Board Releases Plans For Proposed Waterfront Park

Looks great! So much better than condominiums.

BTW, The bridge is named for Lance Corporal Jordan C Haerter. (it's misspelled above)" Mar 4, 16 6:31 PM

Arrest Made In Connection With January Shooting In Southampton Village

Translation: Great job by the SVPD for solving this case. Hopefully through the court process justice will be served. :)" Mar 11, 16 8:57 PM

UPDATE: Over $18,000 Raised For Photographer Who Lost Equipment In Water Mill House Fire

I am aware that Mr. Striffler is a local resident, who takes great photos, seems to have lots of friends here, and who has suffered a painful misfortune. I don't think lirider has cast any aspersions at Mr. Striffler. He has simply raised the question that is being asked by many people right now (locally and nationally). Is the law being applied equally to all?

toes in the water, your last comment is blatantly racist. Rental laws and registries are for everyone not just people who have immigrated here. Wealthy people renting out their houses/pool houses/basements in violation of town code happens all the time. Are you new here? It seems perfectly innocent to add a kitchenette in the basement, but is it safe? Was it inspected? Were the contractors licensed? Probably not if it's not a legal apartment.

So here in lies the danger of blogs, social media, crowdfunding, etc. People with good motives are trying to help a member of the community who needs a hand. Bravo! Unfortunately these good efforts may inadvertently expose an illegal rental situation. The person who started the GiveForward drive was very clear. "Eric Striffler, one of Southampton's own, just suffered a devastating loss when his apartment in Southampton burned to the ground last night".

There are laws in place to protect people who rent. Apartments need to meet codes. They won't be inspected if they are not legal and people like Mr. Striffler may be unintentionally injured by people with the best intentions. The code inspector should absolutely look into this." Mar 13, 16 9:13 PM

TITW, I apologize for misconstruing your remarks as racist and characterizing them as such . I found your comment confusing.
For the record, I know none of the parties mentioned either.
" Mar 15, 16 10:14 PM

Southampton School Board Postpones Decision On Changing Name Of Columbus Day Holiday

It's a pretty well established and recognized historical fact the Columbus was a really bad guy. I don't understand why Italian Americans are so interested in celebrating their heritage by recognizing Columbus rather any one of many other truly great and deserving, Italian historical figures. Is it denial of the facts or just ignorance of history?" Mar 16, 16 9:51 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

Donald J. Trump: "I love the poorly educated!"" Mar 16, 16 9:56 PM

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